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Should You Achieve Chicken Dinner To Increase Your PUBG Rank?

Should You Achieve Chicken Dinner To Increase Your PUBG Rank?

In playing PUBG Mobile games, there are rank levels that you can achieve. To increase rank, you need to get points by playing. But many are mistaken about the points obtained to increase rank

Usually, new players or newbies will assume that the way to increase rank points is to win the match. It’s not wrong, but to get points, you don’t have to win first. If you lose, you will still get points.

You only need to survive until reaching the top 20, indeed the points obtained are not large, but this method is very effective to increase your rank.

To reach rank 20, there are some tips that you can apply. The first tip is not too greedy to kill your opponent. Indeed killing an opponent will increase the points earned later. But you need to remember, if you are too focused on killing other players, you might be killed.

The second tip, always at the outer circle of the safe zone. As explained in the first point, you only need to buy time until entering the top 20. Let other players kill each other first and your job is to go to war when there are few survivors.

The third tip, you can play with your squad. Why? By playing with the squad, that means your rivals to enter the top 20 are reduced by 3 people. The 3 people are people who are on the team. In this way, you can get points to increase rank on Mobile PUBG.

New Hero In Mobile Legends - X Borg !

New Hero In Mobile Legends – X Borg !

X.Borg is the latest mobile legend hero that has 2 forms. The first form is when the armor (purple Health bar) is full and he can use armor especially the one named Firaga Armor to kill the enemy hero. When he uses his armor, all damage received by X.Borg will only affect his new health, so X.Borg will become a very thick hero. After that, if the Armor is destroyed, it will change to the second form, the Armorless form. Well, here are some skills from X.Borg itself:

Skill 1 – Fire Missiles: X.borg activates the flamethrower and fires fire in the specified direction. Damage continuously and increase the temperature of a hero. If the temperature reaches max, the damage will be true damage.

Skill 2 – Fire Stake: X.borg will fire 5 pegs towards the specified direction, a few seconds later, the peg will return to his body, and each stake will give damage to the enemy and attract them.

Ultimate Skill – Last Insanity: X.borg will spin and fire around it for a few seconds. Then he will blow up the armor he has and give true damage to the surrounding enemies. This skill can only be used when X.Borg has Firaga armor.

Passive – Firaga Armor: X.borg has a Firaga Armor that will give X.Borg an additional cellphone. All damage received by X.Borg will be given to the armor firaga first as long as Firaga armor is active until the cellphone from Firaga armor runs out.

After that X.Borg will roll towards the specified joystick, remove the armor and change its shape to an armorless form. He will collect the energy until the energy is full and call the armor fire back.

X.Borg is a fighter hero who will be a terrible addition. Worse yet, if used properly, the Health of X.Borg will not decrease at all. And any Hero Burst damage like Eudora, Aurora, Selena and others can’t kill him easily. He of course will be a terrible addition to the team in mobile legends.

Fun To Play ! Happy Glass Available For Android And iOS

Fun To Play ! Happy Glass Available For Android And iOS

For you who like to play puzzle game on Android or IOS device, maybe you not aware about this game. Yeah, this game released in January 2019. Happy Glass game step by step taking a fans and became the most popular game in IOS.

Happy Glass game is a simple puzzle game which is very addicted. Your job is to balancing the water to a glass form a bucket. You just need to swipe your finger for draw a line so the water can slide down to the glass.

Gambar terkait

Sound easy ? But the longer you play, your job is not only fill the glass with water, but you need to draw a line so the water will not drop outside the glass. But you just can draw one line in one finger slide. This is what make the game more harder.

The other mission is to gain three stars in every stage. If you can get three stars in every stage, you will get a bonus. If you can’t pass the level, you can use the hint features. But you must collect the point to use this features.

This game have a clean graphic, so you can play it more comfort. So you think you smart ? Try this game and see how smart you are.

Tutorial: How To Play Minotaur In Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, Minotaur popularity now going down. But after the patch, his popularity increasing significally. But there is so many players who is confused how to play the new type of Minotaur.

To play Minotaur is a little bit hard. But for players who is usually playing tank type, you just need a little time to adapt with Minotaur. This hero is support tank type hero. He not only tanky, but he can heal his teammates.

For playing this hero, you need to know the role first. As we said, he is support tanky hero. So you need to know this thing first, so you can choose which gameplay is the best for yourself.

Hasil gambar untuk minotaur ml

As a support, it’s not mean he is easy to kill, you are totally wrong ! But you need one condition to make him hard to kill, yup, rage mode !

Minotaur have a two layer of skills, for the first, the skills who can be use when Minotaur in normal mode. In this mode, Minotaur skill damage and heal is quite low.

The second is when Minotaur in rage mode. When in this mode, Minotaur will have larger AoE skill and higher heal points. His ultimate can be used when he is rage mode, when using the ultimate skill, Minotaur will make earthquake around himself, damaging all nearby unit and make them airboned 3 times.

You also need to buy a good equipment, so it can help you to survive the enemy attack. When hitted by enemy, your rage point also growing up, after being rage, ITS TIME TO KILL !

Best Marksman In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Best Marksman In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends is the most popular MOBA game in mobile platform. When playing this game, there is so many role you can use, like marksman, tanker, support, mage and assasin. One of the most painfull hero is marksman. So this is the most devastating marksman in Mobile Legend Bang Bang !

Number one is Claude. He is the new hero in Mobile Legends. A little bit different from other marksman hero, Claude have a very large AOE bursting damage and stand in the front line when killing the enemies unit. His capability to control the game is devastating. When using his ultimate, Claude will go through the line and burst hundred bullets to hit the enemy. When using it, Claude will gain extra movement speed and make enemy unit slow.

Hasil gambar untuk ML Marksman

Number two is Bruno. This underrated hero in fact have a good damage when hitting the enemy. His passive skill give him a good chance of critical strike and be stacked multiply times. Bruno is special critical type marksman who can beat mage and assasin type hero easily. With Inspire spell, Bruno will be a very good killer in game.

Number three is Hanabi. She is a very good marksman in Mobile Legends. Her passive shield can give her advantage to avoid any crowd control skill. Not only that, Hanabi also have a bouncing attack who can give destructive damage to enemy unit. She also have a crowd control skill and can be a good killer. With this hero, you can reach mythic in a single blink !

Underrated Heroes In Mobile Legends Season 10

Underrated Heroes In Mobile Legends Season 10

Mobile Legends is the most popular MOBA game for mobile phone. There is so many player around the world who play this game. Moonton also keep trying to balancing any heroes so the game instead can be more fun to play.

For example, Hayabusa, Rafaela, Clint and many more got balanced because their skill is to powerfull or to weak. At season 9, there is some hero who underrated by gamer, they are Diggie and Rafaela. Why ?

Diggie ever been a most popular hero in season 7. They also keep banned on ranked games. That’s because Diggie have a capability to change the situation of the game. With her ultimate, Diggie can give a shield to teammates heroes near her, also make them invincible to crowd control skill. Not only that, Diggie also have a powerfull ganking skill so she can catch enemy hero and make them can’t run. But after Angela released, Diggie popularity going down and no one use her anymore.

The next one is Rafaela. She also a support hero. In the previous season, like season one to three, she become a powerfull support and mage. Her capability on giving buff and healing teammates is monstrous ! She also have a crowd control skill, it’s mean she not only good for supporting teammates, she also very strong as a mage. But after Moonton released so many overpowered support like Diggie, Angela and Lolita, her popularity dramatically going down.

Don't Panic, This Is How To Beat Enemy 1 on 1 in PUBG Mobile

Don’t Panic, This Is How To Beat Enemy 1 on 1 in PUBG Mobile

How if you fight 1 on 1 in PUBG Mobile, what will you do in this situation ? If you don’t know what should you do, you can read this article till the end. But you need to remember, when you meet this kind of situation, don’t panic ! If you panic, you end !

If you familiar with FPS game, you can change to FPS mode. With this mode, you can aim the enemy more accurate. But you need to learn about this mode first because it’s not easy in the beginning. But when you mastered it, you will easily knockdown the enemy.

The second thing you should do is hide. Don’t shoot till the situation is good for killing them in one shot. You can use couch mode so enemy will hard to see you. When enemy come near you, switch your weapon to burst mode and then shot them in one shoot.

After that, you should stand in the white area. If can, just stand in the outside zone. In this zone, you can see more clearly.

When you play PUBG Mobile, always bring SMG for your secondary weapon. SMG is the best weapon for close combat fight, the firespeed is devastating and the recoil is high so you can burst down enemy easily if you fight in close range combat.

Still Want Play Pokemon Go ? Dont Root Your Phone !

Still Want Play Pokemon Go ? Dont Root Your Phone !

Niantic already anounced that some device will not allowed to play Pokemon Go. Smartphone which been rooted will not able to play Pokemon Go anymore. Niantic do this thing to prevent hacker and cheater action. As we know, there is so many cheater in Pokemon Go game who using ilegal program to beat another player.

There is no game developer who like cheater, nor player. For some people, using cheat is fun, but for real gamer, cheat just a dumb way to achieve goals. Android is a open source device, so many player rooting the phone to have some “special” features who can be used to cheating on game.

So many option to root your device, with using custom rom, we can do many thing, such as modification the game system with ilegal program. This is so frustating to the real gamer. When you fight with a cheater, you will never win right ?

So for preventing this action, Niantic made this statement. Sounds good for real gamers right ? But for cheater, this kind of rule is really frustating. So if you still want play Pokemon Go, don’t ever dare to try rooting your phone or you will be banned by the system.

Updates That Are Present at AOV Update January 2019

Updates That Are Present at AOV Update January 2019

Arena of Valor will soon get an update on Patch January in the near future. In the Garena AOV Indonesia Official post, Garena himself gave a lot of grids in the form of Sneak Peek which we can see like the pictures below.

The things below are just an overview of changes and updates in the outline, while for the clarity and details of the January update we will probably give details after we have managed to collect the data, so you must be patient. What updates will be available at the January Update? This is it!

Maybe most of the Challangers already know, that there will be a display rework for a number of heroes in AOV after the January patch, one of them is Lord Yorn as shown above.

In this case, it seems clear that Tencent and Garena are always doing Graphic overhaul every time there is a big update on the AOV, after August which provides a major overhaul, it looks like this January will also be the initial stage of the development of the display quality of Arena of Valor in 2019

In the Kings of Glory Game in China, we also know that the predecessor game from AOV was both under the auspices of Tencent, experiencing a major overhaul in terms of graphics. It’s no secret that AOV always applies updates taken from the KOG game. We see the latest KOG Gameplay footage from Kepo gaming below.

Florentino, Veres, and Chapeny appear in the poster above, this has become a leak that the above 3 heroes will be released soon, of the 3 heroes above, not all the heroes will be released this year, there are still heroes like D, arcy, Errol, Hayate etc.

And the most uproar rumors circulated that Aquaman will be released as the newest DC Universe hero. Besides that, Kirito from SAO will also come after the grid that was released by Garena AOV Taiwan appeared some time ago.

A new look at the UI or User Interface is also available in this update, which adds to the impression of HD on AOV in this update.

In addition, we also have a feature where you can see Winrate from a team mate while ranking Match, the appearance of Avatar and hero photos depending on the skin used will also be there. So you can show off the skin you have while the draft pick hero.

Cyber Hunter Battle Royale has been officially released in the Google Play Store!

Cyber Hunter Battle Royale has been officially released in the Google Play Store!

Finally on January 11, 2019 the developer of the bamboo curtain country, NetEase, gave good news that their latest battle royale game, Cyber ​​Hunter, had officially entered the soft-launch period.

Previously the game that had gameplay similar to the game made by Epic Games, Fortnite, had succeeded in attracting attention in the open-beta period in October 2018. For those of you who want to play this one game you can download it through the Google Play Store Indonesia.

It seems that you need to thank NetEase because they seem to pay for your disappointment that you can’t play Fortnite by releasing Cyber ​​Hunter. This is because this one game is very friendly for your smartphone potato.

Like other battle royale games, you will be brought into an area measuring 6 × 6 where you have to compete with 99 other players to survive. Like Fortnite, Cyber ​​Hunter will offer a battle royale game that will combine elements, survival, shooting, exploration, and buliding, which are wrapped in a cyber world. Interestingly, you don’t need to worry about tall buildings anymore, because the characters in this game are equipped with a unique ability to climb walls.

In addition, this game also has several unique vehicles, such as ships and airplanes. For its own weapons Cyber ​​Hunter will have weapons such as regular SMG, AR, SR, Handcannons, heavy weapons, grandes, and some weapons that have special attacks.

Of course, with the release of the Cyber ​​Hunter game, it will enliven the competition of existing battle royale games. Let’s see if NetEase with Cyber ​​Hunter can shift the dominance of other battle royale games like PUBG Mobile or Garena Free Fire.