Capcom Said Devil May Cry 5 Success In Market

Capcom Said Devil May Cry 5 Success In Market

Success in the gaming industry is not always just a matter of sales figures. Sometimes, it can also lead to problems of expectations. Do not believe?

Just look at what Square Enix did with Tomb Raider in the past. Despite the fact that it sold up to millions of copies in a short period of time, Square Enix is ​​still not satisfied with this number and calls it a product with sales “below expectations”.

But not with Capcom. Present with rational expectations in the midst of a dream to restore the glory of their old franchise, Devil May Cry 5 they call success.

This was revealed by Capcom in their latest financial report. Capcom says that Devil May Cry 5, which has sold over 2 million copies so far across platforms, is a huge success.

What is done by Devil May Cry 5 now is “revive” Devil May Cry’s life as a franchise, making Capcom have the confidence to build a future for him. In comparison, the previous series – Devil May Cry 4 “only” sold around 3 million copies throughout its lifetime, a number that would not be difficult to surpass Devil May Cry 5 just like that.

Devil May Cry 5 itself is now available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – PC. How about you? How many of you enjoyed Devil May Cry 5 yesterday?

Recognize Weapons Type SMG In PUBG Mobile Game

Recognize Weapons Type SMG In PUBG Mobile Game

Usually, people will choose to use assault rifle weapons when playing PUBG Mobile games. This is because the rifle assault has great damage and is suitable for paralyzing enemies at a distance. But what if the opponents we face are near us? The most appropriate weapon for such conditions is SMG.

SMG or Sub Machine Gun is the most powerful weapon to deal with opponents who are near us. With accuracy similar to a gun and as many bullets as an assault, this weapon is able to quickly knock down opponents. Not to mention the fast firing rate which is capable of removing a lot of bullets within 1 second making this weapon very effective for knock down the opponents.

The best SMG weapon you can choose is UMP9. This type of SMG has an effective firing range of 100 – 300 which has a firing rate of up to 400! For attachments that can be installed to reach 4, usually, players will use silencers, vectors, extra magazines and reloading speed so that these weapons become more deadly.

But you need to remember, this weapon is not suitable for long-distance combat, don’t use this weapon for long distances unless forced. If you want to carry this weapon, make it a secondary weapon so you can kill your opponent remotely by using assault and replace it with SMG when the enemy is near you.

Phantom Lancer The Master Of Illusion In Dota 2

Phantom Lancer The Master Of Illusion In Dota 2

Of course, you know about Naruto’s Kagebunshin ability right? In Dota 2 there is one hero who has abilities similar to Naruto, he is the Phantom Lancer. This hero is an agility hero who is very troublesome, not because of the great damage skills but because of the many shadows he can create.

Phantom Lancer is an agility hero who specializes in making illusions. He is also very good at escaping when chased by an opponent hero.

The first skill of the Phantom Lancer was Spirit Lance. Phantom Lancer will throw a spear that will give magic damage and a slow effect to the affected opponent. When this skill involves an opponent, Phantom Lancer will create an illusion that will hit the opponent.

Hasil gambar untuk phantom lancer

To confuse your opponent, Phantom Lancer will use his Doppelganger skill. When this skill is used, the Phantom Lancer will disappear a moment ago splitting into 3. The shadow that he created through this skill has a different ability, where one shadow has the same hard HP as the original but will not cause damage when attacking, and the other has very weak resistance but can cause damage when attacking.

With the Phantom Rush skill, the Phantom Lancer can run very fast to catch up with the target. All illusions made by the Phantom Lancer can also use this ability. This ability is a passive skill that will appear every 4 seconds.

Juxtapose is a skill that makes him able to issue more illusions. With this skill, every shadow that the Lancer Phantom created is also able to make other shadows. The more shadows he has will certainly make the opponent hero more overwhelmed to find where the original hero is.

The Strongest Fire Elemen In Dota 2 - Ember Spirit

The Strongest Fire Elemen In Dota 2 – Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit is a Dota 2 hero included in The Three Virtue. Ember Spirit is one of three heroes that represent elements in Dota 2. Ember Spirit is a hero who symbolizes the element of fire, Storm Spirit symbolizes the element of lightning and Earth Spirit symbolizes the earth element.

Ember Spirit is an agility type hero, different from the other two elements that have the STR and INT types. The three elements in Three Virtue represent 3 different types of attributes.

As one of the agi-type heroes, Ember Spirit is equipped with four very deadly skills. Ember Spirit also includes hero ganker, nuker, carry and mid laner.

When Ember Spirit wants to kill the enemy hero, he will try to use the Searing Chain skill, which is a fire bond that will bind and damage the affected target.

Hasil gambar untuk ember spirit

After that Ember Spirit will use the Shield of Flame. When this skill is activated, Ember Spirit will get a fire shield that can absorb up to 600 damage magic. Not only that, for enemies within a radius close to Ember Spirit, they will be affected by the flames.

Ember Spirit also has the ability to slash all enemies with the Sleight of Fist skill. While cutting enemies, Ember Spirit will become immune to all attacks.

His ultimate skill is Fire Remnant. You can use three remnants when you use this skill, you can fly to the remnant you made earlier. If the enemy is around the remnant, then the enemy will be exposed to considerable damage magic.

Pro Dota 2 Players Who Start Losing Their Light

Pro Dota 2 Players Who Start Losing Their Light

Until now, the Dota 2 game is still the MOBA genre game with the biggest prize in the world. Many pro players born from this game. They achieved a myriad of achievements with the team. Unfortunately, there are players whose losing their shine because they are unable to show stunning performance. Who are they?

Who doesn’t know Syed “Suma1L” Hassan. Storm Spirit is his best hero. In the 2015 International tournament with the Evil Geniuses team, they has shocked so many people because they can win The International 2015. Unfortunately, until now, he still can’t show good performance like in 2015. In fact, the EG team is currently ranked 9th and still trying to get the last ticket to play at The International this season.

Gambar terkait

God of Pudge may have been attached to Danil “Dendi” Ishutin. he is the only player who is very loyal to his team, Natus Vincere. In 2011, they won the international 2011. Still remember not the Pudgenya hook combo combined with Chen? Unfortunately, until now Natus Vincere’s achievements have gone down. Na`Vi’s worst record is when they failed to qualify for the International 2017 playoffs.

Wong “Chuan” Hock Chuan is one of the Dota 2 pro players born in Malaysia. Previously Chuan was known as a deadly player support. How not, the strategy that was played when filling role support was indeed able to bring their team Invictus Gaming to win the International 2012. Unfortunately, the current performance has fallen considerably. Now Chuan is joined by the Newbee team.


New Hero In Mobile Legends - X Borg !

New Hero In Mobile Legends – X Borg !

X.Borg is the latest mobile legend hero that has 2 forms. The first form is when the armor (purple Health bar) is full and he can use armor especially the one named Firaga Armor to kill the enemy hero. When he uses his armor, all damage received by X.Borg will only affect his new health, so X.Borg will become a very thick hero. After that, if the Armor is destroyed, it will change to the second form, the Armorless form. Well, here are some skills from X.Borg itself:

Skill 1 – Fire Missiles: X.borg activates the flamethrower and fires fire in the specified direction. Damage continuously and increase the temperature of a hero. If the temperature reaches max, the damage will be true damage.

Skill 2 – Fire Stake: X.borg will fire 5 pegs towards the specified direction, a few seconds later, the peg will return to his body, and each stake will give damage to the enemy and attract them.

Ultimate Skill – Last Insanity: X.borg will spin and fire around it for a few seconds. Then he will blow up the armor he has and give true damage to the surrounding enemies. This skill can only be used when X.Borg has Firaga armor.

Passive – Firaga Armor: X.borg has a Firaga Armor that will give X.Borg an additional cellphone. All damage received by X.Borg will be given to the armor firaga first as long as Firaga armor is active until the cellphone from Firaga armor runs out.

After that X.Borg will roll towards the specified joystick, remove the armor and change its shape to an armorless form. He will collect the energy until the energy is full and call the armor fire back.

X.Borg is a fighter hero who will be a terrible addition. Worse yet, if used properly, the Health of X.Borg will not decrease at all. And any Hero Burst damage like Eudora, Aurora, Selena and others can’t kill him easily. He of course will be a terrible addition to the team in mobile legends.

Valve Launch CS:GO For Free, What's The Different ?

Valve Launch CS:GO For Free, What’s The Different ?

Don’t have Counter Strike Global Offensive game ? But you want to try this popular FPS game ? Or you just want to watch how pro player play this game ? Don’t worry, Valve launch CS:GO for free, but what’s the different with the old one ?

As a FPS game, this game is legend since 1.6 version. There is so many gamer’s who want to be a professional gamer’s for this game. This game is not to expensive, you only need to pay around 10$ to play this game, but for some gamer’s, they don’t have enough money to buy this game but want to try this game. Because of this, Valve finally launched a free version of CSGO.

Hasil gambar untuk CSGO

But different with normal version, in this version, only a few features which can be played by gamer’s. In this version, you can’t play with friends. You just can play BOT mode. But for newbie, this features maybe can be a good features to learn. Before buying this game, gamer’s can try and decide to buy or no.

But you also can watch some match from GOTV channel, with this features, you don’t need to stream via Youtube anymore ! Is that cool ? So for you who want to play this game for free, go install Steam and search for CSGO: Global Offensive Free Edition. Happy gaming !

Blade And Soul Mobile Version Released

Blade And Soul Mobile Version Released

It seems like 2018 is the year for fans of MMORPG game fans, the reason is that after the official version of Ragnarok and Perfect World Mobile was presented, this time it was the turn of Blade & Soul which was officially presented by Korean developer NetMarble. For those of you who want to play a game that has the official title Blade & Soul: Revolution, you can download it through the TapTap website.

Of course Blade & Soul: Revolution will get a significant upgrade to the graphics display because it will be supported with Unreal Engine 4. In the release later this game will present 4 playable races including Jin, Gon, Yun and Lyn, where each of you will be given each race the freedom to have 4 classes such as Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Destroyer, Machinist.

Hasil gambar untuk blade and soul mobile

Interestingly, this game will present an interesting storyline that will be supported by 150 cinematic cut scenes. Like other MMORPG games this game itself will present their main elements, namely freedom of exploration, automation and grinding. Interestingly Blade & Soul: Revolution games will include an interesting feature, which allows you to play in 500 vs 500 modes in real-time through the clanwars feature.

Of course this is good news for MMORPG lovers, because you are again presented with a quality game on the screen of your smartphone. Unfortunately this one game is still available in Korean only, there is no clarity whether this one game will get the global version. But seeing the big name NetMarble, it is not impossible this game will soon have a global version. Let’s just wait.

Fun To Play ! Happy Glass Available For Android And iOS

Fun To Play ! Happy Glass Available For Android And iOS

For you who like to play puzzle game on Android or IOS device, maybe you not aware about this game. Yeah, this game released in January 2019. Happy Glass game step by step taking a fans and became the most popular game in IOS.

Happy Glass game is a simple puzzle game which is very addicted. Your job is to balancing the water to a glass form a bucket. You just need to swipe your finger for draw a line so the water can slide down to the glass.

Gambar terkait

Sound easy ? But the longer you play, your job is not only fill the glass with water, but you need to draw a line so the water will not drop outside the glass. But you just can draw one line in one finger slide. This is what make the game more harder.

The other mission is to gain three stars in every stage. If you can get three stars in every stage, you will get a bonus. If you can’t pass the level, you can use the hint features. But you must collect the point to use this features.

This game have a clean graphic, so you can play it more comfort. So you think you smart ? Try this game and see how smart you are.

The Division 2 Immediately Get World Tier 5 Equipment Updates

The Division 2 Immediately Get World Tier 5 Equipment Updates

If you finish Operation Tidal Basin, the last Black Tusks defense base makes you think you will finish the Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 game, then wait until today’s update runs.

The update that will be held today at 2:30 p.m. will add one of the contents from “Invasion: Battle for D.C.” which is “Tidal Basin”. He will give you two new exotic weapons namely Nemesis (Sniper) and Pestilence (Light Machine Gun), three gear sets namely Hard Wire, Ongoing Directive, and True Patriot. This update also introduces a new level of difficulty that is “Heroic” which is harder than hard, but with a promising gift if you successfully complete it.

Completing endgame content after the update is not the end of everything, because you will soon reach World Tier 5 containing weapons with a 450-500 gear score. The presence of World Tier 5 at the same time gave a weekly invasion of the Black Tusks to be more intense. The strongest fraction of your enemy will again seize some of the main missions that you have completed which will certainly be more difficult than usual.

A PvP map named Fort McNair was also introduced to fill all the gaps in terms of PvP as we mentioned in our previous review.

In addition to the update above, Ubisoft is also preparing for Operation Dark Hours this month which will present the first 8-player raid in the Division series and a new specialization that seems to be using mini-gun as its weapon.

Tom Clancy’s Division 2 can now be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You who are curious about the game can read our review and follow the latest news.

Tutorial: How To Play Minotaur In Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, Minotaur popularity now going down. But after the patch, his popularity increasing significally. But there is so many players who is confused how to play the new type of Minotaur.

To play Minotaur is a little bit hard. But for players who is usually playing tank type, you just need a little time to adapt with Minotaur. This hero is support tank type hero. He not only tanky, but he can heal his teammates.

For playing this hero, you need to know the role first. As we said, he is support tanky hero. So you need to know this thing first, so you can choose which gameplay is the best for yourself.

Hasil gambar untuk minotaur ml

As a support, it’s not mean he is easy to kill, you are totally wrong ! But you need one condition to make him hard to kill, yup, rage mode !

Minotaur have a two layer of skills, for the first, the skills who can be use when Minotaur in normal mode. In this mode, Minotaur skill damage and heal is quite low.

The second is when Minotaur in rage mode. When in this mode, Minotaur will have larger AoE skill and higher heal points. His ultimate can be used when he is rage mode, when using the ultimate skill, Minotaur will make earthquake around himself, damaging all nearby unit and make them airboned 3 times.

You also need to buy a good equipment, so it can help you to survive the enemy attack. When hitted by enemy, your rage point also growing up, after being rage, ITS TIME TO KILL !

Gamebrott Prepare the E-Sport Team Named "GEMES"

Gamebrott Prepare the E-Sport Team Named “GEMES”

The number of non-gamers who began to plunge into the world of E-Sport on the basis of adjustments to the millennial generation proves that acceptance of the screen of gaming sports and gamers athletes is brighter in their future. It also motivates Gamebrott to release their own E-Sport Team, with line up players who have promising backgrounds and skills.

The selection of a serious and full consideration initially made the team a little uncertain about what games to play. One player is gifted and has daily life playing AOV, Mobile Legend, PUBG Mobile, and even one of them is an expert in Apex Legends Tinder, but assessing the future prospect of Hago’s choice is the most important.

The choice of the name “GEMES” or Gamebrott Esport itself is based on the philosophy of each player who is tenacious, hard-working, and adorable. In the beginning, we actually planned to name it “NAG Gemes” or Naga Gamebrott Esport, but because it was too weird and difficult to remember and not suitable to be a brand, finally we chose GEMES.

Because of the limitations of the existing Roster, we ourselves plan to do mass recruitment to capture the talents of young E-Sport players (skip if aging) who have bright prospects and future. The first requirement is certainly must be at least 5 years old (below that can not be invited to chat) and a maximum of 27, the second requirement is certainly required to have a busy life outside this team.

The future target of “GEMES” itself will soon be fighting and winning local tournaments first and looking for sponsors who can provide support in any form. Go International (HAGO World Championship) itself is the final target of GEMES in the future so that it can raise the name of the nation and the country.

3 Best Item For Support Hero In DOTA 2

3 Best Item For Support Hero In DOTA 2

When playing DOTA 2 game, you need to know there is so many role you can choose. One of them is support. This role is very important, why ? Because support can provide so many thing for carry, like sentry ward, observer ward, jungle stacking, backuping and roaming. When playing support, there is the best item you can buy, with this item, you can do more in team.

First item is Euls Scepter. This item have a active skill named cyclone. When using cycole to enemy, the target unit will be airboned and can’t move for a period of time. This item also giving Mana regeneration and Mana pool to your hero. Almost forgot, this item also giving boost to your movement speed.

Hasil gambar untuk dota 2 supports

The second one is Mekanism. This item is an healing item. When buy this item, you can give HP regeneration aura to your teammates around you. If you actived the spell, you will heal yourself and your teammates for 250 HP. This item is really usefull and can be combine with Arcane boots.

Third one is Glimmer’s Cape. With this mantle, you can make yourself or your teammates become invicible for a period of time. When target under this item effect, they will gain 50% magic resistense. This item is so usefull against magic caster enemy.

Remember this words, behind every great carry, there is a great support !

Control From Quantum Break Developer Finally Has Their Official Release Date

Control From Quantum Break Developer Finally Has Their Official Release Date

Being one of the lineup of games that will be released on an exclusive basis at the Epic Games Store, Control made by Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games finally got an official release date.

Besides showing supernatural abilities and very cool actions. Through the latest trailer, the Quantum Break developer announced that the supernatural world action adventure game, Control will be released on August 27, 2019 later. The pre-order period for the game has been opened, and you who bought it will get crafting materials and a Tactical Response Gear costume for the main character, Jesse.

You who buy it on the PlayStation 4 will get an exclusive bonus that is far more than the Xbox One. One of them is character and weapon mod, Astral Dive suit, and two exclusive PS4 themes. The Digital Delux version will give you a costume, an additional side mission “Isolation”, and access to two “The Foundation” and “AWE” expansions. You can see the chart above.

Control will be released on August 27 for PCs (temporarily exclusive via Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Keep up with the developments so you don’t miss updates.

Beautiful DJin, Shantae is Ready to Come Back in the Newest Series

Beautiful DJin, Shantae is Ready to Come Back in the Newest Series

First appeared on the Gameboy platform in 2002, this game might be included as one of the most foreign franchises in your ears. Even though it is only a 2D platformer style in the style of Megaman or maybe Castlevania, the game by the name of Shantae has actually managed to bring a theme or concept that is quite unique to listen to.

If you are familiar with the popularity of supernatural creatures that come from magic lights or perhaps pearl shells, this is what makes Shantae’s game franchise seem special. The last game series which was released in 2016 under the name Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on many platforms such as PC, PS4, PS Vita Xbox One, Wii U, and Switch also still will not end the jin kawai’s adventure in counteracting unrighteousness.

Through information that was recently reported by WayForward as the developer, Shantae’s adventures are still going to continue in the fifth series. Directly with the title Shantae 5, they reportedly will soon release the new 2D platformer game in around 2019.

In addition to being released multiplatform on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, WayForward also surprises that this game will also be present in a platform platfform playing a new game scheduled to be ready for release in the autumn of 2019 later with the name Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade itself is a service to play new Apple video games where you will be able to play hundreds of free games on TV, Desktop, and all your smartphones based on iOS or Apple. Because of its premium, you are required to pay a subscription fee each month.

The Most Intense Boss Ever In Video Game History

The Most Intense Boss Ever In Video Game History

As we know, boss is important thing in game. Boss usually have a great power and have a lot of HP bar. In the video games history, there is a really good boss who can bring intense fighting scene. Want to know ?

Hasil gambar untuk hYDRA gow

First is Hydra from God of War. This boss also give an inspiration to other game developer. When fighting Hydra, there is a quick time event. So when this QTE pop out, we need to execution very fast, if no, the quick time event will be gone. Now there is many game using QTE system in their game.

Hasil gambar untuk Colossus from Shadow of the Colossus

Second one is All Colossus from Shadow of the Colossus. When playing this game, you should defeat any giant monster who have a great power. To beat the boss, we can’t attack carelessly. We need to find their weak point. When you hitting them in other point, you will inflict nothing to them. Not only that, the boss is so big, so you need to climb to their body and find the weak spot. So intense dude !

Hasil gambar untuk re3 nemesis

The third one is Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. This game is an old game, but the intensity of Nemesis never be forgotten. Resident Evil 3 is the first game using new mechanism for the boss. Why ? Because the boss will chase you wherever you go till the end. It’s not like the other game where you can run and escape from the boss. In this game, Nemesis will always chasing you till you beat him.

There's Will Be No New Squel For Assasin's Creed in 2019

There’s Will Be No New Squel For Assasin’s Creed in 2019

Two Years have been a good years for Assasin’s Creed fans. Why ? Because Ubisoft keep releasing new series of Assasin’s Creed game in 2017 and 2018. Ubisoft just recently released the new series of Assasin’s Creed, Odyssey in October 2018.

After releasing two series in two years a row, Ubisoft decide to hiatus for Assasin’s Creed series. In Gamescom 2018, Yves Guillemot as a CEO of Ubisoft already announce that they will not make a new series of Assasin’s Creed for 2019.

“We will not see Assasin’s Creed new game in the next year,” said Guillemot.

“We work with two sparated team, that’s why we will hiatus for next year. We already have two years for this game. So you will not see a new title of this game next year.”

Origins lead by Ubisoft Montreal, and Odyssey under control by Ubisoft Quebect. It’s mean, they need more than two years for making a new game of Assasin’s Creed.

It’s a little bit dissapointed for Assasin’s Creed fans, but this decision already final. Beside this bad news, Ubisoft also release new trailer of Odyssey. In the trailer, we can see two new main character, they are Alexios and Kassandra. In this game, they show so many new gameplay, like one by one battle system, naval battle and fight agains myth creature like Medusa.

Team Sonic Racing Announced Customization Characters

Team Sonic Racing Announced Customization Characters

Sinks are eaten by the stream but still survive is a sentence that can represent the condition of the current racing game. Now they are struggling to revive their faded glory. One of these fighters was Team Sonic Racing, which had been postponed. Try new things, SEGA exhibits the customizations you can do in it.

Customization that includes the color of the car presents several visual options that you can use. Starting from the overall color to the sticker installation. Not only visuals, you can also replace car parts that will change your racing abilities. You can also change the bell as you wish.

In addition to the trailer, they also promote an animated series of Team Sonic Racing Overdrive without any dialogue at all. The first episode that you can immediately watch above shows how the Sonic team against the team led by Rose. Show off what really happened when he was told in an animated perspective.

Sonic Racing team will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on 21 May 2019. You can bookmark this page to keep getting the latest and fresh news about it. C’mon, race with your friends and beat them all ! This game looks promising btw ^_^..

Best Marksman In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Best Marksman In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends is the most popular MOBA game in mobile platform. When playing this game, there is so many role you can use, like marksman, tanker, support, mage and assasin. One of the most painfull hero is marksman. So this is the most devastating marksman in Mobile Legend Bang Bang !

Number one is Claude. He is the new hero in Mobile Legends. A little bit different from other marksman hero, Claude have a very large AOE bursting damage and stand in the front line when killing the enemies unit. His capability to control the game is devastating. When using his ultimate, Claude will go through the line and burst hundred bullets to hit the enemy. When using it, Claude will gain extra movement speed and make enemy unit slow.

Hasil gambar untuk ML Marksman

Number two is Bruno. This underrated hero in fact have a good damage when hitting the enemy. His passive skill give him a good chance of critical strike and be stacked multiply times. Bruno is special critical type marksman who can beat mage and assasin type hero easily. With Inspire spell, Bruno will be a very good killer in game.

Number three is Hanabi. She is a very good marksman in Mobile Legends. Her passive shield can give her advantage to avoid any crowd control skill. Not only that, Hanabi also have a bouncing attack who can give destructive damage to enemy unit. She also have a crowd control skill and can be a good killer. With this hero, you can reach mythic in a single blink !

Monster Hunter World Collaborating With Final Fantasy, Behemot Is Coming !

Monster Hunter World Collaborating With Final Fantasy, Behemot Is Coming !

Maybe some of gamer still don’t know that Monster Hunter Colaborate with Final Fantasy XIV Online. In this Colaboration, there is so many unique content, like exclusive armor, item , monster and the most hardest boss ever in Monster Hunter, Behemoth !

This monster is an iconic monster in Final Fantasy Series. This boss is the most brutal boss in Final Fantasy. When you beat this boss, he will become your summon spirit ( in Final Fantasy ). Many gamers said this boss will be impossible to beat, and this rumour was right. Behemoth became the most harder bost in Monster Hunter, but when you beat him, you can craft special armor and weapon.

Behemoth is like a raid boss instead of a normal boss. So you need to communicate with your teammates to beat the boss. You can’t beat Behemoth alone. Not only that, your equipment also must a high level equipment, if no, you will die in one hit ! Becarefull with his meteor skill !

Behemoth also can use other magic. His power on crushing other is devastating, specially for his Ecliptic Meteor skill. If you want to see the trailer, you can watch on Youtube. Dare to fight Behemoth ? I bet you will run if meet Behemoth ! XD

Review: One Piece World Seeker

Review: One Piece World Seeker

In 2019, it is arguably quite a dream for shounen gamers or fans of the One Piece anime series. The AAA fighting game like Jump Force was the opening act in early 2019, until now Bandai Namco and Ganbarion have released a new series which had previously been postponed titled One Piece World Seeker.

Looking at the history of the developer, Ganbarion, he as a developer has indeed become a breed of giving birth to Japanese games, especially the One Piece series, where previously they also released the semi-Open One World Adventure One game entitled “One Piece Unlimited World Red” and games Old-school fighting “One Piece Grand Battle series”.

The One Piece World Seeker journey centers on the story of Monkey D Luffy on a island called Prison Island. Where previously the city was originally named Jewel Island, Luffy and Nakama were stranded randomly on the island. Some nakama were captured and also fugitives by the navy. Luffy himself becomes a character that will be played by One Piece World Seeker players, where you will gather scattered Nakama Luffy to find out the mystery that haunts Prison Island.

We are truly amazed how the graphic leap that is present in the World Seeker series is there, indeed it is not a short time but the results that they have succeeded in doing enough need a thumbs up. Grass and assets and details for each building have characteristics that describe each district. On Prison Island itself, the geography of each location is divided into several parts. Broadly speaking there are 5 parts namely the city, port, mining, rural, and finally the prison district. Need to be thumbs up how the graphics and also the details of each city are really polished and have its own uniqueness, you can see screenshots of the City of Steel City where the city has posters and art that are quite interesting.

The obstacle that you will encounter shortly after playing this game is how the battle system of this game feels quite stiff. The beginning of the progress of playing your combo will be very easily canceled by the navy armed with an assault riffle. We cannot block or avoid such attacks because during combos or when we are hitting, the animation of the movement cannot be canceled at all to avoid or survive.

Your input needs to be gradual so that it doesn’t feel like lues. Plus if the enemy falls you have to wait until he gets up to beat him again, this is a problem because the enemies are aerial or flying types. You can only hit once to fall and he will fly again.

Spidey In Action ! Spider-Man Ps4 Trailer Leaked !

Spidey In Action ! Spider-Man Ps4 Trailer Leaked !

After being show in E3  2018, Spiderman came back through the new video trailer. That video being released through an official account of Sony Playstation. Spiderman will accompany you through this season !

From all of Marvel superhero, which one is the best ? If your answer is Spiderman, than this will be a very good news, right ? In the trailer video, Spiderman fought with some enemy using his webs !

If we talk about the graphic, there is no doubt about it ! Sony doing a great job with this game, seriously. The movement is very good and smooth !

Hasil gambar untuk Spiderman ps 4

FYI, this game will not adapt the last series of Spiderman. You will play as Peter Parker with new story and new characters. You will meet the bad guys like Rhino, Kingpin and many more.

In some mission, you will able to play as Mary Jane too ! We all know that Mary Jane can’t fight, so when we controlling her, we will try to solve puzzle and stealth ! Mary Jane mission is to take picture in a crime scene as a journalist.

This game will release in 7 September 2018. For PS4 Pro Edition, this game will cost aroung 400$. Will you buy and play it with your friend or you will skip this game ?

All You Need To Know About Crystal Maiden A.K.A Rylai Crestfall

All You Need To Know About Crystal Maiden A.K.A Rylai Crestfall

If you ask about who’s the best support in DOTA 2, maybe Crystal Maiden will be on your list. Why ? Because she have capability of becoming a full support. She have disable skill, AOE skill, Buff skill and her ultimate skill is devastating.

Rylai is a ranged hero with INT primary attribute. Her speciality is ice, she can control ice, that’s why all of her skill was made by ice. As a support, she also good at ganking with disable skill and debuff skill.

For harassing enemy, Crystal Maiden will use his first skill, Crystal Nova. With this skill, enemy inside the skill AOE will take magic damage and taking slow effect ( 50% movement speed slow ). This skill also give you 900 ground vision, so it’s good for opening map, specially FOG area.

Hasil gambar untuk crystal maiden

Her frostbite skill can disable any enemy heroes movement for 3 second. If you using this skill to creeps or jungle monster, the duration will increase to 4.5 second. FYI, when frosbitted, enemy still can use item or skill as long is not a channeling skill.

As a support, she have Arcane Aura. It’s giving a mana regeneration to teammates hero. This skill is very usefull, specially for spamming skill hero.

The most devastating skill for Crystal Maiden is Freezing Field. Maiden will open a large area and calling the snow blast. Enemy hero who stand inside the area will take magic damage and slow effect. If you buy Aghanim Scepter, it will trigger Frostbite skill too.

Underrated Heroes In Mobile Legends Season 10

Underrated Heroes In Mobile Legends Season 10

Mobile Legends is the most popular MOBA game for mobile phone. There is so many player around the world who play this game. Moonton also keep trying to balancing any heroes so the game instead can be more fun to play.

For example, Hayabusa, Rafaela, Clint and many more got balanced because their skill is to powerfull or to weak. At season 9, there is some hero who underrated by gamer, they are Diggie and Rafaela. Why ?

Diggie ever been a most popular hero in season 7. They also keep banned on ranked games. That’s because Diggie have a capability to change the situation of the game. With her ultimate, Diggie can give a shield to teammates heroes near her, also make them invincible to crowd control skill. Not only that, Diggie also have a powerfull ganking skill so she can catch enemy hero and make them can’t run. But after Angela released, Diggie popularity going down and no one use her anymore.

The next one is Rafaela. She also a support hero. In the previous season, like season one to three, she become a powerfull support and mage. Her capability on giving buff and healing teammates is monstrous ! She also have a crowd control skill, it’s mean she not only good for supporting teammates, she also very strong as a mage. But after Moonton released so many overpowered support like Diggie, Angela and Lolita, her popularity dramatically going down.

Supreme League, First Apex Legend Tournament In Indonesia

Supreme League, First Apex Legend Tournament In Indonesia

The popularity of the battle royale game from EA Apex Legends is now starting to spread to the Southeast Asia region, including Indonesia. Video Games that topped the audience list were twitched and played by many of the pro players who are likely to be booming like Fortnite and PUBG. Many players in Indonesia love the gameplay of Apex Legends because it is different from the others.

With the many players from Indonesia, event organizers in Indonesia are now also starting to look at the Apex Legends market. One of them is the Supreme League. The Supreme League will hold the first Apex Legends tournament in Indonesia with a total prize of 25 million rupiah.

The Apex Legends exhibition will only accommodate 200 teams with free registration fees, or free of charge. The registration phase itself was opened from February 20 to February 24 tomorrow. registration will be closed if the participants have reached the maximum limit later. The Apex Legends Supreme League tournament itself will be held on February 25 to March 9.

Because Apex Legends does not have a lobby feature, the tournament rules will be similar to the Apex Legends Twitch Rivals Challenge yesterday. Participants must have a YouTube channel and stream during the tournament. Participants with the highest points will drive to the main event and fight for a total prize of 25 million rupiah.

Anthem Is Worse Than Mass Effect Andromeda

Anthem Is Worse Than Mass Effect Andromeda

With graphics and gameplay that really looks stunning, Anthem should be a game product that has more value in front of consumers. But in reality, this game actually becomes a bitter pill that must be swallowed up again by EA and Bioware.

Many gamers were apparently very disappointed with Anthem. They used to complain about the old problem of loading screens and too repetitive missions to enjoy. Even though Bioware is trying to fix these problems through the role of patches, more than Rp. 800k rupiah that has been spent by players is clearly a big consideration for them not to be so easy to understand.

Based on the results of the sales report that we discussed a while ago, the Anthem game turned out to be really quite difficult to be able to compete with other well-known AAA games that were already racing fast. Even worse, the results of sales in the first week of this game were still only half of the last Bioware game before Anthem such as the Andromeda Mass Effect which is also known as a flop.

Seeing that this seemed to be quite embarrassing for Bioware, the results that Anthem received in many media really had succeeded in bringing this game more and more badly viewed by the public. In Metacritic, for example, Anthem is only able to get a review value of Met SofaScore of 60 only (out of 57 total reviews)) with a user score that only provides a value of 4.5 (from more than 2000 reviews).

Best MVP Boss Card In Ragnarok Online

Best MVP Boss Card In Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is an MMORPG genre game that can be played online. Ragnarok Online has several jobs that we can play like Shura, Rune Knights, Royal Guard, Sniper and so on. Job jobs will be even stronger if we add the effect of ‘Card’ or the card on the equipment we use. Here is the strongest MVP card ever in Ragnarok Online.

Tao GunKa

Tao Gunka is a rock-shaped MVP and has a face. This MVP can be defeated with only one Shura skill, Ashura. This card has an HP + 100% effect. This card can be socket in equip armor section.

Golden Thief Bug

We can find Golden Thief Bugs in Prontera Sewer or culverts. The effect of this card is that it can block magic attacks by 100%.


Hasil gambar untuk ragnarok boss

Beelzebub is one of the strongest MVPs in Ragnarok Online. First we only fight small flies and he will turn into a bigger king of flies. The effect of this card is to reduce the casting time by 30%.

Lord of the Death

Lord of the Death is an MVP in the form of a knight riding a horse. The effect of this card is that it can cast ‘Coma’ state with the possibility of 0.01%.

Turtle General

This MVP is the leader of the turtle turtles at Turtle Temple. The effect of this card is to add the resulting damage by 20%.

Yakuza Online Will Be Available For Mobile

Yakuza Online Will Be Available For Mobile

SEGA announced their plans to release the Yakuza game into the mobile version a while ago in the form of Yakuza Online. After the pre-registration campaign, it was finally released on all PC and cellular platforms in Japan and can be played for free. Unlike the Yakuza Game, most Franchise fans can only play through the PlayStation console, Yakuza Online features Kasuga Ichiban is the latest series of the Yakuza Franchise.

Like most Japanese mobile games, the question of when or is the release of this game in the International version always a subscription, we all know that Japan often releases its games only in Japanese or can only be played in Japan. So far, SEGA has localized the Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation which even has a collaboration event with Bayonetta.

There has been no indication of localization of Yakuza Online, but the latest interview on this matter seems to give us a glimmer of hope. Otaquest and Exile Sekai interviewed Toshihiro Nagoshi of SEGA about matters relating to the Yakuza and asked him about the international version of the Yakuza Online release. He said he wanted to see this game first released in the West but unfortunately Toshiro could not make an appointment regarding this. This may be just a sweet promise, but if we look at the first indication of this, SEGA wants to try to release this game in the West first.

Given the recent surge in popularity of the Yakuza game that began with the PS4 Yakuza 0, SEGA may actually localize Yakuza Online because they have made and released this franchise to PC last year. For the Mobile version, this game has been released in the Japanese version, or you want to be patient until the release of the International version.

BOOM.ID Wins 2nd Place Dota 2 2019 Asia Pacific Predator League

BOOM.ID Wins 2nd Place Dota 2 2019 Asia Pacific Predator League

After undergoing a fierce competition for three days and witnessed by more than 10,000 visitors who attended watching the match in person, the second year of the Asia Pacific Predator League finally ended. The final round of PUBG and DOTA 2 at Nimibutr Stadium, Bangkok, has resulted in the winners namely AfreecaFreecs Fatal from the Republic of South Korea for PUBG, and TNC Predator from the Philippines for DOTA2. The BOOM.ID team from Indonesia is ranked second best in this tournament for the DOTA2 game.

“Acer hopes to provide a stage for young talents, not only through hardware devices but also through ecosystems and industries, especially in the Asia Pacific region,” said Andrew Hou, as President of Pan Asia Pacific Regional Operations, Acer Inc. “We hope the athletes of the 2019 Predator League can continue their hard work and success as part of the esports community. Congratulations to the winners and to meet the Predator League in 2020 in the Philippines ”

The Philippines will then host the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020. This decision was announced in the closing ceremony of the 2019 Asia Pacific Predator League tournament held in Bangkok on Sunday

“BOOM.ID has shown its best ability, we are proud because their success in the second position can be an inspiration for other teams in Indonesia and through the Predator League, Acer commits to encourage more young people in Indonesia to compete and be the best in international tournaments . Defeat is the beginning of a journey for success, and Acer will always try to give the best to always support all the success stories of esports players in Indonesia, “said Herbet Ang, Herbet Ang, President Director of Acer Indonesia. This year, Aerowolf.

TeamEight for PUBG and BOOM.ID for DOTA2 leave for Bangkok and become representatives of Indonesia in the 2019 Asia Pacific Predator League. BOOM.ID won second place in the DOTA 2 game and won money in the amount of USD $ 30,000 United States Dollars, equivalent to Rp. 423 Million Rupiah.

Crackdown 3 Release Date Announced ?

Crackdown 3 Release Date Announced ?

Waiting to long for Crackdown 3 ? Calm, not only you who waiting the release date of this game. But there is a good news, Sumo Digital finally announced when this game will release.

The main character of this game is Terry Crews, who dont know Terry Crews ? Almost all people know him ! He is the cast of Old Spice advertising.  In Crackdown 3, Terry Crews  will be a main character.

Back in time, this game first time announced in 2013 at Electronic Entertainment Expo. Many people asking about when this game is officially released. It’s been five years since first time announced and the release date still uknown.

But Sumo Digital as a developer finally give a little information about this game. Till now, this game is still under development stage for maximizing the game features. The Sumo Digital expected this game will be release in February 2019.

When GamesIndustry interviewing Sumo Digital, they said that they must do a long research before release the game. They learn from mistake when release the Crackdown 2 back in time. Crackdown 2 was a big failure and they don’t want it happen again with Crackdown 3.

This game will be availabe for PC and XBOX One. Could it be a delayed again ? Hopefully no !

Newest Racing Game From Garena - Speed Drifter

Newest Racing Game From Garena – Speed Drifter

Speed ​​Drifter is an newest game from Garena. Not only in Indonesia, but this game also exists in several Asian countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Japan and others. This game is available for Android and Ios.

Not just ordinary races because in this game, we can dress our characters, because there are cool outfit that we can use, from clothes, pants, shoes, hairstyles to accessories such as wings, sticks, crowns. In the game there are also features to walk in the city. We can chat with our friends and people who play from abroad.

The cars provided are also various kinds and different classes. Starting from class C to S class, it is certainly not easy to get a class A or S car, because you have to spend a lot of money to get the top class car. We can also modify the car that we have or we upgrade the car. Parts that can be upgraded include machines, tires, turbines, Nos. Upgrades must be done because to increase the speed of the car in the race.

In this game, there is also the Couple feature, so you can make love with other people in the game. Quite unique. Speed ​​Drifter is not paid, which means we can play for free.

PUBG Finally Released Zombie Mode, Collaborating With Resident Evil

PUBG Finally Released Zombie Mode, Collaborating With Resident Evil

You must be impatient after waiting so long for the clarity of the date of the release of zombies right? Tencent finally announced the date and time of PUBG Mobile’s new content, named Update 0.11.0.

Maintenance will start at 5:30 am to 1:30 pm IST (7:00 to 15:00 WIB) and you can only try it the next day.

As an additional note, the update can be completed sooner or later than the scheduled time. New and updated versions will come to Google Play and the App Store starting February 19. This information was previously announced through the official PUBG Mobile discord on Saturday.

What’s new? Let’s check this out:

1.  Zombie Mode: Survive Till Dawn, a new time-limited event mode when players fight zombies and bosses from Resident Evil 2.

2. Weather: Moonlight to Vikendi (Night Mode).
3. Adding Space Player: player information will be available such as connectivity and you can choose one friend 4. from Synergy who has equal points or above 400 points as a Partner to accompany you in that space.
5. Add a theme to play menu and music Resident evil 2.
6. Sanhok is now available in Arcade Mode.

Bug Fixed:

1. Shadows can now be disabled in settings.
2. Past and present results can be saved for only 1 month.
3. Fixed terrain bugs on budget devices.

Metro Exodus Totally Awesome !

Metro Exodus Totally Awesome !

Such a sense of optimism is certainly felt by gamers when they welcome this ambitious concoction game 4A Games – Metro Exodus. Coming up with a more complex & realistic overhaul of the gameplay, and wrapped in visual quality that is far more stunning than the previous series, of course Artyom’s latest adventure series was not built in just one night. There is incredible hard work from reliable talents of 4A Games, with a development period of 5 years, they finally officially launched the work.

Even though it had been colored by controversy because Deep Silver didn’t release this game to Steam and moved it to Epic Game Store, still this is a work that is still anticipated. And sure enough, 4A Games managed to present the best they could offer, which was to present a massive positive overhaul in the Metro’s third series.

Beautiful and tense, that’s our first impression when tasting Metro Exodus for about the first 6 hours of the game. The massive overhaul presented by 4A Games this time really feels commensurate, behind the appearance of the world that is getting more and more beautiful, the gameplay mechanism that is presented feels increasingly complex & challenging. Not faced with a super linear world, now Exodus Metro feels more open with its semi-open world system.

Surely the world offered is far more beautiful than its previous series, from snowy areas, swamps, to Mad Max’s barren lands, all of which are beautiful. Together with the increasingly developed 4A Engine, the visual quality presented really looks amazing and is able to build the atmosphere of the game that feels very immersive. Starting from the texture, lighting system, reflection, a variety of small details of the environment that is present can be presented with a very amazing.

Main Hero In Closer Online Game - Seha !

Main Hero In Closer Online Game – Seha !

Seha is an 18 year old child. He is the son of Seo Jisuu, the hero of Dimensional War I, who was called the Alpha Queen. Naturally, Seha has incredible Phase Power. Seha has a hobby of playing games.

Because of the strength that Seha has, many people have great hopes for Seha to help in facing dimensional monsters. At first Seha was not at all interested in joining in fighting dimensional monsters, but because of her mother’s compulsion, Seha finally decided to join Black Lambs, one of Closers’ teams.

Seha uses a weapon called Gun Blade, with this sword Seha can cut enemies and fire from his Blade Gun. The uniqueness of Seha is a True Damage attack where attacks that do not care about enemy DEF, and this attack can be very deadly.

Seha’s appearance also looks simple. He only wore a jacket with the Black Lambs logo on the sleeves and fur on the collar, black trousers, and regular shoes. Of course with his unique weapon, Gun Blade.

In this game, each character can also change their job. Like the Junior Agent, Official Agent, Special Agent and Task Force. Each of these jobs has different strengths, the higher the job that can be achieved, the greater the strength that will be obtained.

Bounty Hunter - Beware of the Ambush !

Bounty Hunter – Beware of the Ambush !

Bounty Hunter is a melee hero with agility primary attribute. He is very good at hunting, chasing and killing single enemy unit. He have a capability of being a good ganker and roamer. His specialization is tracking enemy hero and give extra gold to teammates with his ultimate skill.

His first skill is Shuriken Toss. Bounty Hunter will throw his giant shuriken to kill an enemy. Enemy who hitted by this shuriken will take magical damage. This skill causing a mini stun effect, so it can cancel the channeling skill and teleportation. This skill can be upgraded by Aghanim Scepter. The shuriken will bounce twice to each target when upgraded by Aghanim Scepter.

For ganking, Bounty Hunter will use Shadow Walk. When entering this mode, Bounty Hunter will going invisible. He can roam around and find enemy unit who farm at jungle or ganking mid lane.

His third skill is Jinada. With this skill, for every 6 second, Bounty Hunter will hit a critical strike. Not only critical, enemy unit will also take slow effect.

His ultimate is Track. With this skill, Bounty Hunter can track an enemy unit. So whenever he go, Bounty Hunter can see them, even when they using invisible skill ! When kill the enemy under Track effect, Bounty Hunter and team will take extra gold from the enemy.

Review: APEX Legends !

Review: APEX Legends !

Surprising, of course, the right sentence to describe the lunge of Respawn in presenting APEX Legends. Being anticipated as the newest Titanfall series, it turns out that APEX Legends is an unusual battle royale game. The best thing? This cool game comes in free to play, unique, interesting, and addictive, three things that we clearly feel when trying APEX Legends. Making PUBG elements with Titanfall without Titan (giant mecha), APEX Legends feels like a breath of fresh air in a genre of battle royals.

Will not be faced with playing solo or squad with 4-5 players, APEX Legends gives a battle of 3 royale squad battles filled by 20 Squads in each match. APEX Legends really prioritizes team cohesiveness in the field, there are 6 characters that you can play, all of which have different abilities to complement each other. From leaning to defensive abilities, attacker types, to tracker types, all of them feel interesting to play & try one by one.

Because using this class system, of course APEX Legends does not present a variety of customization features in the style of most battle royale games. But instead, there are cosmetic features in the form of skins that you can use to display characters and beautify the appearance of weapons. As a free game to play, of course APEX Legends embeds microtransaction in it, you can get various cosmetic skins through the Gacha system, every time you level up or pour real money.

Formulated with Source Engine just like Titanfall 2, the visual quality display presented by APEX Legends certainly looks very charming. Starting from lighting, texture, reflection, shadow, so that the environment really looks very neat, we are even sure that APEX Legends is one of the best graphic royale games at the moment.

Night Stalker: Fear Me ! Because Im The Prince Of The Night !

Night Stalker: Fear Me ! Because Im The Prince Of The Night !

Night Stalker is a melee STR hero and he is a devastating ganker, specially at night. Unlike the others hero, Night Stalker only strong when dark come. In day time, his ability will be useless, but when night come, he will be a monster and ready to kill every enemy. In night time, his ability will have extra effect, that’s why Night Stalker is a killer Machine when night come.

His first skill Void will damaging one enemy unit. In the night time, this skill will inflict slow effect to enemy. This skill also inflict mini stun, so you can cancelling any channeling spell and TP. But in day time, the damage will be half from night time.

He aslo can horrifies enemy hero with Crippling Fear. This skill will silence any targeted unit. In night time, the silent duration is 8 second but in day time the duration reduced to 3 second.

His fearsome come from his third skill, Hunter in the Night. When night come, Night Stalker will gain 35% movement speed bonus and 90 point of attack speed.

Night Stalker can instantly change the time, from day to night with his ultimate skill, Darkness. Night Stalker will summon instant darkness to hunt his prey. When using this skill, Night Stalker will gain extra vision and reducing any vision from enemy including wards.

Lola Zieta Will Be Present In Horror Game Called: Jurit Malam

Lola Zieta Will Be Present In Horror Game Called: Jurit Malam

The shocking news came from one of the Models and Cosplayers from Indonesia, the article through his Instagram posting posted he posted a post which indicated that he would be present in a game with the Horror diplomatic genre of Android. The game which has the title Jurit Malam was produced by one of the local studios, GambirStudio.

In this post, Lola Zieta provides a certainty that the game will be available soon after Andorid. In addition, the GambirStudio Instagram account gives a little glimpse of what the latest game will involve Lola Zieta.

The post with the caption “Be careful of walking alone at night” is a video in which a woman walks in the dark, with a school building seen. When viewed from the video snippet, this game will have a horror genre with a touch of survival and puzzle. Interestingly, from the post, Lola Zieta appeared to be wearing a high school uniform with a red jacket.

Let’s just wait for what Jurit Malam game with Lola Zieta as one of the characters that you can play in a game that is a local studio, GambirStudio.

Monster Hunter Wholesale Reach 11 Million Units Worldwide

Monster Hunter Wholesale Reach 11 Million Units Worldwide

A year has passed, Capcom seems to have really succeeded in presenting the game Monster Hunter: World which is loved by many fans. This is evidenced by the total sales of the game which reached 11 million units worldwide.

This was reported directly by Capcom (via Niche Gamer), where they also explained that the sale had increased rapidly since its release on PC in August last year. And this number seems to still continue to grow, considering the newest Expansion Pack entitled Iceborne will be available at the end of 2019.

This year seems to be a pretty good year for Capcom, because besides Monster Hunter: World, Resident Evil 2 Remake, which was also released less than two weeks ago, also managed to get very positive feedback from its fans.

This is coupled with Devil May Cry 5 which is also one of the many awaited games this year. And Capcom seems ready to work harder to present the best and delight the loyal fans.

For your information, Monster Hunter World is the latest version of Monster Hunter Series. This game can be played in PS4 and PC. This game bring many experience for gamer, such as crafting equipment, slaying big boss, collecting material and hunt down boss with party.

Don't Panic, This Is How To Beat Enemy 1 on 1 in PUBG Mobile

Don’t Panic, This Is How To Beat Enemy 1 on 1 in PUBG Mobile

How if you fight 1 on 1 in PUBG Mobile, what will you do in this situation ? If you don’t know what should you do, you can read this article till the end. But you need to remember, when you meet this kind of situation, don’t panic ! If you panic, you end !

If you familiar with FPS game, you can change to FPS mode. With this mode, you can aim the enemy more accurate. But you need to learn about this mode first because it’s not easy in the beginning. But when you mastered it, you will easily knockdown the enemy.

The second thing you should do is hide. Don’t shoot till the situation is good for killing them in one shot. You can use couch mode so enemy will hard to see you. When enemy come near you, switch your weapon to burst mode and then shot them in one shoot.

After that, you should stand in the white area. If can, just stand in the outside zone. In this zone, you can see more clearly.

When you play PUBG Mobile, always bring SMG for your secondary weapon. SMG is the best weapon for close combat fight, the firespeed is devastating and the recoil is high so you can burst down enemy easily if you fight in close range combat.

Final Fantasy VII Suddenly Appears on the Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy VII Suddenly Appears on the Nintendo Switch

Of the dozens of the main Final Fantasy series that have aired on the surface, Final Fantasy VII is probably one of the most considered special by fans. Through settings and an atmosphere that is not as transparent as usual, the stories presented are actually able to make a lot of people drunk, aka stunned by the powerful narration that has been very beautifully executed.

The grandeur of the game that had dominated the PS1 console in 1997 seemed to have created a magical power that was able to make many fans ring up until now. The form of appeals to remake Final Fantasy VII has finally become a challenge that is inevitable in the presence of Square Enix officials.

Based on the certainty of a trailer accompanied by promises that a remake version of Final Fantasy VII will definitely exist even though they don’t know when, Square Enix is ​​currently apparently trying to improvise in refreshing the hearts of fans who can’t wait. Through the help of the Nintendo Switch console, they have just offered a form of transfer that concerns the continuity of the Final Fantasy VII series in the millennial era now.

Yes, it has been ascertained that Final Fantasy VII will also be visiting the Switch world soon, but not in the remake version you have been hoping for. In the trailer ad titled “My Way”, Final Fantasy VII is uniquely created in conjunction with the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game, which has been released since 2017. Unfortunately, Nintendo itself does not provide certainty about when you can enjoy the JRPG genre game on the Switch console.

Fans Create Exquisite Petitions to Bring Shaggy to Mortal Kombat 11

Fans Create Exquisite Petitions to Bring Shaggy to Mortal Kombat 11

You who often surf the internet and social media may realize that Shaggy, the character of the Scooby-Doo cartoon series, has recently become the King of memes.

But one thing that is surprising and quite strange is the emergence of a petition to bring Shaggy characters into the Mortal Kombat 11 game. And even more surprising is that many people agree and fill in the petition.

When other games present characters who are truly experts in wrestling as DLC or crossover, it might seem crazy when Shaggy who tends to be useless is told to join in fighting in Mortal Kombat. Given that the Mortal Kombat game itself is the most explicit game in showing off its violent scenes, it seems less suitable for characters like Shaggy.

It might sound rather impossible to bring Shaggy into the Mortal Kombat 11 game. But considering that the Mortal Kombat series and the Scooby-Doo series are owned by Warner Bros., it seems that this can become a reality.

Mortal Kombat 11 is planned to be released on April 23, 2019 for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms. You who want to join in filling out the petition can visit their official website.

Still Want Play Pokemon Go ? Dont Root Your Phone !

Still Want Play Pokemon Go ? Dont Root Your Phone !

Niantic already anounced that some device will not allowed to play Pokemon Go. Smartphone which been rooted will not able to play Pokemon Go anymore. Niantic do this thing to prevent hacker and cheater action. As we know, there is so many cheater in Pokemon Go game who using ilegal program to beat another player.

There is no game developer who like cheater, nor player. For some people, using cheat is fun, but for real gamer, cheat just a dumb way to achieve goals. Android is a open source device, so many player rooting the phone to have some “special” features who can be used to cheating on game.

So many option to root your device, with using custom rom, we can do many thing, such as modification the game system with ilegal program. This is so frustating to the real gamer. When you fight with a cheater, you will never win right ?

So for preventing this action, Niantic made this statement. Sounds good for real gamers right ? But for cheater, this kind of rule is really frustating. So if you still want play Pokemon Go, don’t ever dare to try rooting your phone or you will be banned by the system.

Characters In Mortal Kombat 11 Will Appears In Mortal Kombat X

Characters In Mortal Kombat 11 Will Appears In Mortal Kombat X

For Netherrealm and Warner Bros, it is incomplete if the excitement of the emergence of the Mortal Kombat 11 game can only be felt by gamers and console users. Smart phone gamers have also received a hype that is really very unexpected by them.

Reporting from the official Mortal Kombat game account post on Facebook, they just gave a surprise to mobile gamers to be able to enjoy sadism that is shown by almost all of their favorite characters in the newest game version.

Interestingly, they did not announce at all the existence of the Mortal Kombat 11 game dedicated specifically to the mobile platform. Instead they put the Mortal Kombat 11 characters into an update to the Mortal Kombat mobile game they have had for a long time, namely Mortal Kombat X Mobile.

So far, it has been confirmed that there are 3 characters who are ready to enliven the latest Mortal Kombat X Mobile update. One that has been confirmed is the Scorpion character in the Mortal Kombat 11. fashion version. Moreover, Mortal Kombat X Mobile itself is also rumored to be changing the name of their game soon to be “Mortal Kombat” only (for mobile platforms).

This form of name change was intentionally carried out to confirm the expansion of the range of their game content while representing the only Mortal Kombat game available on the mobile platform. Where you can download the mobile version directly in free to play on the Playstore and iOS platforms.

Updates That Are Present at AOV Update January 2019

Updates That Are Present at AOV Update January 2019

Arena of Valor will soon get an update on Patch January in the near future. In the Garena AOV Indonesia Official post, Garena himself gave a lot of grids in the form of Sneak Peek which we can see like the pictures below.

The things below are just an overview of changes and updates in the outline, while for the clarity and details of the January update we will probably give details after we have managed to collect the data, so you must be patient. What updates will be available at the January Update? This is it!

Maybe most of the Challangers already know, that there will be a display rework for a number of heroes in AOV after the January patch, one of them is Lord Yorn as shown above.

In this case, it seems clear that Tencent and Garena are always doing Graphic overhaul every time there is a big update on the AOV, after August which provides a major overhaul, it looks like this January will also be the initial stage of the development of the display quality of Arena of Valor in 2019

In the Kings of Glory Game in China, we also know that the predecessor game from AOV was both under the auspices of Tencent, experiencing a major overhaul in terms of graphics. It’s no secret that AOV always applies updates taken from the KOG game. We see the latest KOG Gameplay footage from Kepo gaming below.

Florentino, Veres, and Chapeny appear in the poster above, this has become a leak that the above 3 heroes will be released soon, of the 3 heroes above, not all the heroes will be released this year, there are still heroes like D, arcy, Errol, Hayate etc.

And the most uproar rumors circulated that Aquaman will be released as the newest DC Universe hero. Besides that, Kirito from SAO will also come after the grid that was released by Garena AOV Taiwan appeared some time ago.

A new look at the UI or User Interface is also available in this update, which adds to the impression of HD on AOV in this update.

In addition, we also have a feature where you can see Winrate from a team mate while ranking Match, the appearance of Avatar and hero photos depending on the skin used will also be there. So you can show off the skin you have while the draft pick hero.

Tanker, Carry, Support In 1 Hero ? Why Not ?

Tanker, Carry, Support In 1 Hero ? Why Not ?

Abbadon or Lord of Avernus is melee hero with STR primary attribute. This hero can be play as a carry, support, tanker and offlaner. Abaddon also known as the most versatile hero in Dota 2. His skill can be use with low mana dependence and have a short cooldown. With this thing, item build for Abaddon can be variatif, u also can combining a supprot item with damage item like Radience for mid game and tarasque for late game.

His first ability is Mist Coil. With this skill, Abaddon will sacrificing his HP to heal teammates hero, if using this skill to enemy, they will take magic damage from it. This skill have a short cooldown, but you need to remember, everytime you using this skill, your HP will be consumed.

His second ability is Aphotic Shield. When using this skill, Abaddon will give the target unit a shield. This shield will remove any debuffing effect like stun, disable, slow and many more. This shield also absorb 200 damage income.

His third ability is Curse of Avernus. With his sword, Abaddon will gain extra movement speed and attack speed everytime he using attack ( including tower ). This skill is a buff, so if teammates hero stand near him and hit the same target, they will recieve same amount of movement speed and attack speed.

His ultimate skill is Borrowed Time. In a period of time, Abaddon can’t be killed ( exclude Culling Blade ). Any damage taken will heal Abaddon HP.

Denies Censorship, Director Dead or Alive 6 Give Clarification

Denies Censorship, Director Dead or Alive 6 Give Clarification

Present with a different concept by minimizing the “fanservice”, there are many rumors which include sensual fighting game Dead or Alive 6. Especially after interviewing the game Director and Producer, Yohei Shimbori with GNN. The GNN translation error shocked all of his fans, so Shimbori had to clarify the interview.

Previously it was reported that Dead or Alive 6 would reduce the effect of torn clothes in order to attract a female audience complete with differences in content on each platform. This was denied by Shimbori when it was confirmed again by Twinfinite. Shimbori said that there were translational errors and citations to previous interviews, he continued that the game content would remain the same on all platforms.

When asked whether costumes and animations including “shock” animations will remain the same on all platforms, Shimbori replies that all platforms will have the same but different special animation content for costume issues. This is because there is costume exclusivity on each platform.

Shimbori stressed that there was nothing they did to attract a female audience, because he believed that most female players he knew would use sensual characters rather than ordinary ones. He also clarified that Sony’s censorship was not true.

At the end of the interview, Shimbori acknowledged that her team had reduced the features of the torn clothes in the game. They did so that the game could be sold on various platforms. But he stressed that the possibility of this being changed was also very large.

When it was confirmed that the possibility of the feature could be set to be more “prominent” after the game was released, Shimbori guaranteed it.

Alchemist - God of Greed In Dota 2

Alchemist – God of Greed In Dota 2

Alchemist is the most powerfull melee farmre hero with STR primary attribute. His capability in farming is absolutely good. Alchemist is not a tanker hero, he is a fighter carry hero who need to farm well from the beginning.

His first skill is Acid Spray. Alchemist will launch an acid smoke which will damaging any enemy around the area. This smoke will causing phsycal damage and reducing target armor. This skill is damage per second type which causing damage every 1 second.

His second skill is Unstable Concoction. With this skill, Alchemist will throw a potion that causing stun if hitted. This skill is like double edge sword which mean it can causing damage to himself. If Alchemist not throwing the concotion till the times up, Alchemist will be stunned and taking damage.

His third skill is Greevil’s Greed. Every time Alchemist killing enemy unit, the gold income will become bigger and bigger. So this skill so good for killing stacked jungle monster. Usually Alchemist can buy a radience in min 10 or 11.

His ultimate is Chemical Rage. Alchemist will enter rage mode which is giving a maximum HP, HP regeneration, movement speed and attack speed. In this form, you become unbeattable. But you need to know, ice blast from Ancient Apparation will causing your regeneration stopped.

ESL Collaborates with the Largest Food and Beverage Company in Indonesia for the Indonesian ESL Championship Tournament

ESL Collaborates with the Largest Food and Beverage Company in Indonesia for the Indonesian ESL Championship Tournament

Slowly but surely it seems esports began to be accepted and developed in Indonesia. Evidenced by the presence of ESL as one of the organizers of major tournaments in this part of the world began to glance at Indonesia and held competitions especially for two games that are quite popular, namely Dota 2 and Arena of Valor.

As the largest esports company in the world, the inaugural tournament that was held by ESL was titled ESL Indonesia Championship which just entered the first season online with a total prize of $ 100,000 USD.

ESL Collaborates with the Largest Food and Beverage Company in Indonesia for the Indonesian ESL Championship TournamentThe first season of this competition will last for three months and will compete with the 8 best teams that have qualified for both Dota 2 and Arena of Valor. All matches that take place will take place online, meanwhile if you have entered the grand final round the match will be held offline which will lead to regional tournaments on a larger scale.

Reporting from the pro. Learning from ESL also cooperates with various local companies to participate in developing this esports community and ecosystem in Indonesia. Some of them like, Indofood as Presenting Partner and then there are several other companies that are part of the Premium Partners, such as PopMie, Chitato, and Indomilk which are brands of Indofood itself. And finally there are those who become part of Official Partners, such as ACER Predator,, Ottopay and CBN Fiber. With their support, again proving that esports will be one of the new industries that began to be much glanced at by audiences who may have previously not been open to the presence of esports in Indonesia.

This ESL Indonesia Championship match will be broadcast live through the ESL Gaming Indonesia studio located in Jakarta. Meanwhile you can also watch both Dota 2 and AoV matches through the official Indonesian ESL channel on YouTube. The inaugural match will begin today January 16 for Dota 2 and on January 19 for the official AoV website. The full schedule for you can visit ESL.

Persona Q2 Release Date Already Anounced

Persona Q2 Release Date Already Anounced

How if Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 5 character merged in one game for 3DS console ? Can you imagine that ? Its not a hoax anymore, because you can meet all of the Persona 3 to 5 character in Persona Q2. Back in time, after success with Persona Q sequel, Atlus now back with new sequel: New Cinema Labyrinth.

4 years after being released, Atlus will come back again to enliven Nintendo 3DS console with new games, start with classic dungeon Etrian Odyssey till new sequel of Persona Q.

Still confuse or dont know about Persona Q story ? Ok, make it short, Persona Q series its a RPG game with dungeon crawler and turn based system. You will walk inside the labyrinth or dungeon, when walking and exploring the labyrinth, you will face some monster. The Battle System using turn based system, so you will need to arrange your turn to win battle against monster.

One thing that make this game so catchy is the chibi character, yeah we know that Nintendo 3DS focused on cute character so at this point, decision of making this game with cute character is a good decision.

This game will be release in 29 November 2018. Till now, there is no information about english version for this game. But, some say the English version will be availabe on next year.

Cyber Hunter Battle Royale has been officially released in the Google Play Store!

Cyber Hunter Battle Royale has been officially released in the Google Play Store!

Finally on January 11, 2019 the developer of the bamboo curtain country, NetEase, gave good news that their latest battle royale game, Cyber ​​Hunter, had officially entered the soft-launch period.

Previously the game that had gameplay similar to the game made by Epic Games, Fortnite, had succeeded in attracting attention in the open-beta period in October 2018. For those of you who want to play this one game you can download it through the Google Play Store Indonesia.

It seems that you need to thank NetEase because they seem to pay for your disappointment that you can’t play Fortnite by releasing Cyber ​​Hunter. This is because this one game is very friendly for your smartphone potato.

Like other battle royale games, you will be brought into an area measuring 6 × 6 where you have to compete with 99 other players to survive. Like Fortnite, Cyber ​​Hunter will offer a battle royale game that will combine elements, survival, shooting, exploration, and buliding, which are wrapped in a cyber world. Interestingly, you don’t need to worry about tall buildings anymore, because the characters in this game are equipped with a unique ability to climb walls.

In addition, this game also has several unique vehicles, such as ships and airplanes. For its own weapons Cyber ​​Hunter will have weapons such as regular SMG, AR, SR, Handcannons, heavy weapons, grandes, and some weapons that have special attacks.

Of course, with the release of the Cyber ​​Hunter game, it will enliven the competition of existing battle royale games. Let’s see if NetEase with Cyber ​​Hunter can shift the dominance of other battle royale games like PUBG Mobile or Garena Free Fire.

Razer Stealth Blade, Newest Laptop from Razer

Razer Stealth Blade, Newest Laptop from Razer

Bring more fresh Razer Blade products, many people want Razer to re-design their laptop models. The request was immediately agreed upon by Razer with a Razer laptop, the newest Stealth Blade which is smaller and lighter.

Designed with a 13 inch screen, this laptop will have three variants, from the cheapest with intel HD graphics, to the most expensive with a 4K touchscreen display that is capable of delivering 100% SRGB color spectrum. A feature that is not only needed by gamers, but also professionals like designers. Following are the full specifications:

CPU: Intel i7-8565U 4 core 4.6GHz
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620 (cheapest) / NVIDIA GeForce MX150 4GB GDDR5 (medium-expensive)
HDD / SSD: 256GB SSD (cheapest) / 512GB SSD (medium-expensive)

Then, what about the price? This lightweight gaming laptop is priced starting at US $ 1,399 (around 20 million) for the cheapest and US $ 1,599 (around 23 million rupiah) for gaming. Meanwhile, the 4K will be priced at US $ 1,899 or around 27 million rupiah (exchange rate December 5, 2018 by SBOBET ).

Interested in buying this gaming laptop? Guaranteed your gaming experience will be even more exciting! For the price itself, we can say that the prize is still acceptable. Remember this laptop is Razer gaming laptop with high end specification, so if you have money, you no need to worry about this laptop performance

DoA Xtreme Venus Vacation End the New Year Event with "Traditional Costumes"

DoA Xtreme Venus Vacation End the New Year Event with “Traditional Costumes”

After holding the Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation new year event with some items and furisode costumes (long sleeve kimono, red) to sensual for Nagisa, Koei Tecmo apparently still wants to close it pretty sweetly. What’s more if it’s not with fanservice.

Like the original nature of the game, which is full of temptations of faith, Koei Tecmo and DMM Games close the new year’s event with the costume of Miko or a Shinto temple girl, which has been designed in such a way as to maintain its sensual elements. As you can see above and below, they cut off some parts of the costume so that the girl wearing it exposes some parts of her body.

Like other free-to-play games, you can get these costumes by doing gacha. The Miko costume is only available for Momiji, Luna and Honoka until January 11, 2019.

In addition to costumes, they will also present a daily bonus with VIP coin that allows you to change your SSR swimsuit without having to get duplicate items from Gacha.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation is currently available exclusively only for PC and in Japanese only. You can visit the official site to download and play it for free. But keep in mind, you will need a Japanese VPN to be able to play it. You can read more information about the game through the articles that we have raised before.

Miles Morales Will Be Playable ?

Miles Morales Will Be Playable ?

The Spider-Geddon event in comics is nearing climax! But behind all the dangers that hit our favorite spider heroes, there are several interesting interactions between different Spider-Man. One of them was the interaction between Insomniac Spider-Man from the PS4 game and Miles Morales. What effect do they have on both the Morales PS4 interaction?

In the Spider-Geddon comic, it is told that Otto Octavius ​​of Earth-616 who now has the power of spiders and named himself Superior Spider-Man, recruited Spider-Man from Earth-1048 in his struggle against the Inheritor Family. This version of Spider-Man comes from the Insomniac Games PS4 Spider-Man game universe. Thanks to this Peter Parker from the PS4 Spider-Man game interacted with the world in comics and met various versions of Spider-Man from around the universe.

When recruiting this PS4 Spider-Man, Peter also briefly mentioned the PS4 Morales Miles. Similar to the Morales Miles that we know, Morales PS4 Miles also has the power of spiders. Otto even intends to invite him to participate in the war against the Inheritor Family. Unfortunately, Peter considered Miles Morales PS4 not ready for such a big thing and told him to stay on Earth-1048 to replace him if anything happened.

Luckily we know that at least Peter Parker PS4 will not die in the Spider-Geddon event considering the PS4 Spider-Man game is still popular. So at least Peter Parker will almost certainly return to Earth-1048 after they succeeded in defeating the Inheritor Family.

One of the togel online highlights of Peter Parker PS4’s participation in Spider-Geddon is the conversation between Peter and Miles Morales from the comic. Peter seemed to admire Miles Morales who, although still young, was able to lead Spider-Man forces from various parts of the world and not give up under any circumstances. According to Peter, this is very important for the leader.

Anime Ao no Exorcist Immediately Get Adapted Games For IOS and Android!

Anime Ao no Exorcist Immediately Get Adapted Games For IOS and Android!

It seems that anime’s success really made game developers to create anime adaptation games on various platforms such as console and mobile. This time it’s the turn of fans of the Ao no Exorcist anime to be pampered with games on IOS and Android, with the official title of Blue Exorcist: Damned Chrod. This game is planned to be released in 2019 and is a work from Aniplex with the RPG strategy genre.

Ao no Exorcist itself is a manga and anime by Kazue Kato which was first released in 2011. Ao no Exorcist himself tells the story of a young man named Okumura Rin, who has a twin sodara named Yukio, and is the son of a king Satan born of a woman normal In order to control his ability, Okumura Rin himself is required to join a school called True Cross Academy to protect the world from satan threats while at the same time understanding who he is. So far this game has not provided too much detail for the newest game, but judging from the trailer it is likely that this game will have a turn-based RPG Card genre, where you only press the card icon for each character to trigger attacks and various skills.

This game itself is not a playful project because it immediately obtained a direct license from Aniplex and A-1 Pictures in its animation, while for the music itself it was immediately dubbed by famous singer Hiroyuki Sawano and Sayuri. Let’s just wait for the Blue Exorcist game: Damned Chords can be as successful as games – adaptations of other anime from mobile like Fate Grand Order and SAO Memory DeFrag.

Finally Vale Mobile Legend's Release Date Comes Out!

Finally Vale Mobile Legend’s Release Date Comes Out!

Vale is one of the mage mobile legend types released in mid-2018. This one is awaited – the Hero Mage is waiting because of its ability to do significant burst damage, Crowd Control that can be used to change the course of the game, and the potential that can be used to increase the movement speed as a whole. Depending on the ability of the player, this hero can be one of the most frightening heroes in the release.

Unfortunately this hero does not have a clear release date. Until finally, one of the Mobile Legend Instagram leaks accounts, ML_Leaks, leaked that this hero will be released on January 29th. YES! For those of you mage users who have been waiting for this hero, finally he gets the release date.

At the same time, Vale will be given several reworks of its skills as Balance. This Hero Vale will be valued at 32,000 BP, and seems to be included in one of the META season 11 competing with other mage heroes starting from Lunox, Harith and Kadita. Well, how about you? Are you interested in buying this one hero? For your information, Vale is Valir brother. Both of them is student of master Gord.

SEGA Will Launch Their Latest RTS Mobile Game "Revolve8" Beginning in 2019

SEGA Will Launch Their Latest RTS Mobile Game “Revolve8” Beginning in 2019

SEGA recently announced that their latest mobile game, Revolve8, will be released in early 2019. You can check the trailer below. This game quite fun because there is so many features and mini game which can be playe.

Reporting from Niche Gamer, the game with the RTS theme will be released worldwide on February 6, 2019 and first for Japan on January 22, 2019. Then the pre-launch limited access first opened on January 19 in Australia, New Zealand and several other countries.

Revolve 8 presents a game where you will send your troops and heroes to destroy your opponent’s defenses. You might be familiar with the concept that was popularized by the Clash Royale game.

But what distinguishes it from similar games is the graphic visual which is certainly cool and the character design that is thick with Anime style from Japan. And besides PvP mode, there are also Main Quest and Hero Quest for you who want to enjoy PvE content.

For those of you who are interested in playing it, you can immediately do pre-registration for Android on this page and iOS on this page. By doing pre-regis, you have the chance to get 1000 Gold and several characters like Aladdin, Sinbad, Cinderella and many more.

Dead Cells Review - Addictive Difficulties

Dead Cells Review – Addictive Difficulties

like the experiments of the Frankenstein monster. The game tries to combine 3 game genres at the same time starting from metroidvania which forces players to explore big maps full of mysteries to find the right room, Roguelite which keeps changing layout levels every time it is played, and souls-like which in fact is difficult and encourages players to memorize every aspect of the game.

Combining various genres like this is prone to make the game unfocused and identity crisis, especially for small indie studios that try to release their first game on all existing modern gaming platforms. But with the mature execution of Motion Twin, the three genres combine to become a difficult yet addictive unit to be played hundreds of times

At first glance, Dead Cells looks like other indie games with Roguelite elements that are now cliched for indie studios. Roguelite which actually has a random level has gotten a bad perception in recent years. The random level created by the procedural generation feature makes the level designer not too dizzy because it doesn’t have to spend a lot of time on level design and this trick becomes a cheap trick to make playtime from the game longer than it should.

Even though this sounds like a bad thing, the beauty of this genre comes from how good the execution is from the developer. When the roguelite genre is combined with gameplay designs that are full of variables and capable content to make curious players, the roguelite genre can make the game very rewarding and addictive to play. Dead Cells is the latest example of good execution.

The premise of Dead Cell is very simple, you play as a green blob that can take control of a dead body. You are trying to free yourself from an underground prison, but of course there are many obstacles that will hinder your efforts. Enemy soldiers who all want to kill you, levels that change every time you die, and big deadly bosses are the biggest obstacles you will face.

Lokapala, MOBA Game from Indonesia

Lokapala, MOBA Game from Indonesia

Whose said Indonesia is the worst game industry and still losing from abroad? In the game world, we know that Indonesia is starting to rise and show its fangs, one of which is the Anantarupa game studio.

Recently, it was reported that the game studio will explore the genre of games that are currently being played, namely MOBA, and the game will be titled Lokapala: Saga of The Six Realms.

It is interesting if discussing the MOBA game indeed, you know for yourself that Indonesia is still the “market” for this type of game, while the developers are dominated by games made in Korea, China, America and Japan.

Even so, Diana as COO of Anantarupa studio said that Indonesia is currently showing itself that not only can it become a market, but also makers of MOBA games that can be famous throughout the world, with Lokapala: Saga of The Six Realms.

It is also said that the Hero characters in the game will later be inspired by puppet stories, as well as history in Indonesia.

If you discuss puppets, there must be some that appear in your memory, right? Like Gatotkaca, Bima, Hanoman, Arjuna, and so on.

Well, later the names of popular figures will get a form development which will certainly be more interesting in the Lokapala game: Saga of The Six Realms.

Best Deadly Weapon In PUBG

Best Deadly Weapon In PUBG

Not only can you make your character die quickly without having the chance to turn around, but also can make you scream in surprise to swear because it’s so talkative. That can happen if you have been hit by a shot from the PUBG Mobile super weapon!

The effect of this PUBG Mobile super weapon also makes you emotional and can make your mood uncomfortable all day until you get a Chicken Dinner as a pain medication.

The first PUBG Mobile super weapon is Kar98K, or the full name is Karabiner 98 Kurz. You can find this Sniper Rifle easily without having to wait for the supply drop to come.

If you can find this weapon at the start of booting, you better save it first until you get a long range scope and various other components such as Supplements and Stock.

This weapon has many fans among the PUBG Mobile Sniper, as KAR98K has a fairly high accuracy and damage and can make the opponent immediately take down in a single shot in the head.

The next PUBG Mobile super weapon is definitely AWM or Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum. AWM is a Sniper Rifle that is designed to shoot from even the most extreme distances.

This weapon is a Sniper Rifle that can produce enormous damage from all weapons in PUBG Mobile. There are only two weapons that can directly kill your opponent without taking down in one shot in the head, namely Crossbow and AWM.

It’s just that AWM is much stronger, and can penetrate the opponent’s head using Spetsnaz Helmet. Not to mention AWM has its own special bullet and you can only find it from the results of the loot supply drop.

The super PUBG Mobile weapon that can rival the AWM is Mk14. This is PUBG Mobile’s strongest DMR type weapon that you can only get from the supply drop.

This Mk14 weapon is arguably the big version of the SKS weapon that produces more damage and certainly produces a terrifying gunshot!

Moreover, you can convert MK14 to automatic fire mode, making you become a Rambo if the situation urges you to shoot at close range.

Best Graphic Game For PC

Best Graphic Game For PC

1. Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth – Hackers Memory

In the best series of the most distorted, this game about fighting monsters and collecting them is one game that can make you reminisce again about the charm of the Anime version that first aired in the 90s. With the name Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth – Hackers Memory, the game formulated by Bandai Namco can be classified as a Digimon RPG game that is quite solid and can be missed by loyal fans.

First of all, the Cyber ​​Sleuth – Hackers Memory series has presented many additional new Digimon with a form of visualization that is quite cool and maybe you have never known before. This game also has a focus on the plot to be built, along with the RPG system that is re-oriented towards your action in cultivating the Digimon that you have.

2. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise

Is an adventure game “guts” that was adapted from the popular anime / manga series in the 80s ago. An anime that is widely known to netizens because the words “Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” have received a version of the latest game adaptation in the hands of the publisher Sega. And the result, Sega apparently wanted to bring a “Yakuza” spirit in contaminating this Anime into a game called Fist of The North Star: Lost Paradise.

Believe me, seeing Sega’s reputation that is quite sweet with Yakuza, Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise is still a game that is able to present a range of Yakuza-style gameplay that is very spread from Kenshiro as the protagonist. The amount of content presentation that is not only about leaking the head / body of the enemy with your hands, makes this charged game Anime worthy of being calculated in 2018.

3. My Hero’s One Justice

Seeing the Animen series rising in recent moments, Izuku Midoriya certainly doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to be able to show off the Quirk action in front of all of you as gamers. Through the Bandai Namco intermediary, for the first time you can watch Boku No Hero Academia actually adapted directly into more modern video games.

Titled My Hero ‘s One Justice, the game’s initial debut on the AAA game platform turned out to be not as bad as expected. The fighting genre game is apparently quite exciting and fun to play. Especially through the perspective of 3D gameplay that can give you plenty of space to see the various actions of cool Quirk moves that are exhibited by each character plus the additional appearance customization features as flavoring.

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LEGO: Lord of the Ring Can Be Play For Free

LEGO: Lord of the Ring Can Be Play For Free

Of the many LEGO series games, Lord of the Rings is certainly one of the film adaptation games that is not only hilarious, but full of stories that are exactly the same as the film trilogy. You who have played open-world games, of course, remember how it feels to jump from one story to another using Palantir’s power. Luckily, you who have never played it can now try it without being charged a penny.

Welcoming winter, Humble Bundle free LEGO Lord of the Rings permanently for a limited time. All you need to do is visit the following link, click “get the game”, then click “open your e-mail” when faced with two choices with the option “continue shopping” in the second option, then you can claim the code directly on Steam. Keep in mind, this event is only valid for two days starting today, so it would be nice if you claim it right now.

LEGO Lord of the Rings presents the world of open world with stories adapted directly from its film trilogy. You will be able to explore the Middle-Earth world and interact with several NPCs in it.

Not long ago, the LEGO The Hobbit game was also made free by Humble Bundle. The presence of Lord of the Rings seems to aim so that you can enjoy the game not halfway, considering that both of them are set in the same world.

Jump Force Confirmed Added Midoriya Izuku Characters

Jump Force Confirmed Added Midoriya Izuku Characters

After the announcement of Asta’s presence from Black Clover and one of the One Piece folders, it looks like Bandai Namco will return to add another jump character in their fighting game, Jump Force.

As we know, Jump Force is fighting style game which is came with anime characters. We can see a popular anime characters on this game like Goku from Dragonball, Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, Luffy from One Piece and many more.

Through jump magazine, it was confirmed that the main character of My Hero Academia, Midoriya Izuku will join the Jump Force. He will have the power of “Delaware Detroit Smash” with a fighting style that combines punches and kicks. He can also use special moves from one for all at what percentage level the power has been arranged like in the manga and anime. There is no clarity whether other characters from the manga and anime will join in the Jump Force.

Jump Force will be released on the 15th February 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Previously, Bandai Namco also confirmed the presence of Boa Hancock, Trunks, and Abarai Renji to participate in the game. You can read more about the game through the official site.

Asus Focusing On Gaming Mobile In Indonesia

Asus Focusing On Gaming Mobile In Indonesia

Seeing the potential of the Gaming Industry in Indonesia ASUS announces a smartphone devoted to gaming at a fairly affordable price and specifications that are not inferior to other high end HPs.

Is the ZenFone Max M2 and ZenFone Max Pro M2. The latest ASUS ZenFone Max series that can be priced at 2,299,000 for the ZenFone Max M2, and 2,799,000 for the ZenFone Max Pro M2. Not only that, there will be an ASUS ROG Phone that is specifically for Gaming itself.

In the roadshow of ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2 and ZenFone Max M2 on December 17, 2018 in Yogyakarta, Muhammad Firman as Head of Public Relation at ASUS Indonesia explained that “In the next few years the gaming industry in Indonesia will still grow rapidly.

ASUS itself has long been struggling in the gaming industry on PCs and laptops, but for ASUS mobile itself, it is looking for identity for its mobile smartphone version. That’s why ASUS makes the ZenFone Max M2, the ZenFone Max Pro M2 and the ASUS ROG Phone specifically for Gaming. ”

In addition, it was explained that ASUS is likely to make gaming supporting accessories from controllers, Mobile Desktop Dock, and TwinView Dock to the future series of mobile gaming phones.

Frandy Aprianto as Smartphone Product Marketing of ASUS Indonesia said that “For now gaming accessories are only available at ROG Phone because they are concerned with the best quality of their own products, but it is very possible that ASUS will develop quality accessories at cheap prices.”

Call Of Duty By Tencent Finally Released

Call Of Duty By Tencent Finally Released

After it was first announced a few months ago and made a scene, because this game is a joint project between Tencent and Activision. Finally, you can enjoy the game that has the official title of Call of Duty Legends of War. Even though this game is still unreleased and still in the Alpha Test stage you can still play this one game by downloading it via the ApkPure website.

In this Alpha Test period you will be presented with two modes that you can play including Multiplayer Mode and Zombies Mode. In multiplayer mode you will play in teams and will face other players, in this mode there are five types of games that you can try in frontline, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, and Free for All.

Interesting in Zombie Mode the game Call of Duty Legends of itself will have a story mode that is quite exciting to follow. For the appearance of this game itself will have stunning graphics and will use a virtual joystick to play it.

Seen from the virtual joystick, it seems that for those of you who often play PUBG Mobile games will not have difficulty playing this game, considering that the Mobile version of Call of Duty was also developed by the studio behind the successful battle royale, TiMi Studio.

The main difference between this game and others is the system auto attack which might make some players feel uncomfortable. But considering this game itself is still in the Alpha Test stage, it is likely that Tencent will eliminate the auto attack feature.

Of course this one game is worth your try, considering it’s still in the alpha test stage. Besides this game itself can be an increasingly clear sign that the migration of games previously released on the console and PC will be coming soon on the Mobile poker platform.

Valve Will Ban Developer Who Using Loli In 18+Rate Games

Valve Will Ban Developer Who Using Loli In 18+Rate Games

As one of the biggest markets for selling digital games today, Steam does try to facilitate the wishes of many fans with varied game preferences. One of course is adult games with various packaging. Although selling adult games, Steam certainly has a variety of supporting rules so that the incoming games remain in accordance with the standards desired by Steam. And the new rules imposed by Valve are prohibiting these adult games from using the character Loli aka characters who look like children.

This was raised by the Kotaku media, where it was said that Valve was hunting down developers who “exploited children” in the game. Some developers also found an email from Steam that their games cannot be marketed on Steam, one of which is Top Hat Studio, which considers that the characters in the game they make are over 18 years old.

After reviewing, the majority of games that received letter kites similar to Top Hat Studios are games that use school life backgrounds and are centered on characters who have an art style anime where the characters in them are displayed younger than their age. which should. These developers also protested to Steam and assumed that they did not use underage characters, even one of the developers of Yume Creations explained that the characters they took were indeed school children, but they were teenagers and not children like Steam had forbidden before.

However, this prohibition itself creates its own polemic on Steam. Because when they forbid games with these themes can be entered into Steam, similar games or at least have aspects similar to the points of the children that have been released are still marketed such as Extra Nekopara, Sakura Sakura, A Piece Of Wish Upon The Stars, etc. This in itself is considered unfair by new developers where the games they have made cannot be marketed. Steam itself still does not provide clarity and more information about this problem. And some studios choose to budge and will release their adult games through other ways such as marketing them through the adult website of my Fak.

Perilisan MechWarrior 5 Will Be Delayed Till 2019

Perilisan MechWarrior 5 Will Be Delayed Till 2019

Controlling robots and destroying opponents with sophisticated weapons is indeed the main essence in mecha games. And those of you who have played games since the 90s may have at least tried one of the MechWarrior game series.

Last appeared in 2002 with MechWarrior 4, Piranha Games as the developer wanted to re-introduce the MechWarrior series to the generation of gamers of the present era with MechWarrior 5. However, even though it was planned to be released this December, it seems that fans must be patient and wait even longer .

Reporting from PC Gamers, Piranha Games has already announced the resignation of the release date of MechWarrior 5. However, through MechCon 2018 which was recently held in Vancouver, the developer again gave the release date of MechWarrior 5 which falls on September 10, 2019.

As you can see in the trailer above, graphic enhancement is certainly one thing that is striking since the last game was released in 2002. But the gameplay itself is of course also increasing the message with the presence of a variety of equipment and weapons that you are free to create deadly mecha.

And to provide a more epic playing experience, MechWarrior 5 is also planned to be compatible with HOTAS or Hands On Throttle-And-Stick equipment, so you can play this game like driving a real mecha.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: Ada Wong Look More Seductive !

Resident Evil 2 Remake: Ada Wong Look More Seductive !

Present as an ambitious remake project, Capcom tries to bring a variety of new & interesting things into Resident Evil 2 Remake. Even so, Capcom promised to make the remake project still give a nostalgic feel, of course it was very much awaited by the fans.

As we know, Resident Evil is the most popular game from Capcom. This game is survival game with horror genre. Back in time, this game break the top chart of popular game in Playstation 1. Resident Evil have many sequel which can be played through all gaming console.

After Claire & Leon are certain to have a line of costumes that can be chosen according to their wishes, now it is Ada Wong’s turn to be shown using new costumes. Through some screenshots that have been leaked in cyberspace, you can see Ada Wong who has a more feminine appearance in her red dress.

The leakage of this screenshot was responded well by the fans, many fans cheered because they could see the figure of Ada Wong who was more attractive and at the same time “tempting” compared to the initial appearance of using a coat & sunglasses.

Resident Evil 2 Remake itself is scheduled to be released on January 25, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & PC.

New Project From Square Enix With Tales Producer

New Project From Square Enix With Tales Producer

Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Tales series have their own huge fan base. But through the latest collaboration between Square Enix and also the producer of the Tales series, Hideo Baba will probably “unite” them. Yep, Square Enix and Hideo Baba have confirmed their collaboration which is currently still given the Prelude Rune Project code!

This news itself first appeared at the beginning of 2017. At that time, Square Enix confirmed that they established a new studio called Studio Istolia. Interestingly, Square Enix then appointed Hideo Baba as the head of the studio, and finally built a new team to develop this Prelude Rune Project.

Hideo Baba himself claimed that his choice to leave the Tales series and develop the Prelude Rune Project was to get new challenges, while building a new IP to be as famous as Tales. And a few days ahead of the 2018 Tokyo Game Show (TGS) which will be held starting tomorrow, September 20, Square Enix also released the first teaser of this game.

From the teaser shown, it appears that this game is still at a very early stage. But we can see how the graphic style of this game combines the graphic style of Tales with Dragon Quest. With TGS 2018 in sight, it looks like we can expect more details to be confirmed for this title.

This teaser appears to complement the concept image released earlier, which features a princess who nurtures dragons. Even though neither the princess nor the dragon appears on this teaser, it could be that these two elements will be the main focus in Prelude Rune’s Project later.

DreadOut2 Claimed To Be More Scary Than The First One

DreadOut2 Claimed To Be More Scary Than The First One

In a way, DreadOut is one of the pioneers of Indonesian PC games that went to Steam. This game is also a pioneer of the crowdfunding movement in Indonesia, after successfully penetrating the funding target through the IndieGogo website. Well, four years later after its release, Digital Happiness from Bandung has prepared its sequel, DreadOut 2!

This news was initially confirmed through the official DreadOut fanpage, and finally last night Digital Happiness began opening the Steam page for this sequel. Through this Steam page, we can see the trailer and also the first screenshot of DreadOut 2, which is still not getting an official release schedule.

From the description shown, DreadOut 2 will still maintain the hallmark of ghost hunting gameplay using a smartphone. But the difference is, this time you will explore a city either at day or night. The city is haunted by a mystical legend. So it’s your job to solve the puzzle that happened behind the legend.

Digital Happiness also revealed a little gameplay from DreadOut 2. Besides using a smartphone to hunt ghosts, later you will also fight against the ghosts. From the trailer we can see one of them, where you can fight ghosts (using a sword?) At close range.

In addition, Digital Happiness also stated that the story in this game will run non-linearly. Many NPCs will give you sidequests and the opportunity to explore the small town to break the mystery.

There is no release schedule from DreadOut 2. But for those of you who are curious about the world of DreadOut, you can visit them at PopCon Asia 2018 which is held today and tomorrow. There you can directly meet the developers, while knowing how the latest updates from the DreadOut movie are reported to have finished the shooting process.

Nomuro : Final Fantasy VII Remake Still Going

Nomuro : Final Fantasy VII Remake Still Going

After the tragic event that hit the latest DLC features planned for Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix is ​​still continuing the Final Fantasy VII Remake project! In fact, they will also be a big priority in the future!

Reporting from Famitsu, in an interview with Tetsuya Nomura with on Friday (11-16-2018), the director of Final Fantasy VII, who had handled the title from the start, confirmed that the Final Fantasy VII remake version would be the main focus in PR efforts ( Public Relations ) for the next Square Enix.

The action will be carried out of course after the Kingdom Hearts III game was released in January 2019. Nomura also provided clarification about the misinformation circulating from his comments at an event at the Artnia Cafe in Tokyo last November.

For more details, the misinformation circulating on the internet is a rumor that the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake has not yet begun or has not developed at all. Nomura denied the clarification, as he revealed at the E3 event, that the Final Fantasy VII Remake project was going well.

Final Fantasy VII itself is a Square Enix project that revives one of their best games in the PS1 era with a new game mechanism and a reorganization of the graphics of the game with their best quality at the moment.

Best Item For Carry Hero

Best Item For Carry Hero

Dalam bermain game Dota 2, ada tiga tipe hero yang bisa dipilih, hero bertipe agility, strenght, dan intelegent. Biasanya hero bertipe agility akan mengisi role carry, sedangkan strength akan mengisi role tanker dan initiator serta hero intelegent akan mengisi role support.

Dari ketiga role yang tersedia, role yang paling digemari adalah role carry. Bagi kalian yang ingin memainkan role ini, kalian harus tahu item apa saja yang wajib dibeli oleh hero carry.

Saat early game, kalian bisa memfokuskan diri untuk membeli item murah terlebih dahulu seperti wraith band, ring of aquila, power treads, dan phase boots.

Setelah membeli item tersebut dan memasuki mid game, kalian sudah bisa membeli item survive terlebih dahulu, misalnya saja Shadow Blade. Untuk menambah HP sekalian status agility kalian, maka item yang paling tepat adalah Sange and Yasha.

Memasuki late game, kalian bisa fokus untuk membeli Butterfly. Item ini akan memberikan evasion yang sangat berguna bagi kalian. Selain itu item ini juga akan memberikan boosting agility yang sangat besar.

Selain itu item seperti Manta Style juga bisa kalian pilih untuk memperkuat hero kalian. Manta Style memberikan kalian kemampuan untuk menciptakan dua clone yang akan membantu kalian untuk menyerang lawan.

Item seperti Satanic juga bisa kalian pilih. Satanic dapat memberikan kemampuan lifesteal kepada pengguna sekaligus memberikan boosting HP yang sangat besar.

Rage in Peace PC Game Released

Rage in Peace PC Game Released

Indeed, every time we play a game we always meet when we are game over, aka the game stops. Either because the main character is killed, time is up, or has completed one level. But the Rage in Peace PC game is quite different. You won’t find the word game over at all in this Rolling Glory Jam game from Bandung!

Yep, Rolling Glory Jam working with Toge Productions as a publisher has just released Rage in Peace on PC via Steam and also on the Nintendo Switch. Besides not knowing the word game over, this game is also ready to give a lot of surprises to players who will keep you curious and not stop playing it.

This game tells about Timmy Malinu, an ordinary employee who dreams of dying peacefully in his bed. Of course it’s everyone’s hope too right? Well, what happens is suddenly the death angel approaches Timmy, and gives a pretty terrible news: Timmy will die today with a split head.

Unfortunately, the death angel does not provide specific information about when, where and what will make Timmy get killed. Timmy only had one last chance to fulfill his noble dream to die peacefully.

However, there would be a lot of strange things that greeted Timmy as long as he was on his way back to his home, starting from bamboo that appeared from the floor to the sharks that emerged from the puddles. So your job is to help Timmy avoid these strange things so he can go home safely. Can you help Timmy?

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Mercenary Cat

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Mercenary Cat

Adorable as well as handful? Yes mercenary cat. There are no parties but need hunting friends? Mercenary cat can be your hunting friend.

There are 4 mercenaries available today, each mercenary cat has a different function. You can rent them by paying 10,000 zeny per day (24 hours), and 60,000 zeny for 7 days.



In Episode 5.0 server China, the location of the Mercenary is moved all at Prontera.
Before you can rent them, you must complete the quest for each Mercenary.
The Mercenary Cat level follows the level of the Base Character that is renting.


This Mercenary Cat is the mercenary cat that you might first meet. The location of the Mercenary Cat is in Prontera. Paul focuses on Offensive and the damage given is Physical Attack.


This one Mercenary Cat is most often used by players. Because the role of Mercenary cat this one is as a healer. Although the number of heals is not too large, it is very useful when hunting. The location of this one Mercenary cat is in Izlude.


This Mercenary Cat with a geisha model is really charming, she plays an offensive role like Paul. But he attacked the enemy using Magic. The location of the origin of this one Mercenary Cat is in Geffen.


This one Mercenary Cat is very unique. If you know the skill of the Crusader class “Devotion” you will immediately know the role of this one Mercenary Cat. The role of Mercenary Cat this one is as a Tanker, yes all the damage you receive will be received by Wasabi. The location of the origin of Cat Mercenary is in Geffen.

Pro Tips: Recover Mercenary Cat HP

Every time Mercenary Cat dies, you have to wait 2 minutes before the Mercenary Cat comes back to life. To prevent the Mercenary Cat from dying, you can recover Mercenary Cat’s HP just by using Pose or Motion sitting, so Mercenary Cat will do recovery.

Pro Tips: Rent more than one Mercenary Cat

You can buy Adventure Skill to rent more than one Mercenary Cat at a time. In Episode 5.0, there was a very significant change to the Mercenary Cat system. The limit for renting Mercenary Cat is supposed to be one without Adventure Skill, in Episode 5.0 it will be changed to as many as two Mercenary Cat. And if you buy an Adventure Skill, you can rent up to 4 Mercenary Cat at a time, which previously only limited to two Mercenary Cat.

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Questing !

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Questing !

Main Quest

The main quest and tell about lore in this game. Rewards from Main Quest vary. Most are EXP and Zeny.

Sub Quest

Side quests, but greatly affect the progress of your Adventure Handbook. Rewards from this quest are usually Emoji, Hairstyle, etc.

Daily Quest

This quest is a recurring quest, often found in cities. Some examples of Daily Quest are like Quest Board, Monster Wave, Rift / Crack Fixing, etc.

Bard Quest

This unique quest can be found in every city. The quest given by NPC bard is the level of difficulty above the Main Quest. For example like kill 300 certain monsters. Reward from bard Quest is Unlock Crafting Equipments in the city where Bard Quest is done. Also unlock like Fun Toys, Hairstyle, etc.

Headgear Quest

Headgear Quest is often found in cities. Reward from this quest is a recipe for Headgear which can later be drawn. Quests given by NPCs are often:

Kill Miniboss / MVP

Take photos of Miniboss / MVP killed
Give the rare material dropped by Miniboss / MVP.
Please check the following picture.

Photo Quest

This quest is fairly easy. The reward for this quest is to open a photo spot location (read the Adventure Handbook page for photo spots).

Battle Quest

Quest battle with NPC, the reward is Battle Token items which if used will get EXP and Job EXP.

Elite Quest

This quest is only found when Base Lv. 60, first came out in Payon City. The rewards vary.

Guild Quest

Quest that is only available at the Guild Hall. The reward is the Silver Badge which is used for guild purposes like Valhalla Ruin (Guild Raid).

Elite Bard Quest

Just like Bard Quest, but this quest has a level of difficulty above the usual Bard Quest.

Glast Heim Quest

This quest can only be found in Glast Heim. Rewards from this quest vary, if completed, you will get Costume Weapon at the end of the Glast Heim quest.