The Most Intense Boss Ever In Video Game History

The Most Intense Boss Ever In Video Game History

As we know, boss is important thing in game. Boss usually have a great power and have a lot of HP bar. In the video games history, there is a really good boss who can bring intense fighting scene. Want to know ?

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First is Hydra from God of War. This boss also give an inspiration to other game developer. When fighting Hydra, there is a quick time event. So when this QTE pop out, we need to execution very fast, if no, the quick time event will be gone. Now there is many game using QTE system in their game.

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Second one is All Colossus from Shadow of the Colossus. When playing this game, you should defeat any giant monster who have a great power. To beat the boss, we can’t attack carelessly. We need to find their weak point. When you hitting them in other point, you will inflict nothing to them. Not only that, the boss is so big, so you need to climb to their body and find the weak spot. So intense dude !

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The third one is Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. This game is an old game, but the intensity of Nemesis never be forgotten. Resident Evil 3 is the first game using new mechanism for the boss. Why ? Because the boss will chase you wherever you go till the end. It’s not like the other game where you can run and escape from the boss. In this game, Nemesis will always chasing you till you beat him.