Tutorial: How To Play Minotaur In Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, Minotaur popularity now going down. But after the patch, his popularity increasing significally. But there is so many players who is confused how to play the new type of Minotaur.

To play Minotaur is a little bit hard. But for players who is usually playing tank type, you just need a little time to adapt with Minotaur. This hero is support tank type hero. He not only tanky, but he can heal his teammates.

For playing this hero, you need to know the role first. As we said, he is support tanky hero. So you need to know this thing first, so you can choose which gameplay is the best for yourself.

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As a support, it’s not mean he is easy to kill, you are totally wrong ! But you need one condition to make him hard to kill, yup, rage mode !

Minotaur have a two layer of skills, for the first, the skills who can be use when Minotaur in normal mode. In this mode, Minotaur skill damage and heal is quite low.

The second is when Minotaur in rage mode. When in this mode, Minotaur will have larger AoE skill and higher heal points. His ultimate can be used when he is rage mode, when using the ultimate skill, Minotaur will make earthquake around himself, damaging all nearby unit and make them airboned 3 times.

You also need to buy a good equipment, so it can help you to survive the enemy attack. When hitted by enemy, your rage point also growing up, after being rage, ITS TIME TO KILL !

Gamebrott Prepare the E-Sport Team Named "GEMES"

Gamebrott Prepare the E-Sport Team Named “GEMES”

The number of non-gamers who began to plunge into the world of E-Sport on the basis of adjustments to the millennial generation proves that acceptance of the screen of gaming sports and gamers athletes is brighter in their future. It also motivates Gamebrott to release their own E-Sport Team, with line up players who have promising backgrounds and skills.

The selection of a serious and full consideration initially made the team a little uncertain about what games to play. One player is gifted and has daily life playing AOV, Mobile Legend, PUBG Mobile, and even one of them is an expert in Apex Legends Tinder, but assessing the future prospect of Hago’s choice is the most important.

The choice of the name “GEMES” or Gamebrott Esport itself is based on the philosophy of each player who is tenacious, hard-working, and adorable. In the beginning, we actually planned to name it “NAG Gemes” or Naga Gamebrott Esport, but because it was too weird and difficult to remember and not suitable to be a brand, finally we chose GEMES.

Because of the limitations of the existing Roster, we ourselves plan to do mass recruitment to capture the talents of young E-Sport players (skip if aging) who have bright prospects and future. The first requirement is certainly must be at least 5 years old (below that can not be invited to chat) and a maximum of 27, the second requirement is certainly required to have a busy life outside this team.

The future target of “GEMES” itself will soon be fighting and winning local tournaments first and looking for sponsors who can provide support in any form. Go International (HAGO World Championship) itself is the final target of GEMES in the future so that it can raise the name of the nation and the country.

3 Best Item For Support Hero In DOTA 2

3 Best Item For Support Hero In DOTA 2

When playing DOTA 2 game, you need to know there is so many role you can choose. One of them is support. This role is very important, why ? Because support can provide so many thing for carry, like sentry ward, observer ward, jungle stacking, backuping and roaming. When playing support, there is the best item you can buy, with this item, you can do more in team.

First item is Euls Scepter. This item have a active skill named cyclone. When using cycole to enemy, the target unit will be airboned and can’t move for a period of time. This item also giving Mana regeneration and Mana pool to your hero. Almost forgot, this item also giving boost to your movement speed.

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The second one is Mekanism. This item is an healing item. When buy this item, you can give HP regeneration aura to your teammates around you. If you actived the spell, you will heal yourself and your teammates for 250 HP. This item is really usefull and can be combine with Arcane boots.

Third one is Glimmer’s Cape. With this mantle, you can make yourself or your teammates become invicible for a period of time. When target under this item effect, they will gain 50% magic resistense. This item is so usefull against magic caster enemy.

Remember this words, behind every great carry, there is a great support !

Control From Quantum Break Developer Finally Has Their Official Release Date

Control From Quantum Break Developer Finally Has Their Official Release Date

Being one of the lineup of games that will be released on an exclusive basis at the Epic Games Store, Control made by Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games finally got an official release date.

Besides showing supernatural abilities and very cool actions. Through the latest trailer, the Quantum Break developer announced that the supernatural world action adventure game, Control will be released on August 27, 2019 later. The pre-order period for the game has been opened, and you who bought it will get crafting materials and a Tactical Response Gear costume for the main character, Jesse.

You who buy it on the PlayStation 4 will get an exclusive bonus that is far more than the Xbox One. One of them is character and weapon mod, Astral Dive suit, and two exclusive PS4 themes. The Digital Delux version will give you a costume, an additional side mission “Isolation”, and access to two “The Foundation” and “AWE” expansions. You can see the chart above.

Control will be released on August 27 for PCs (temporarily exclusive via Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Keep up with the developments so you don’t miss updates.

Beautiful DJin, Shantae is Ready to Come Back in the Newest Series

Beautiful DJin, Shantae is Ready to Come Back in the Newest Series

First appeared on the Gameboy platform in 2002, this game might be included as one of the most foreign franchises in your ears. Even though it is only a 2D platformer style in the style of Megaman or maybe Castlevania, the game by the name of Shantae has actually managed to bring a theme or concept that is quite unique to listen to.

If you are familiar with the popularity of supernatural creatures that come from magic lights or perhaps pearl shells, this is what makes Shantae’s game franchise seem special. The last game series which was released in 2016 under the name Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on many platforms such as PC, PS4, PS Vita Xbox One, Wii U, and Switch also still will not end the jin kawai’s adventure in counteracting unrighteousness.

Through information that was recently reported by WayForward as the developer, Shantae’s adventures are still going to continue in the fifth series. Directly with the title Shantae 5, they reportedly will soon release the new 2D platformer game in around 2019.

In addition to being released multiplatform on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, WayForward also surprises that this game will also be present in a platform platfform playing a new game scheduled to be ready for release in the autumn of 2019 later with the name Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade itself is a service to play new Apple video games where you will be able to play hundreds of free games on TV, Desktop, and all your smartphones based on iOS or Apple. Because of its premium, you are required to pay a subscription fee each month.

The Most Intense Boss Ever In Video Game History

The Most Intense Boss Ever In Video Game History

As we know, boss is important thing in game. Boss usually have a great power and have a lot of HP bar. In the video games history, there is a really good boss who can bring intense fighting scene. Want to know ?

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First is Hydra from God of War. This boss also give an inspiration to other game developer. When fighting Hydra, there is a quick time event. So when this QTE pop out, we need to execution very fast, if no, the quick time event will be gone. Now there is many game using QTE system in their game.

Hasil gambar untuk Colossus from Shadow of the Colossus

Second one is All Colossus from Shadow of the Colossus. When playing this game, you should defeat any giant monster who have a great power. To beat the boss, we can’t attack carelessly. We need to find their weak point. When you hitting them in other point, you will inflict nothing to them. Not only that, the boss is so big, so you need to climb to their body and find the weak spot. So intense dude !

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The third one is Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. This game is an old game, but the intensity of Nemesis never be forgotten. Resident Evil 3 is the first game using new mechanism for the boss. Why ? Because the boss will chase you wherever you go till the end. It’s not like the other game where you can run and escape from the boss. In this game, Nemesis will always chasing you till you beat him.

There's Will Be No New Squel For Assasin's Creed in 2019

There’s Will Be No New Squel For Assasin’s Creed in 2019

Two Years have been a good years for Assasin’s Creed fans. Why ? Because Ubisoft keep releasing new series of Assasin’s Creed game in 2017 and 2018. Ubisoft just recently released the new series of Assasin’s Creed, Odyssey in October 2018.

After releasing two series in two years a row, Ubisoft decide to hiatus for Assasin’s Creed series. In Gamescom 2018, Yves Guillemot as a CEO of Ubisoft already announce that they will not make a new series of Assasin’s Creed for 2019.

“We will not see Assasin’s Creed new game in the next year,” said Guillemot.

“We work with two sparated team, that’s why we will hiatus for next year. We already have two years for this game. So you will not see a new title of this game next year.”

Origins lead by Ubisoft Montreal, and Odyssey under control by Ubisoft Quebect. It’s mean, they need more than two years for making a new game of Assasin’s Creed.

It’s a little bit dissapointed for Assasin’s Creed fans, but this decision already final. Beside this bad news, Ubisoft also release new trailer of Odyssey. In the trailer, we can see two new main character, they are Alexios and Kassandra. In this game, they show so many new gameplay, like one by one battle system, naval battle and fight agains myth creature like Medusa.

Team Sonic Racing Announced Customization Characters

Team Sonic Racing Announced Customization Characters

Sinks are eaten by the stream but still survive is a sentence that can represent the condition of the current racing game. Now they are struggling to revive their faded glory. One of these fighters was Team Sonic Racing, which had been postponed. Try new things, SEGA exhibits the customizations you can do in it.

Customization that includes the color of the car presents several visual options that you can use. Starting from the overall color to the sticker installation. Not only visuals, you can also replace car parts that will change your racing abilities. You can also change the bell as you wish.

In addition to the trailer, they also promote an animated series of Team Sonic Racing Overdrive without any dialogue at all. The first episode that you can immediately watch above shows how the Sonic team against the team led by Rose. Show off what really happened when he was told in an animated perspective.

Sonic Racing team will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on 21 May 2019. You can bookmark this page to keep getting the latest and fresh news about it. C’mon, race with your friends and beat them all ! This game looks promising btw ^_^..

Best Marksman In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Best Marksman In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends is the most popular MOBA game in mobile platform. When playing this game, there is so many role you can use, like marksman, tanker, support, mage and assasin. One of the most painfull hero is marksman. So this is the most devastating marksman in Mobile Legend Bang Bang !

Number one is Claude. He is the new hero in Mobile Legends. A little bit different from other marksman hero, Claude have a very large AOE bursting damage and stand in the front line when killing the enemies unit. His capability to control the game is devastating. When using his ultimate, Claude will go through the line and burst hundred bullets to hit the enemy. When using it, Claude will gain extra movement speed and make enemy unit slow.

Hasil gambar untuk ML Marksman

Number two is Bruno. This underrated hero in fact have a good damage when hitting the enemy. His passive skill give him a good chance of critical strike and be stacked multiply times. Bruno is special critical type marksman who can beat mage and assasin type hero easily. With Inspire spell, Bruno will be a very good killer in game.

Number three is Hanabi. She is a very good marksman in Mobile Legends. Her passive shield can give her advantage to avoid any crowd control skill. Not only that, Hanabi also have a bouncing attack who can give destructive damage to enemy unit. She also have a crowd control skill and can be a good killer. With this hero, you can reach mythic in a single blink !

Monster Hunter World Collaborating With Final Fantasy, Behemot Is Coming !

Monster Hunter World Collaborating With Final Fantasy, Behemot Is Coming !

Maybe some of gamer still don’t know that Monster Hunter Colaborate with Final Fantasy XIV Online. In this Colaboration, there is so many unique content, like exclusive armor, item , monster and the most hardest boss ever in Monster Hunter, Behemoth !

This monster is an iconic monster in Final Fantasy Series. This boss is the most brutal boss in Final Fantasy. When you beat this boss, he will become your summon spirit ( in Final Fantasy ). Many gamers said this boss will be impossible to beat, and this rumour was right. Behemoth became the most harder bost in Monster Hunter, but when you beat him, you can craft special armor and weapon.

Behemoth is like a raid boss instead of a normal boss. So you need to communicate with your teammates to beat the boss. You can’t beat Behemoth alone. Not only that, your equipment also must a high level equipment, if no, you will die in one hit ! Becarefull with his meteor skill !

Behemoth also can use other magic. His power on crushing other is devastating, specially for his Ecliptic Meteor skill. If you want to see the trailer, you can watch on Youtube. Dare to fight Behemoth ? I bet you will run if meet Behemoth ! XD