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Yakuza Online Will Be Available For Mobile

Yakuza Online Will Be Available For Mobile

SEGA announced their plans to release the Yakuza game into the mobile version a while ago in the form of Yakuza Online. After the pre-registration campaign, it was finally released on all PC and cellular platforms in Japan and can be played for free. Unlike the Yakuza Game, most Franchise fans can only play through the PlayStation console, Yakuza Online features Kasuga Ichiban is the latest series of the Yakuza Franchise.

Like most Japanese mobile games, the question of when or is the release of this game in the International version always a subscription, we all know that Japan often releases its games only in Japanese or can only be played in Japan. So far, SEGA has localized the Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation which even has a collaboration event with Bayonetta.

There has been no indication of localization of Yakuza Online, but the latest interview on this matter seems to give us a glimmer of hope. Otaquest and Exile Sekai interviewed Toshihiro Nagoshi of SEGA about matters relating to the Yakuza and asked him about the international version of the Yakuza Online release. He said he wanted to see this game first released in the West but unfortunately Toshiro could not make an appointment regarding this. This may be just a sweet promise, but if we look at the first indication of this, SEGA wants to try to release this game in the West first.

Given the recent surge in popularity of the Yakuza game that began with the PS4 Yakuza 0, SEGA may actually localize Yakuza Online because they have made and released this franchise to PC last year. For the Mobile version, this game has been released in the Japanese version, or you want to be patient until the release of the International version.

BOOM.ID Wins 2nd Place Dota 2 2019 Asia Pacific Predator League

After undergoing a fierce competition for three days and witnessed by more than 10,000 visitors who attended watching the match in person, the second year of the Asia Pacific Predator League finally ended. The final round of PUBG and DOTA 2 at Nimibutr Stadium, Bangkok, has resulted in the winners namely AfreecaFreecs Fatal from the Republic of South Korea for PUBG, and TNC Predator from the Philippines for DOTA2. The BOOM.ID team from Indonesia is ranked second best in this tournament for the DOTA2 game.

“Acer hopes to provide a stage for young talents, not only through hardware devices but also through ecosystems and industries, especially in the Asia Pacific region,” said Andrew Hou, as President of Pan Asia Pacific Regional Operations, Acer Inc. “We hope the athletes of the 2019 Predator League can continue their hard work and success as part of the esports community. Congratulations to the winners and to meet the Predator League in 2020 in the Philippines ”

The Philippines will then host the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020. This decision was announced in the closing ceremony of the 2019 Asia Pacific Predator League tournament held in Bangkok on Sunday

“BOOM.ID has shown its best ability, we are proud because their success in the second position can be an inspiration for other teams in Indonesia and through the Predator League, Acer commits to encourage more young people in Indonesia to compete and be the best in international tournaments . Defeat is the beginning of a journey for success, and Acer will always try to give the best to always support all the success stories of esports players in Indonesia, “said Herbet Ang, Herbet Ang, President Director of Acer Indonesia. This year, Aerowolf.

TeamEight for PUBG and BOOM.ID for DOTA2 leave for Bangkok and become representatives of Indonesia in the 2019 Asia Pacific Predator League. BOOM.ID won second place in the DOTA 2 game and won money in the amount of USD $ 30,000 United States Dollars, equivalent to Rp. 423 Million Rupiah.

Crackdown 3 Release Date Announced ?

Waiting to long for Crackdown 3 ? Calm, not only you who waiting the release date of this game. But there is a good news, Sumo Digital finally announced when this game will release.

The main character of this game is Terry Crews, who dont know Terry Crews ? Almost all people know him ! He is the cast of Old Spice advertising.  In Crackdown 3, Terry Crews  will be a main character.

Back in time, this game first time announced in 2013 at Electronic Entertainment Expo. Many people asking about when this game is officially released. It’s been five years since first time announced and the release date still uknown.

But Sumo Digital as a developer finally give a little information about this game. Till now, this game is still under development stage for maximizing the game features. The Sumo Digital expected this game will be release in February 2019.

When GamesIndustry interviewing Sumo Digital, they said that they must do a long research before release the game. They learn from mistake when release the Crackdown 2 back in time. Crackdown 2 was a big failure and they don’t want it happen again with Crackdown 3.

This game will be availabe for PC and XBOX One. Could it be a delayed again ? Hopefully no !

Newest Racing Game From Garena – Speed Drifter

Speed ​​Drifter is an newest game from Garena. Not only in Indonesia, but this game also exists in several Asian countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Japan and others. This game is available for Android and Ios.

Not just ordinary races because in this game, we can dress our characters, because there are cool outfit that we can use, from clothes, pants, shoes, hairstyles to accessories such as wings, sticks, crowns. In the game there are also features to walk in the city. We can chat with our friends and people who play from abroad.

The cars provided are also various kinds and different classes. Starting from class C to S class, it is certainly not easy to get a class A or S car, because you have to spend a lot of money to get the top class car. We can also modify the car that we have or we upgrade the car. Parts that can be upgraded include machines, tires, turbines, Nos. Upgrades must be done because to increase the speed of the car in the race.

In this game, there is also the Couple feature, so you can make love with other people in the game. Quite unique. Speed ​​Drifter is not paid, which means we can play for free.

PUBG Finally Released Zombie Mode, Collaborating With Resident Evil

You must be impatient after waiting so long for the clarity of the date of the release of zombies right? Tencent finally announced the date and time of PUBG Mobile’s new content, named Update 0.11.0.

Maintenance will start at 5:30 am to 1:30 pm IST (7:00 to 15:00 WIB) and you can only try it the next day.

As an additional note, the update can be completed sooner or later than the scheduled time. New and updated versions will come to Google Play and the App Store starting February 19. This information was previously announced through the official PUBG Mobile discord on Saturday.

What’s new? Let’s check this out:

1.  Zombie Mode: Survive Till Dawn, a new time-limited event mode when players fight zombies and bosses from Resident Evil 2.

2. Weather: Moonlight to Vikendi (Night Mode).
3. Adding Space Player: player information will be available such as connectivity and you can choose one friend 4. from Synergy who has equal points or above 400 points as a Partner to accompany you in that space.
5. Add a theme to play menu and music Resident evil 2.
6. Sanhok is now available in Arcade Mode.

Bug Fixed:

1. Shadows can now be disabled in settings.
2. Past and present results can be saved for only 1 month.
3. Fixed terrain bugs on budget devices.

Metro Exodus Totally Awesome !

Such a sense of optimism is certainly felt by gamers when they welcome this ambitious concoction game 4A Games – Metro Exodus. Coming up with a more complex & realistic overhaul of the gameplay, and wrapped in visual quality that is far more stunning than the previous series, of course Artyom’s latest adventure series was not built in just one night. There is incredible hard work from reliable talents of 4A Games, with a development period of 5 years, they finally officially launched the work.

Even though it had been colored by controversy because Deep Silver didn’t release this game to Steam and moved it to Epic Game Store, still this is a work that is still anticipated. And sure enough, 4A Games managed to present the best they could offer, which was to present a massive positive overhaul in the Metro’s third series.

Beautiful and tense, that’s our first impression when tasting Metro Exodus for about the first 6 hours of the game. The massive overhaul presented by 4A Games this time really feels commensurate, behind the appearance of the world that is getting more and more beautiful, the gameplay mechanism that is presented feels increasingly complex & challenging. Not faced with a super linear world, now Exodus Metro feels more open with its semi-open world system.

Surely the world offered is far more beautiful than its previous series, from snowy areas, swamps, to Mad Max’s barren lands, all of which are beautiful. Together with the increasingly developed 4A Engine, the visual quality presented really looks amazing and is able to build the atmosphere of the game that feels very immersive. Starting from the texture, lighting system, reflection, a variety of small details of the environment that is present can be presented with a very amazing.

Main Hero In Closer Online Game – Seha !

Seha is an 18 year old child. He is the son of Seo Jisuu, the hero of Dimensional War I, who was called the Alpha Queen. Naturally, Seha has incredible Phase Power. Seha has a hobby of playing games.

Because of the strength that Seha has, many people have great hopes for Seha to help in facing dimensional monsters. At first Seha was not at all interested in joining in fighting dimensional monsters, but because of her mother’s compulsion, Seha finally decided to join Black Lambs, one of Closers’ teams.

Seha uses a weapon called Gun Blade, with this sword Seha can cut enemies and fire from his Blade Gun. The uniqueness of Seha is a True Damage attack where attacks that do not care about enemy DEF, and this attack can be very deadly.

Seha’s appearance also looks simple. He only wore a jacket with the Black Lambs logo on the sleeves and fur on the collar, black trousers, and regular shoes. Of course with his unique weapon, Gun Blade.

In this game, each character can also change their job. Like the Junior Agent, Official Agent, Special Agent and Task Force. Each of these jobs has different strengths, the higher the job that can be achieved, the greater the strength that will be obtained.

Bounty Hunter – Beware of the Ambush !

Bounty Hunter is a melee hero with agility primary attribute. He is very good at hunting, chasing and killing single enemy unit. He have a capability of being a good ganker and roamer. His specialization is tracking enemy hero and give extra gold to teammates with his ultimate skill.

His first skill is Shuriken Toss. Bounty Hunter will throw his giant shuriken to kill an enemy. Enemy who hitted by this shuriken will take magical damage. This skill causing a mini stun effect, so it can cancel the channeling skill and teleportation. This skill can be upgraded by Aghanim Scepter. The shuriken will bounce twice to each target when upgraded by Aghanim Scepter.

For ganking, Bounty Hunter will use Shadow Walk. When entering this mode, Bounty Hunter will going invisible. He can roam around and find enemy unit who farm at jungle or ganking mid lane.

His third skill is Jinada. With this skill, for every 6 second, Bounty Hunter will hit a critical strike. Not only critical, enemy unit will also take slow effect.

His ultimate is Track. With this skill, Bounty Hunter can track an enemy unit. So whenever he go, Bounty Hunter can see them, even when they using invisible skill ! When kill the enemy under Track effect, Bounty Hunter and team will take extra gold from the enemy.

Review: APEX Legends !

Surprising, of course, the right sentence to describe the lunge of Respawn in presenting APEX Legends. Being anticipated as the newest Titanfall series, it turns out that APEX Legends is an unusual battle royale game. The best thing? This cool game comes in free to play, unique, interesting, and addictive, three things that we clearly feel when trying APEX Legends. Making PUBG elements with Titanfall without Titan (giant mecha), APEX Legends feels like a breath of fresh air in a genre of battle royals.

Will not be faced with playing solo or squad with 4-5 players, APEX Legends gives a battle of 3 royale squad battles filled by 20 Squads in each match. APEX Legends really prioritizes team cohesiveness in the field, there are 6 characters that you can play, all of which have different abilities to complement each other. From leaning to defensive abilities, attacker types, to tracker types, all of them feel interesting to play & try one by one.

Because using this class system, of course APEX Legends does not present a variety of customization features in the style of most battle royale games. But instead, there are cosmetic features in the form of skins that you can use to display characters and beautify the appearance of weapons. As a free game to play, of course APEX Legends embeds microtransaction in it, you can get various cosmetic skins through the Gacha system, every time you level up or pour real money.

Formulated with Source Engine just like Titanfall 2, the visual quality display presented by APEX Legends certainly looks very charming. Starting from lighting, texture, reflection, shadow, so that the environment really looks very neat, we are even sure that APEX Legends is one of the best graphic royale games at the moment.

Night Stalker: Fear Me ! Because Im The Prince Of The Night !

Night Stalker is a melee STR hero and he is a devastating ganker, specially at night. Unlike the others hero, Night Stalker only strong when dark come. In day time, his ability will be useless, but when night come, he will be a monster and ready to kill every enemy. In night time, his ability will have extra effect, that’s why Night Stalker is a killer Machine when night come.

His first skill Void will damaging one enemy unit. In the night time, this skill will inflict slow effect to enemy. This skill also inflict mini stun, so you can cancelling any channeling spell and TP. But in day time, the damage will be half from night time.

He aslo can horrifies enemy hero with Crippling Fear. This skill will silence any targeted unit. In night time, the silent duration is 8 second but in day time the duration reduced to 3 second.

His fearsome come from his third skill, Hunter in the Night. When night come, Night Stalker will gain 35% movement speed bonus and 90 point of attack speed.

Night Stalker can instantly change the time, from day to night with his ultimate skill, Darkness. Night Stalker will summon instant darkness to hunt his prey. When using this skill, Night Stalker will gain extra vision and reducing any vision from enemy including wards.

Lola Zieta Will Be Present In Horror Game Called: Jurit Malam

The shocking news came from one of the Models and Cosplayers from Indonesia, the article through his Instagram posting posted he posted a post which indicated that he would be present in a game with the Horror diplomatic genre of Android. The game which has the title Jurit Malam was produced by one of the local studios, GambirStudio.

In this post, Lola Zieta provides a certainty that the game will be available soon after Andorid. In addition, the GambirStudio Instagram account gives a little glimpse of what the latest game will involve Lola Zieta.

The post with the caption “Be careful of walking alone at night” is a video in which a woman walks in the dark, with a school building seen. When viewed from the video snippet, this game will have a horror genre with a touch of survival and puzzle. Interestingly, from the post, Lola Zieta appeared to be wearing a high school uniform with a red jacket.

Let’s just wait for what Jurit Malam game with Lola Zieta as one of the characters that you can play in a game that is a local studio, GambirStudio.

Monster Hunter Wholesale Reach 11 Million Units Worldwide

A year has passed, Capcom seems to have really succeeded in presenting the game Monster Hunter: World which is loved by many fans. This is evidenced by the total sales of the game which reached 11 million units worldwide.

This was reported directly by Capcom (via Niche Gamer), where they also explained that the sale had increased rapidly since its release on PC in August last year. And this number seems to still continue to grow, considering the newest Expansion Pack entitled Iceborne will be available at the end of 2019.

This year seems to be a pretty good year for Capcom, because besides Monster Hunter: World, Resident Evil 2 Remake, which was also released less than two weeks ago, also managed to get very positive feedback from its fans.

This is coupled with Devil May Cry 5 which is also one of the many awaited games this year. And Capcom seems ready to work harder to present the best and delight the loyal fans.

For your information, Monster Hunter World is the latest version of Monster Hunter Series. This game can be played in PS4 and PC. This game bring many experience for gamer, such as crafting equipment, slaying big boss, collecting material and hunt down boss with party.

Don’t Panic, This Is How To Beat Enemy 1 on 1 in PUBG Mobile

How if you fight 1 on 1 in PUBG Mobile, what will you do in this situation ? If you don’t know what should you do, you can read this article till the end. But you need to remember, when you meet this kind of situation, don’t panic ! If you panic, you end !

If you familiar with FPS game, you can change to FPS mode. With this mode, you can aim the enemy more accurate. But you need to learn about this mode first because it’s not easy in the beginning. But when you mastered it, you will easily knockdown the enemy.

The second thing you should do is hide. Don’t shoot till the situation is good for killing them in one shot. You can use couch mode so enemy will hard to see you. When enemy come near you, switch your weapon to burst mode and then shot them in one shoot.

After that, you should stand in the white area. If can, just stand in the outside zone. In this zone, you can see more clearly.

When you play PUBG Mobile, always bring SMG for your secondary weapon. SMG is the best weapon for close combat fight, the firespeed is devastating and the recoil is high so you can burst down enemy easily if you fight in close range combat.

Final Fantasy VII Suddenly Appears on the Nintendo Switch

Of the dozens of the main Final Fantasy series that have aired on the surface, Final Fantasy VII is probably one of the most considered special by fans. Through settings and an atmosphere that is not as transparent as usual, the stories presented are actually able to make a lot of people drunk, aka stunned by the powerful narration that has been very beautifully executed.

The grandeur of the game that had dominated the PS1 console in 1997 seemed to have created a magical power that was able to make many fans ring up until now. The form of appeals to remake Final Fantasy VII has finally become a challenge that is inevitable in the presence of Square Enix officials.

Based on the certainty of a trailer accompanied by promises that a remake version of Final Fantasy VII will definitely exist even though they don’t know when, Square Enix is ​​currently apparently trying to improvise in refreshing the hearts of fans who can’t wait. Through the help of the Nintendo Switch console, they have just offered a form of transfer that concerns the continuity of the Final Fantasy VII series in the millennial era now.

Yes, it has been ascertained that Final Fantasy VII will also be visiting the Switch world soon, but not in the remake version you have been hoping for. In the trailer ad titled “My Way”, Final Fantasy VII is uniquely created in conjunction with the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game, which has been released since 2017. Unfortunately, Nintendo itself does not provide certainty about when you can enjoy the JRPG genre game on the Switch console.