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Fans Create Exquisite Petitions to Bring Shaggy to Mortal Kombat 11

Fans Create Exquisite Petitions to Bring Shaggy to Mortal Kombat 11

You who often surf the internet and social media may realize that Shaggy, the character of the Scooby-Doo cartoon series, has recently become the King of memes.

But one thing that is surprising and quite strange is the emergence of a petition to bring Shaggy characters into the Mortal Kombat 11 game. And even more surprising is that many people agree and fill in the petition.

When other games present characters who are truly experts in wrestling as DLC or crossover, it might seem crazy when Shaggy who tends to be useless is told to join in fighting in Mortal Kombat. Given that the Mortal Kombat game itself is the most explicit game in showing off its violent scenes, it seems less suitable for characters like Shaggy.

It might sound rather impossible to bring Shaggy into the Mortal Kombat 11 game. But considering that the Mortal Kombat series and the Scooby-Doo series are owned by Warner Bros., it seems that this can become a reality.

Mortal Kombat 11 is planned to be released on April 23, 2019 for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms. You who want to join in filling out the petition can visit their official website.

Still Want Play Pokemon Go ? Dont Root Your Phone !

Niantic already anounced that some device will not allowed to play Pokemon Go. Smartphone which been rooted will not able to play Pokemon Go anymore. Niantic do this thing to prevent hacker and cheater action. As we know, there is so many cheater in Pokemon Go game who using ilegal program to beat another player.

There is no game developer who like cheater, nor player. For some people, using cheat is fun, but for real gamer, cheat just a dumb way to achieve goals. Android is a open source device, so many player rooting the phone to have some “special” features who can be used to cheating on game.

So many option to root your device, with using custom rom, we can do many thing, such as modification the game system with ilegal program. This is so frustating to the real gamer. When you fight with a cheater, you will never win right ?

So for preventing this action, Niantic made this statement. Sounds good for real gamers right ? But for cheater, this kind of rule is really frustating. So if you still want play Pokemon Go, don’t ever dare to try rooting your phone or you will be banned by the system.

Characters In Mortal Kombat 11 Will Appears In Mortal Kombat X

For Netherrealm and Warner Bros, it is incomplete if the excitement of the emergence of the Mortal Kombat 11 game can only be felt by gamers and console users. Smart phone gamers have also received a hype that is really very unexpected by them.

Reporting from the official Mortal Kombat game account post on Facebook, they just gave a surprise to mobile gamers to be able to enjoy sadism that is shown by almost all of their favorite characters in the newest game version.

Interestingly, they did not announce at all the existence of the Mortal Kombat 11 game dedicated specifically to the mobile platform. Instead they put the Mortal Kombat 11 characters into an update to the Mortal Kombat mobile game they have had for a long time, namely Mortal Kombat X Mobile.

So far, it has been confirmed that there are 3 characters who are ready to enliven the latest Mortal Kombat X Mobile update. One that has been confirmed is the Scorpion character in the Mortal Kombat 11. fashion version. Moreover, Mortal Kombat X Mobile itself is also rumored to be changing the name of their game soon to be “Mortal Kombat” only (for mobile platforms).

This form of name change was intentionally carried out to confirm the expansion of the range of their game content while representing the only Mortal Kombat game available on the mobile platform. Where you can download the mobile version directly in free to play on the Playstore and iOS platforms.

Updates That Are Present at AOV Update January 2019

Arena of Valor will soon get an update on Patch January in the near future. In the Garena AOV Indonesia Official post, Garena himself gave a lot of grids in the form of Sneak Peek which we can see like the pictures below.

The things below are just an overview of changes and updates in the outline, while for the clarity and details of the January update we will probably give details after we have managed to collect the data, so you must be patient. What updates will be available at the January Update? This is it!

Maybe most of the Challangers already know, that there will be a display rework for a number of heroes in AOV after the January patch, one of them is Lord Yorn as shown above.

In this case, it seems clear that Tencent and Garena are always doing Graphic overhaul every time there is a big update on the AOV, after August which provides a major overhaul, it looks like this January will also be the initial stage of the development of the display quality of Arena of Valor in 2019

In the Kings of Glory Game in China, we also know that the predecessor game from AOV was both under the auspices of Tencent, experiencing a major overhaul in terms of graphics. It’s no secret that AOV always applies updates taken from the KOG game. We see the latest KOG Gameplay footage from Kepo gaming below.

Florentino, Veres, and Chapeny appear in the poster above, this has become a leak that the above 3 heroes will be released soon, of the 3 heroes above, not all the heroes will be released this year, there are still heroes like D, arcy, Errol, Hayate etc.

And the most uproar rumors circulated that Aquaman will be released as the newest DC Universe hero. Besides that, Kirito from SAO will also come after the grid that was released by Garena AOV Taiwan appeared some time ago.

A new look at the UI or User Interface is also available in this update, which adds to the impression of HD on AOV in this update.

In addition, we also have a feature where you can see Winrate from a team mate while ranking Match, the appearance of Avatar and hero photos depending on the skin used will also be there. So you can show off the skin you have while the draft pick hero.

Tanker, Carry, Support In 1 Hero ? Why Not ?

Abbadon or Lord of Avernus is melee hero with STR primary attribute. This hero can be play as a carry, support, tanker and offlaner. Abaddon also known as the most versatile hero in Dota 2. His skill can be use with low mana dependence and have a short cooldown. With this thing, item build for Abaddon can be variatif, u also can combining a supprot item with damage item like Radience for mid game and tarasque for late game.

His first ability is Mist Coil. With this skill, Abaddon will sacrificing his HP to heal teammates hero, if using this skill to enemy, they will take magic damage from it. This skill have a short cooldown, but you need to remember, everytime you using this skill, your HP will be consumed.

His second ability is Aphotic Shield. When using this skill, Abaddon will give the target unit a shield. This shield will remove any debuffing effect like stun, disable, slow and many more. This shield also absorb 200 damage income.

His third ability is Curse of Avernus. With his sword, Abaddon will gain extra movement speed and attack speed everytime he using attack ( including tower ). This skill is a buff, so if teammates hero stand near him and hit the same target, they will recieve same amount of movement speed and attack speed.

His ultimate skill is Borrowed Time. In a period of time, Abaddon can’t be killed ( exclude Culling Blade ). Any damage taken will heal Abaddon HP.

Denies Censorship, Director Dead or Alive 6 Give Clarification

Present with a different concept by minimizing the “fanservice”, there are many rumors which include sensual fighting game Dead or Alive 6. Especially after interviewing the game Director and Producer, Yohei Shimbori with GNN. The GNN translation error shocked all of his fans, so Shimbori had to clarify the interview.

Previously it was reported that Dead or Alive 6 would reduce the effect of torn clothes in order to attract a female audience complete with differences in content on each platform. This was denied by Shimbori when it was confirmed again by Twinfinite. Shimbori said that there were translational errors and citations to previous interviews, he continued that the game content would remain the same on all platforms.

When asked whether costumes and animations including “shock” animations will remain the same on all platforms, Shimbori replies that all platforms will have the same but different special animation content for costume issues. This is because there is costume exclusivity on each platform.

Shimbori stressed that there was nothing they did to attract a female audience, because he believed that most female players he knew would use sensual characters rather than ordinary ones. He also clarified that Sony’s censorship was not true.

At the end of the interview, Shimbori acknowledged that her team had reduced the features of the torn clothes in the game. They did so that the game could be sold on various platforms. But he stressed that the possibility of this being changed was also very large.

When it was confirmed that the possibility of the feature could be set to be more “prominent” after the game was released, Shimbori guaranteed it.

Alchemist – God of Greed In Dota 2

Alchemist is the most powerfull melee farmre hero with STR primary attribute. His capability in farming is absolutely good. Alchemist is not a tanker hero, he is a fighter carry hero who need to farm well from the beginning.

His first skill is Acid Spray. Alchemist will launch an acid smoke which will damaging any enemy around the area. This smoke will causing phsycal damage and reducing target armor. This skill is damage per second type which causing damage every 1 second.

His second skill is Unstable Concoction. With this skill, Alchemist will throw a potion that causing stun if hitted. This skill is like double edge sword which mean it can causing damage to himself. If Alchemist not throwing the concotion till the times up, Alchemist will be stunned and taking damage.

His third skill is Greevil’s Greed. Every time Alchemist killing enemy unit, the gold income will become bigger and bigger. So this skill so good for killing stacked jungle monster. Usually Alchemist can buy a radience in min 10 or 11.

His ultimate is Chemical Rage. Alchemist will enter rage mode which is giving a maximum HP, HP regeneration, movement speed and attack speed. In this form, you become unbeattable. But you need to know, ice blast from Ancient Apparation will causing your regeneration stopped.

ESL Collaborates with the Largest Food and Beverage Company in Indonesia for the Indonesian ESL Championship Tournament

Slowly but surely it seems esports began to be accepted and developed in Indonesia. Evidenced by the presence of ESL as one of the organizers of major tournaments in this part of the world began to glance at Indonesia and held competitions especially for two games that are quite popular, namely Dota 2 and Arena of Valor.

As the largest esports company in the world, the inaugural tournament that was held by ESL was titled ESL Indonesia Championship which just entered the first season online with a total prize of $ 100,000 USD.

ESL Collaborates with the Largest Food and Beverage Company in Indonesia for the Indonesian ESL Championship TournamentThe first season of this competition will last for three months and will compete with the 8 best teams that have qualified for both Dota 2 and Arena of Valor. All matches that take place will take place online, meanwhile if you have entered the grand final round the match will be held offline which will lead to regional tournaments on a larger scale.

Reporting from the pro. Learning from ESL also cooperates with various local companies to participate in developing this esports community and ecosystem in Indonesia. Some of them like, Indofood as Presenting Partner and then there are several other companies that are part of the Premium Partners, such as PopMie, Chitato, and Indomilk which are brands of Indofood itself. And finally there are those who become part of Official Partners, such as ACER Predator,, Ottopay and CBN Fiber. With their support, again proving that esports will be one of the new industries that began to be much glanced at by audiences who may have previously not been open to the presence of esports in Indonesia.

This ESL Indonesia Championship match will be broadcast live through the ESL Gaming Indonesia studio located in Jakarta. Meanwhile you can also watch both Dota 2 and AoV matches through the official Indonesian ESL channel on YouTube. The inaugural match will begin today January 16 for Dota 2 and on January 19 for the official AoV website. The full schedule for you can visit ESL.

Persona Q2 Release Date Already Anounced

How if Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 5 character merged in one game for 3DS console ? Can you imagine that ? Its not a hoax anymore, because you can meet all of the Persona 3 to 5 character in Persona Q2. Back in time, after success with Persona Q sequel, Atlus now back with new sequel: New Cinema Labyrinth.

4 years after being released, Atlus will come back again to enliven Nintendo 3DS console with new games, start with classic dungeon Etrian Odyssey till new sequel of Persona Q.

Still confuse or dont know about Persona Q story ? Ok, make it short, Persona Q series its a RPG game with dungeon crawler and turn based system. You will walk inside the labyrinth or dungeon, when walking and exploring the labyrinth, you will face some monster. The Battle System using turn based system, so you will need to arrange your turn to win battle against monster.

One thing that make this game so catchy is the chibi character, yeah we know that Nintendo 3DS focused on cute character so at this point, decision of making this game with cute character is a good decision.

This game will be release in 29 November 2018. Till now, there is no information about english version for this game. But, some say the English version will be availabe on next year.

Cyber Hunter Battle Royale has been officially released in the Google Play Store!

Finally on January 11, 2019 the developer of the bamboo curtain country, NetEase, gave good news that their latest battle royale game, Cyber ​​Hunter, had officially entered the soft-launch period.

Previously the game that had gameplay similar to the game made by Epic Games, Fortnite, had succeeded in attracting attention in the open-beta period in October 2018. For those of you who want to play this one game you can download it through the Google Play Store Indonesia.

It seems that you need to thank NetEase because they seem to pay for your disappointment that you can’t play Fortnite by releasing Cyber ​​Hunter. This is because this one game is very friendly for your smartphone potato.

Like other battle royale games, you will be brought into an area measuring 6 × 6 where you have to compete with 99 other players to survive. Like Fortnite, Cyber ​​Hunter will offer a battle royale game that will combine elements, survival, shooting, exploration, and buliding, which are wrapped in a cyber world. Interestingly, you don’t need to worry about tall buildings anymore, because the characters in this game are equipped with a unique ability to climb walls.

In addition, this game also has several unique vehicles, such as ships and airplanes. For its own weapons Cyber ​​Hunter will have weapons such as regular SMG, AR, SR, Handcannons, heavy weapons, grandes, and some weapons that have special attacks.

Of course, with the release of the Cyber ​​Hunter game, it will enliven the competition of existing battle royale games. Let’s see if NetEase with Cyber ​​Hunter can shift the dominance of other battle royale games like PUBG Mobile or Garena Free Fire.

Razer Stealth Blade, Newest Laptop from Razer

Bring more fresh Razer Blade products, many people want Razer to re-design their laptop models. The request was immediately agreed upon by Razer with a Razer laptop, the newest Stealth Blade which is smaller and lighter.

Designed with a 13 inch screen, this laptop will have three variants, from the cheapest with intel HD graphics, to the most expensive with a 4K touchscreen display that is capable of delivering 100% SRGB color spectrum. A feature that is not only needed by gamers, but also professionals like designers. Following are the full specifications:

CPU: Intel i7-8565U 4 core 4.6GHz
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620 (cheapest) / NVIDIA GeForce MX150 4GB GDDR5 (medium-expensive)
HDD / SSD: 256GB SSD (cheapest) / 512GB SSD (medium-expensive)

Then, what about the price? This lightweight gaming laptop is priced starting at US $ 1,399 (around 20 million) for the cheapest and US $ 1,599 (around 23 million rupiah) for gaming. Meanwhile, the 4K will be priced at US $ 1,899 or around 27 million rupiah (exchange rate December 5, 2018 by SBOBET ).

Interested in buying this gaming laptop? Guaranteed your gaming experience will be even more exciting! For the price itself, we can say that the prize is still acceptable. Remember this laptop is Razer gaming laptop with high end specification, so if you have money, you no need to worry about this laptop performance

DoA Xtreme Venus Vacation End the New Year Event with “Traditional Costumes”

After holding the Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation new year event with some items and furisode costumes (long sleeve kimono, red) to sensual for Nagisa, Koei Tecmo apparently still wants to close it pretty sweetly. What’s more if it’s not with fanservice.

Like the original nature of the game, which is full of temptations of faith, Koei Tecmo and DMM Games close the new year’s event with the costume of Miko or a Shinto temple girl, which has been designed in such a way as to maintain its sensual elements. As you can see above and below, they cut off some parts of the costume so that the girl wearing it exposes some parts of her body.

Like other free-to-play games, you can get these costumes by doing gacha. The Miko costume is only available for Momiji, Luna and Honoka until January 11, 2019.

In addition to costumes, they will also present a daily bonus with VIP coin that allows you to change your SSR swimsuit without having to get duplicate items from Gacha.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation is currently available exclusively only for PC and in Japanese only. You can visit the official site to download and play it for free. But keep in mind, you will need a Japanese VPN to be able to play it. You can read more information about the game through the articles that we have raised before.

Miles Morales Will Be Playable ?

The Spider-Geddon event in comics is nearing climax! But behind all the dangers that hit our favorite spider heroes, there are several interesting interactions between different Spider-Man. One of them was the interaction between Insomniac Spider-Man from the PS4 game and Miles Morales. What effect do they have on both the Morales PS4 interaction?

In the Spider-Geddon comic, it is told that Otto Octavius ​​of Earth-616 who now has the power of spiders and named himself Superior Spider-Man, recruited Spider-Man from Earth-1048 in his struggle against the Inheritor Family. This version of Spider-Man comes from the Insomniac Games PS4 Spider-Man game universe. Thanks to this Peter Parker from the PS4 Spider-Man game interacted with the world in comics and met various versions of Spider-Man from around the universe.

When recruiting this PS4 Spider-Man, Peter also briefly mentioned the PS4 Morales Miles. Similar to the Morales Miles that we know, Morales PS4 Miles also has the power of spiders. Otto even intends to invite him to participate in the war against the Inheritor Family. Unfortunately, Peter considered Miles Morales PS4 not ready for such a big thing and told him to stay on Earth-1048 to replace him if anything happened.

Luckily we know that at least Peter Parker PS4 will not die in the Spider-Geddon event considering the PS4 Spider-Man game is still popular. So at least Peter Parker will almost certainly return to Earth-1048 after they succeeded in defeating the Inheritor Family.

One of the togel online highlights of Peter Parker PS4’s participation in Spider-Geddon is the conversation between Peter and Miles Morales from the comic. Peter seemed to admire Miles Morales who, although still young, was able to lead Spider-Man forces from various parts of the world and not give up under any circumstances. According to Peter, this is very important for the leader.

Anime Ao no Exorcist Immediately Get Adapted Games For IOS and Android!

It seems that anime’s success really made game developers to create anime adaptation games on various platforms such as console and mobile. This time it’s the turn of fans of the Ao no Exorcist anime to be pampered with games on IOS and Android, with the official title of Blue Exorcist: Damned Chrod. This game is planned to be released in 2019 and is a work from Aniplex with the RPG strategy genre.

Ao no Exorcist itself is a manga and anime by Kazue Kato which was first released in 2011. Ao no Exorcist himself tells the story of a young man named Okumura Rin, who has a twin sodara named Yukio, and is the son of a king Satan born of a woman normal In order to control his ability, Okumura Rin himself is required to join a school called True Cross Academy to protect the world from satan threats while at the same time understanding who he is. So far this game has not provided too much detail for the newest game, but judging from the trailer it is likely that this game will have a turn-based RPG Card genre, where you only press the card icon for each character to trigger attacks and various skills.

This game itself is not a playful project because it immediately obtained a direct license from Aniplex and A-1 Pictures in its animation, while for the music itself it was immediately dubbed by famous singer Hiroyuki Sawano and Sayuri. Let’s just wait for the Blue Exorcist game: Damned Chords can be as successful as games – adaptations of other anime from mobile like Fate Grand Order and SAO Memory DeFrag.

Finally Vale Mobile Legend’s Release Date Comes Out!

Vale is one of the mage mobile legend types released in mid-2018. This one is awaited – the Hero Mage is waiting because of its ability to do significant burst damage, Crowd Control that can be used to change the course of the game, and the potential that can be used to increase the movement speed as a whole. Depending on the ability of the player, this hero can be one of the most frightening heroes in the release.

Unfortunately this hero does not have a clear release date. Until finally, one of the Mobile Legend Instagram leaks accounts, ML_Leaks, leaked that this hero will be released on January 29th. YES! For those of you mage users who have been waiting for this hero, finally he gets the release date.

At the same time, Vale will be given several reworks of its skills as Balance. This Hero Vale will be valued at 32,000 BP, and seems to be included in one of the META season 11 competing with other mage heroes starting from Lunox, Harith and Kadita. Well, how about you? Are you interested in buying this one hero? For your information, Vale is Valir brother. Both of them is student of master Gord.