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New Project From Square Enix With Tales Producer

New Project From Square Enix With Tales Producer

Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Tales series have their own huge fan base. But through the latest collaboration between Square Enix and also the producer of the Tales series, Hideo Baba will probably “unite” them. Yep, Square Enix and Hideo Baba have confirmed their collaboration which is currently still given the Prelude Rune Project code!

This news itself first appeared at the beginning of 2017. At that time, Square Enix confirmed that they established a new studio called Studio Istolia. Interestingly, Square Enix then appointed Hideo Baba as the head of the studio, and finally built a new team to develop this Prelude Rune Project.

Hideo Baba himself claimed that his choice to leave the Tales series and develop the Prelude Rune Project was to get new challenges, while building a new IP to be as famous as Tales. And a few days ahead of the 2018 Tokyo Game Show (TGS) which will be held starting tomorrow, September 20, Square Enix also released the first teaser of this game.

From the teaser shown, it appears that this game is still at a very early stage. But we can see how the graphic style of this game combines the graphic style of Tales with Dragon Quest. With TGS 2018 in sight, it looks like we can expect more details to be confirmed for this title.

This teaser appears to complement the concept image released earlier, which features a princess who nurtures dragons. Even though neither the princess nor the dragon appears on this teaser, it could be that these two elements will be the main focus in Prelude Rune’s Project later.

DreadOut2 Claimed To Be More Scary Than The First One

In a way, DreadOut is one of the pioneers of Indonesian PC games that went to Steam. This game is also a pioneer of the crowdfunding movement in Indonesia, after successfully penetrating the funding target through the IndieGogo website. Well, four years later after its release, Digital Happiness from Bandung has prepared its sequel, DreadOut 2!

This news was initially confirmed through the official DreadOut fanpage, and finally last night Digital Happiness began opening the Steam page for this sequel. Through this Steam page, we can see the trailer and also the first screenshot of DreadOut 2, which is still not getting an official release schedule.

From the description shown, DreadOut 2 will still maintain the hallmark of ghost hunting gameplay using a smartphone. But the difference is, this time you will explore a city either at day or night. The city is haunted by a mystical legend. So it’s your job to solve the puzzle that happened behind the legend.

Digital Happiness also revealed a little gameplay from DreadOut 2. Besides using a smartphone to hunt ghosts, later you will also fight against the ghosts. From the trailer we can see one of them, where you can fight ghosts (using a sword?) At close range.

In addition, Digital Happiness also stated that the story in this game will run non-linearly. Many NPCs will give you sidequests and the opportunity to explore the small town to break the mystery.

There is no release schedule from DreadOut 2. But for those of you who are curious about the world of DreadOut, you can visit them at PopCon Asia 2018 which is held today and tomorrow. There you can directly meet the developers, while knowing how the latest updates from the DreadOut movie are reported to have finished the shooting process.

Nomuro : Final Fantasy VII Remake Still Going

After the tragic event that hit the latest DLC features planned for Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix is ​​still continuing the Final Fantasy VII Remake project! In fact, they will also be a big priority in the future!

Reporting from Famitsu, in an interview with Tetsuya Nomura with on Friday (11-16-2018), the director of Final Fantasy VII, who had handled the title from the start, confirmed that the Final Fantasy VII remake version would be the main focus in PR efforts ( Public Relations ) for the next Square Enix.

The action will be carried out of course after the Kingdom Hearts III game was released in January 2019. Nomura also provided clarification about the misinformation circulating from his comments at an event at the Artnia Cafe in Tokyo last November.

For more details, the misinformation circulating on the internet is a rumor that the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake has not yet begun or has not developed at all. Nomura denied the clarification, as he revealed at the E3 event, that the Final Fantasy VII Remake project was going well.

Final Fantasy VII itself is a Square Enix project that revives one of their best games in the PS1 era with a new game mechanism and a reorganization of the graphics of the game with their best quality at the moment.

Best Item For Carry Hero

Dalam bermain game Dota 2, ada tiga tipe hero yang bisa dipilih, hero bertipe agility, strenght, dan intelegent. Biasanya hero bertipe agility akan mengisi role carry, sedangkan strength akan mengisi role tanker dan initiator serta hero intelegent akan mengisi role support.

Dari ketiga role yang tersedia, role yang paling digemari adalah role carry. Bagi kalian yang ingin memainkan role ini, kalian harus tahu item apa saja yang wajib dibeli oleh hero carry.

Saat early game, kalian bisa memfokuskan diri untuk membeli item murah terlebih dahulu seperti wraith band, ring of aquila, power treads, dan phase boots.

Setelah membeli item tersebut dan memasuki mid game, kalian sudah bisa membeli item survive terlebih dahulu, misalnya saja Shadow Blade. Untuk menambah HP sekalian status agility kalian, maka item yang paling tepat adalah Sange and Yasha.

Memasuki late game, kalian bisa fokus untuk membeli Butterfly. Item ini akan memberikan evasion yang sangat berguna bagi kalian. Selain itu item ini juga akan memberikan boosting agility yang sangat besar.

Selain itu item seperti Manta Style juga bisa kalian pilih untuk memperkuat hero kalian. Manta Style memberikan kalian kemampuan untuk menciptakan dua clone yang akan membantu kalian untuk menyerang lawan.

Item seperti Satanic juga bisa kalian pilih. Satanic dapat memberikan kemampuan lifesteal kepada pengguna sekaligus memberikan boosting HP yang sangat besar.

Rage in Peace PC Game Released

Indeed, every time we play a game we always meet when we are game over, aka the game stops. Either because the main character is killed, time is up, or has completed one level. But the Rage in Peace PC game is quite different. You won’t find the word game over at all in this Rolling Glory Jam game from Bandung!

Yep, Rolling Glory Jam working with Toge Productions as a publisher has just released Rage in Peace on PC via Steam and also on the Nintendo Switch. Besides not knowing the word game over, this game is also ready to give a lot of surprises to players who will keep you curious and not stop playing it.

This game tells about Timmy Malinu, an ordinary employee who dreams of dying peacefully in his bed. Of course it’s everyone’s hope too right? Well, what happens is suddenly the death angel approaches Timmy, and gives a pretty terrible news: Timmy will die today with a split head.

Unfortunately, the death angel does not provide specific information about when, where and what will make Timmy get killed. Timmy only had one last chance to fulfill his noble dream to die peacefully.

However, there would be a lot of strange things that greeted Timmy as long as he was on his way back to his home, starting from bamboo that appeared from the floor to the sharks that emerged from the puddles. So your job is to help Timmy avoid these strange things so he can go home safely. Can you help Timmy?

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Mercenary Cat

Adorable as well as handful? Yes mercenary cat. There are no parties but need hunting friends? Mercenary cat can be your hunting friend.

There are 4 mercenaries available today, each mercenary cat has a different function. You can rent them by paying 10,000 zeny per day (24 hours), and 60,000 zeny for 7 days.



In Episode 5.0 server China, the location of the Mercenary is moved all at Prontera.
Before you can rent them, you must complete the quest for each Mercenary.
The Mercenary Cat level follows the level of the Base Character that is renting.


This Mercenary Cat is the mercenary cat that you might first meet. The location of the Mercenary Cat is in Prontera. Paul focuses on Offensive and the damage given is Physical Attack.


This one Mercenary Cat is most often used by players. Because the role of Mercenary cat this one is as a healer. Although the number of heals is not too large, it is very useful when hunting. The location of this one Mercenary cat is in Izlude.


This Mercenary Cat with a geisha model is really charming, she plays an offensive role like Paul. But he attacked the enemy using Magic. The location of the origin of this one Mercenary Cat is in Geffen.


This one Mercenary Cat is very unique. If you know the skill of the Crusader class “Devotion” you will immediately know the role of this one Mercenary Cat. The role of Mercenary Cat this one is as a Tanker, yes all the damage you receive will be received by Wasabi. The location of the origin of Cat Mercenary is in Geffen.

Pro Tips: Recover Mercenary Cat HP

Every time Mercenary Cat dies, you have to wait 2 minutes before the Mercenary Cat comes back to life. To prevent the Mercenary Cat from dying, you can recover Mercenary Cat’s HP just by using Pose or Motion sitting, so Mercenary Cat will do recovery.

Pro Tips: Rent more than one Mercenary Cat

You can buy Adventure Skill to rent more than one Mercenary Cat at a time. In Episode 5.0, there was a very significant change to the Mercenary Cat system. The limit for renting Mercenary Cat is supposed to be one without Adventure Skill, in Episode 5.0 it will be changed to as many as two Mercenary Cat. And if you buy an Adventure Skill, you can rent up to 4 Mercenary Cat at a time, which previously only limited to two Mercenary Cat.

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Questing !

Main Quest

The main quest and tell about lore in this game. Rewards from Main Quest vary. Most are EXP and Zeny.

Sub Quest

Side quests, but greatly affect the progress of your Adventure Handbook. Rewards from this quest are usually Emoji, Hairstyle, etc.

Daily Quest

This quest is a recurring quest, often found in cities. Some examples of Daily Quest are like Quest Board, Monster Wave, Rift / Crack Fixing, etc.

Bard Quest

This unique quest can be found in every city. The quest given by NPC bard is the level of difficulty above the Main Quest. For example like kill 300 certain monsters. Reward from bard Quest is Unlock Crafting Equipments in the city where Bard Quest is done. Also unlock like Fun Toys, Hairstyle, etc.

Headgear Quest

Headgear Quest is often found in cities. Reward from this quest is a recipe for Headgear which can later be drawn. Quests given by NPCs are often:

Kill Miniboss / MVP

Take photos of Miniboss / MVP killed
Give the rare material dropped by Miniboss / MVP.
Please check the following picture.

Photo Quest

This quest is fairly easy. The reward for this quest is to open a photo spot location (read the Adventure Handbook page for photo spots).

Battle Quest

Quest battle with NPC, the reward is Battle Token items which if used will get EXP and Job EXP.

Elite Quest

This quest is only found when Base Lv. 60, first came out in Payon City. The rewards vary.

Guild Quest

Quest that is only available at the Guild Hall. The reward is the Silver Badge which is used for guild purposes like Valhalla Ruin (Guild Raid).

Elite Bard Quest

Just like Bard Quest, but this quest has a level of difficulty above the usual Bard Quest.

Glast Heim Quest

This quest can only be found in Glast Heim. Rewards from this quest vary, if completed, you will get Costume Weapon at the end of the Glast Heim quest.