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SEGA Will Launch Their Latest RTS Mobile Game "Revolve8" Beginning in 2019

SEGA Will Launch Their Latest RTS Mobile Game “Revolve8” Beginning in 2019

SEGA recently announced that their latest mobile game, Revolve8, will be released in early 2019. You can check the trailer below. This game quite fun because there is so many features and mini game which can be playe.

Reporting from Niche Gamer, the game with the RTS theme will be released worldwide on February 6, 2019 and first for Japan on January 22, 2019. Then the pre-launch limited access first opened on January 19 in Australia, New Zealand and several other countries.

Revolve 8 presents a game where you will send your troops and heroes to destroy your opponent’s defenses. You might be familiar with the concept that was popularized by the Clash Royale game.

But what distinguishes it from similar games is the graphic visual which is certainly cool and the character design that is thick with Anime style from Japan. And besides PvP mode, there are also Main Quest and Hero Quest for you who want to enjoy PvE content.

For those of you who are interested in playing it, you can immediately do pre-registration for Android on this page and iOS on this page. By doing pre-regis, you have the chance to get 1000 Gold and several characters like Aladdin, Sinbad, Cinderella and many more.

Dead Cells Review – Addictive Difficulties

like the experiments of the Frankenstein monster. The game tries to combine 3 game genres at the same time starting from metroidvania which forces players to explore big maps full of mysteries to find the right room, Roguelite which keeps changing layout levels every time it is played, and souls-like which in fact is difficult and encourages players to memorize every aspect of the game.

Combining various genres like this is prone to make the game unfocused and identity crisis, especially for small indie studios that try to release their first game on all existing modern gaming platforms. But with the mature execution of Motion Twin, the three genres combine to become a difficult yet addictive unit to be played hundreds of times

At first glance, Dead Cells looks like other indie games with Roguelite elements that are now cliched for indie studios. Roguelite which actually has a random level has gotten a bad perception in recent years. The random level created by the procedural generation feature makes the level designer not too dizzy because it doesn’t have to spend a lot of time on level design and this trick becomes a cheap trick to make playtime from the game longer than it should.

Even though this sounds like a bad thing, the beauty of this genre comes from how good the execution is from the developer. When the roguelite genre is combined with gameplay designs that are full of variables and capable content to make curious players, the roguelite genre can make the game very rewarding and addictive to play. Dead Cells is the latest example of good execution.

The premise of Dead Cell is very simple, you play as a green blob that can take control of a dead body. You are trying to free yourself from an underground prison, but of course there are many obstacles that will hinder your efforts. Enemy soldiers who all want to kill you, levels that change every time you die, and big deadly bosses are the biggest obstacles you will face.

Lokapala, MOBA Game from Indonesia

Whose said Indonesia is the worst game industry and still losing from abroad? In the game world, we know that Indonesia is starting to rise and show its fangs, one of which is the Anantarupa game studio.

Recently, it was reported that the game studio will explore the genre of games that are currently being played, namely MOBA, and the game will be titled Lokapala: Saga of The Six Realms.

It is interesting if discussing the MOBA game indeed, you know for yourself that Indonesia is still the “market” for this type of game, while the developers are dominated by games made in Korea, China, America and Japan.

Even so, Diana as COO of Anantarupa studio said that Indonesia is currently showing itself that not only can it become a market, but also makers of MOBA games that can be famous throughout the world, with Lokapala: Saga of The Six Realms.

It is also said that the Hero characters in the game will later be inspired by puppet stories, as well as history in Indonesia.

If you discuss puppets, there must be some that appear in your memory, right? Like Gatotkaca, Bima, Hanoman, Arjuna, and so on.

Well, later the names of popular figures will get a form development which will certainly be more interesting in the Lokapala game: Saga of The Six Realms.

Best Deadly Weapon In PUBG

Not only can you make your character die quickly without having the chance to turn around, but also can make you scream in surprise to swear because it’s so talkative. That can happen if you have been hit by a shot from the PUBG Mobile super weapon!

The effect of this PUBG Mobile super weapon also makes you emotional and can make your mood uncomfortable all day until you get a Chicken Dinner as a pain medication.

The first PUBG Mobile super weapon is Kar98K, or the full name is Karabiner 98 Kurz. You can find this Sniper Rifle easily without having to wait for the supply drop to come.

If you can find this weapon at the start of booting, you better save it first until you get a long range scope and various other components such as Supplements and Stock.

This weapon has many fans among the PUBG Mobile Sniper, as KAR98K has a fairly high accuracy and damage and can make the opponent immediately take down in a single shot in the head.

The next PUBG Mobile super weapon is definitely AWM or Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum. AWM is a Sniper Rifle that is designed to shoot from even the most extreme distances.

This weapon is a Sniper Rifle that can produce enormous damage from all weapons in PUBG Mobile. There are only two weapons that can directly kill your opponent without taking down in one shot in the head, namely Crossbow and AWM.

It’s just that AWM is much stronger, and can penetrate the opponent’s head using Spetsnaz Helmet. Not to mention AWM has its own special bullet and you can only find it from the results of the loot supply drop.

The super PUBG Mobile weapon that can rival the AWM is Mk14. This is PUBG Mobile’s strongest DMR type weapon that you can only get from the supply drop.

This Mk14 weapon is arguably the big version of the SKS weapon that produces more damage and certainly produces a terrifying gunshot!

Moreover, you can convert MK14 to automatic fire mode, making you become a Rambo if the situation urges you to shoot at close range.

Best Graphic Game For PC

1. Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth – Hackers Memory

In the best series of the most distorted, this game about fighting monsters and collecting them is one game that can make you reminisce again about the charm of the Anime version that first aired in the 90s. With the name Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth – Hackers Memory, the game formulated by Bandai Namco can be classified as a Digimon RPG game that is quite solid and can be missed by loyal fans.

First of all, the Cyber ​​Sleuth – Hackers Memory series has presented many additional new Digimon with a form of visualization that is quite cool and maybe you have never known before. This game also has a focus on the plot to be built, along with the RPG system that is re-oriented towards your action in cultivating the Digimon that you have.

2. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise

Is an adventure game “guts” that was adapted from the popular anime / manga series in the 80s ago. An anime that is widely known to netizens because the words “Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” have received a version of the latest game adaptation in the hands of the publisher Sega. And the result, Sega apparently wanted to bring a “Yakuza” spirit in contaminating this Anime into a game called Fist of The North Star: Lost Paradise.

Believe me, seeing Sega’s reputation that is quite sweet with Yakuza, Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise is still a game that is able to present a range of Yakuza-style gameplay that is very spread from Kenshiro as the protagonist. The amount of content presentation that is not only about leaking the head / body of the enemy with your hands, makes this charged game Anime worthy of being calculated in 2018.

3. My Hero’s One Justice

Seeing the Animen series rising in recent moments, Izuku Midoriya certainly doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to be able to show off the Quirk action in front of all of you as gamers. Through the Bandai Namco intermediary, for the first time you can watch Boku No Hero Academia actually adapted directly into more modern video games.

Titled My Hero ‘s One Justice, the game’s initial debut on the AAA game platform turned out to be not as bad as expected. The fighting genre game is apparently quite exciting and fun to play. Especially through the perspective of 3D gameplay that can give you plenty of space to see the various actions of cool Quirk moves that are exhibited by each character plus the additional appearance customization features as flavoring.

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LEGO: Lord of the Ring Can Be Play For Free

Of the many LEGO series games, Lord of the Rings is certainly one of the film adaptation games that is not only hilarious, but full of stories that are exactly the same as the film trilogy. You who have played open-world games, of course, remember how it feels to jump from one story to another using Palantir’s power. Luckily, you who have never played it can now try it without being charged a penny.

Welcoming winter, Humble Bundle free LEGO Lord of the Rings permanently for a limited time. All you need to do is visit the following link, click “get the game”, then click “open your e-mail” when faced with two choices with the option “continue shopping” in the second option, then you can claim the code directly on Steam. Keep in mind, this event is only valid for two days starting today, so it would be nice if you claim it right now.

LEGO Lord of the Rings presents the world of open world with stories adapted directly from its film trilogy. You will be able to explore the Middle-Earth world and interact with several NPCs in it.

Not long ago, the LEGO The Hobbit game was also made free by Humble Bundle. The presence of Lord of the Rings seems to aim so that you can enjoy the game not halfway, considering that both of them are set in the same world.

Jump Force Confirmed Added Midoriya Izuku Characters

After the announcement of Asta’s presence from Black Clover and one of the One Piece folders, it looks like Bandai Namco will return to add another jump character in their fighting game, Jump Force.

As we know, Jump Force is fighting style game which is came with anime characters. We can see a popular anime characters on this game like Goku from Dragonball, Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, Luffy from One Piece and many more.

Through jump magazine, it was confirmed that the main character of My Hero Academia, Midoriya Izuku will join the Jump Force. He will have the power of “Delaware Detroit Smash” with a fighting style that combines punches and kicks. He can also use special moves from one for all at what percentage level the power has been arranged like in the manga and anime. There is no clarity whether other characters from the manga and anime will join in the Jump Force.

Jump Force will be released on the 15th February 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Previously, Bandai Namco also confirmed the presence of Boa Hancock, Trunks, and Abarai Renji to participate in the game. You can read more about the game through the official site.

Asus Focusing On Gaming Mobile In Indonesia

Seeing the potential of the Gaming Industry in Indonesia ASUS announces a smartphone devoted to gaming at a fairly affordable price and specifications that are not inferior to other high end HPs.

Is the ZenFone Max M2 and ZenFone Max Pro M2. The latest ASUS ZenFone Max series that can be priced at 2,299,000 for the ZenFone Max M2, and 2,799,000 for the ZenFone Max Pro M2. Not only that, there will be an ASUS ROG Phone that is specifically for Gaming itself.

In the roadshow of ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2 and ZenFone Max M2 on December 17, 2018 in Yogyakarta, Muhammad Firman as Head of Public Relation at ASUS Indonesia explained that “In the next few years the gaming industry in Indonesia will still grow rapidly.

ASUS itself has long been struggling in the gaming industry on PCs and laptops, but for ASUS mobile itself, it is looking for identity for its mobile smartphone version. That’s why ASUS makes the ZenFone Max M2, the ZenFone Max Pro M2 and the ASUS ROG Phone specifically for Gaming. ”

In addition, it was explained that ASUS is likely to make gaming supporting accessories from controllers, Mobile Desktop Dock, and TwinView Dock to the future series of mobile gaming phones.

Frandy Aprianto as Smartphone Product Marketing of ASUS Indonesia said that “For now gaming accessories are only available at ROG Phone because they are concerned with the best quality of their own products, but it is very possible that ASUS will develop quality accessories at cheap prices.”

Call Of Duty By Tencent Finally Released

After it was first announced a few months ago and made a scene, because this game is a joint project between Tencent and Activision. Finally, you can enjoy the game that has the official title of Call of Duty Legends of War. Even though this game is still unreleased and still in the Alpha Test stage you can still play this one game by downloading it via the ApkPure website.

In this Alpha Test period you will be presented with two modes that you can play including Multiplayer Mode and Zombies Mode. In multiplayer mode you will play in teams and will face other players, in this mode there are five types of games that you can try in frontline, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, and Free for All.

Interesting in Zombie Mode the game Call of Duty Legends of itself will have a story mode that is quite exciting to follow. For the appearance of this game itself will have stunning graphics and will use a virtual joystick to play it.

Seen from the virtual joystick, it seems that for those of you who often play PUBG Mobile games will not have difficulty playing this game, considering that the Mobile version of Call of Duty was also developed by the studio behind the successful battle royale, TiMi Studio.

The main difference between this game and others is the system auto attack which might make some players feel uncomfortable. But considering this game itself is still in the Alpha Test stage, it is likely that Tencent will eliminate the auto attack feature.

Of course this one game is worth your try, considering it’s still in the alpha test stage. Besides this game itself can be an increasingly clear sign that the migration of games previously released on the console and PC will be coming soon on the Mobile poker platform.

Valve Will Ban Developer Who Using Loli In 18+Rate Games

As one of the biggest markets for selling digital games today, Steam does try to facilitate the wishes of many fans with varied game preferences. One of course is adult games with various packaging. Although selling adult games, Steam certainly has a variety of supporting rules so that the incoming games remain in accordance with the standards desired by Steam. And the new rules imposed by Valve are prohibiting these adult games from using the character Loli aka characters who look like children.

This was raised by the Kotaku media, where it was said that Valve was hunting down developers who “exploited children” in the game. Some developers also found an email from Steam that their games cannot be marketed on Steam, one of which is Top Hat Studio, which considers that the characters in the game they make are over 18 years old.

After reviewing, the majority of games that received letter kites similar to Top Hat Studios are games that use school life backgrounds and are centered on characters who have an art style anime where the characters in them are displayed younger than their age. which should. These developers also protested to Steam and assumed that they did not use underage characters, even one of the developers of Yume Creations explained that the characters they took were indeed school children, but they were teenagers and not children like Steam had forbidden before.

However, this prohibition itself creates its own polemic on Steam. Because when they forbid games with these themes can be entered into Steam, similar games or at least have aspects similar to the points of the children that have been released are still marketed such as Extra Nekopara, Sakura Sakura, A Piece Of Wish Upon The Stars, etc. This in itself is considered unfair by new developers where the games they have made cannot be marketed. Steam itself still does not provide clarity and more information about this problem. And some studios choose to budge and will release their adult games through other ways such as marketing them through the adult website of my Fak.

Perilisan MechWarrior 5 Will Be Delayed Till 2019

Controlling robots and destroying opponents with sophisticated weapons is indeed the main essence in mecha games. And those of you who have played games since the 90s may have at least tried one of the MechWarrior game series.

Last appeared in 2002 with MechWarrior 4, Piranha Games as the developer wanted to re-introduce the MechWarrior series to the generation of gamers of the present era with MechWarrior 5. However, even though it was planned to be released this December, it seems that fans must be patient and wait even longer .

Reporting from PC Gamers, Piranha Games has already announced the resignation of the release date of MechWarrior 5. However, through MechCon 2018 which was recently held in Vancouver, the developer again gave the release date of MechWarrior 5 which falls on September 10, 2019.

As you can see in the trailer above, graphic enhancement is certainly one thing that is striking since the last game was released in 2002. But the gameplay itself is of course also increasing the message with the presence of a variety of equipment and weapons that you are free to create deadly mecha.

And to provide a more epic playing experience, MechWarrior 5 is also planned to be compatible with HOTAS or Hands On Throttle-And-Stick equipment, so you can play this game like driving a real mecha.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: Ada Wong Look More Seductive !

Present as an ambitious remake project, Capcom tries to bring a variety of new & interesting things into Resident Evil 2 Remake. Even so, Capcom promised to make the remake project still give a nostalgic feel, of course it was very much awaited by the fans.

As we know, Resident Evil is the most popular game from Capcom. This game is survival game with horror genre. Back in time, this game break the top chart of popular game in Playstation 1. Resident Evil have many sequel which can be played through all gaming console.

After Claire & Leon are certain to have a line of costumes that can be chosen according to their wishes, now it is Ada Wong’s turn to be shown using new costumes. Through some screenshots that have been leaked in cyberspace, you can see Ada Wong who has a more feminine appearance in her red dress.

The leakage of this screenshot was responded well by the fans, many fans cheered because they could see the figure of Ada Wong who was more attractive and at the same time “tempting” compared to the initial appearance of using a coat & sunglasses.

Resident Evil 2 Remake itself is scheduled to be released on January 25, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & PC.