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Best Mage In Mobile Legends

Best Mage In Mobile Legends

Mage hero in Mobile Legends game is very important in its presence in a team. Mage hero is usually a hero who is able to provide a large burst of damage to the opponent’s hero. Mages are also usually equipped with crowd control skills which are very useful when dealing with opponent heroes.

In the Mobile Legends game, there are two types of mage, namely mage support and pure mage. Both have different roles. Here are some of the best mage heroes in the Mobile Legends game.

The first Mage is Angela. Actually Angela is a mage support, but many people are just wrong and play it as pure mage. Angela is one of the best support in the Mobile Legends game. Angela is currently also on the hero list banned while playing ranked games.

The second Mage is Vexana. Actually Vexana had lost its popularity. But after getting a buff from Moonton, currently Vexana is the best-selling mage, even surpassing Kagura’s inheritance.

The third Mage is Kagura. This one hero mage is also very good because it is equipped with various crowd control mechanisms which are very useful. Besides that Kagura is also very difficult to kill because it’s easy to escape.

The fourth Mage is Cyclops. This little hero is also very popular with Mobile Legends players, why? Because of its terrible damage burst capability! He is also useful as a very effective ganker.

Best Weapon In PUBG Game ( Mobile And PC )

When playing PUBG games (Player Unknown’s BattleGround’s) you can find many types of weapons. But, not all high-tier weapons can be found easily in this game.

Weapons that have damage and complete attachments are indeed worthy of the target and desire of all PUBG Mobile players. Like Sniper Riffle weapons that can be combined with Scoope 8x. these two combinations will be very terrible especially falling in the hands of the right player.

Some weapons that have high tier are not easy to get. However, there are some rare weapons that can be obtained from Airdrop. Here are rare weapons that can only be obtained from Airdrop.

M24 (Sniper Riffle)

Weapons with Sniper Riffle types are quite easy to get in Airdrop when compared to other weapons. Ammunition for this weapon is very easy to obtain. But this weapon has a very loud gunshot that can make the enemy know your location easily.

AWM (Sniper Riffle)

Still with a Sniper Riffle type weapon. AWM is one of the Snipers that players really crave, because this weapon has tremendous damage. With just one shot, it can instantly kill other enemies especially when combined with Scoope 8x items that allow you to shoot enemies clearly in the distance. But the ammunition of this weapon is very difficult to obtain because there are only 20 ammunition available which can accommodate this weapon in Airdrop.

GROZA (Assault Riffle)

Weapons with this type of Assault Riffle are indeed the weapons most sought after by players. Because it is known as a high fire speed and has great damage and lots of ammunition. You can kill enemies quickly using this weapon from far or near.

M249 (Machine Gun)

Weapons with Machine Gun types that are notoriously brutal because of their incredible fire speed. Even though the damage is not so big but this weapon can store a lot of ammunition and is very suitable for shooting blindly.

MK14 EBR (Sniper & Assault Riffle)

Weapons that have 2 modes (Auto and Semi auto) are outside weapons that are quite unique. Because you can use MK14 EBR like the type of Sniper Riffle or Assault Riffle. Unfortunately this weapon that has very large damage can only accommodate as many as 10 items of ammunition.

Those are some types of rare weapons that can only be obtained from Airdrop only. To take it must also require a heavy and long struggle. But after getting the weapon you will get a high sense of confidence.

Offlane Role In Moba Game

When you play a game with the MOBA genre, you will find one path called OFFLANE. This path is the most difficult path to play in the MOBA genre game. Usually, the hero played in this lane is a hero who has the highest survival or survival rate, if, in a DOTA 2 game, the hero played is usually a STR hero who has a large HP.

This lane is said to be difficult not without reason, in addition to lacking a gap to escape, if you fill this lane, you will usually be faced with three opponent heroes which will certainly put pressure on you. Usually, there will be two heroes supporting opponents who will keep you from farming and leveling well.

In addition, to get the exp in this lane is also quite difficult, this is because you cannot progress recklessly. If you can’t read the situation, you can die when you want to take the exp from creeps.

This lane is the lane that is best filled by people who are patient but able to see opportunities. For players who usually fill role carry or midlane it is not recommended to fill this role because the style of play is very different.

But if you can master this lane well or can put pressure on your opponent’s hero when playing this game, your team’s victory can also be higher.

Deep Sea Monster – Tidehunter

Tidehunter is a STR type hero in DOTA. He is a demon who controls the deepest ocean. Tidehunter is usually played as an offlaner. He has the capacity to become a true tanker and a true initiator of war. This is because the skills possessed by Tidehunter are very effective to make him a tanker and initiator.

The gush skill that he has can give magic damage to the affected opponent. When this skill is used, Tidehunter will spit a small wave of water from his mouth. In addition to receiving magic damage, the opponent will also experience a reduction in motion speed. This skill can be upgraded using Aghanim Scepter, later this skill will become an AOE skill with a large and far range.

The Kraken Shell skill that he had was also very overpowered at the beginning of the game. How not, this skill makes Tidehunter able to block the damage he receives. Not only that, for the opponent’s debuff skill given to him will also experience a reduction in duration. This skill can help Tidehunter to survive during the early game and late game.

The Anchor Smash skill that he has can also block opponents who are trying to farm. This skill has a physical effect so the immune magic item will not affect. When exposed to this skill, your opponent will lose 40% of their attack points.

To initiate, Tidehunter will use Ravage skill where he will summon Kraken’s tentacles and hit anyone in the skill area. Opponents affected by this skill will be thrown up and receive a stun effect.

New Game Which Will Be Launch In Next Month

Along with the development of the world gaming world, game publishers flocked to create new games to attract the attention of gamers. Many game trailers are made as exciting as possible so that gamers are interested in buying the game.

Unfortunately many games that when released are disappointing because they don’t fit the trailer. Here are 4 games that will be released which are our recommendations, check it out, guys.

1.The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Have you ever heard of a game with the title Life is Strange? This game uses a background similar to the game. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a game with the theme of children’s imagination. This game is able to bring us back to remember our childhood where there are still many wild imaginations that we think about.

2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

For Square Enix’s game, there is no doubt about its quality. Almost all meta critics provide positive feedback for the previous sequel to the game. Seeing his success in the previous sequel, Lara Croft will return to action through his latest series Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

3. Just Cause 4

For gamers who have played a sequel to Just Cause 1 to 3, they already know the location of the game. This game is open world so we can freely explore the world and look for equipment and weapons to fight. If you have never played this game, you can see gamers playing the sequel to 1 to 3 Just Cause on Youtube so they can understand how to play this game better.

4. Unravel Two

Unravel is a cool game themed puzzle with graphics and music! You will play characters with small dolls made of wool yarn. This game can be played alone or with friends.

Best Partner In Video Games

In playing games, we will usually find a loyal partner following us until the end of the game. Sometimes partners who accompany us are very useful. These are the five most memorable partners in video games.

1. Vivi – Final Fantasy IX

For lovers of the Final Fantasy series, it is certainly familiar to the witch character with this black face and cone hat. Vivi’s character is indeed a perfect partner. He has a character that is too good and also has powerful magic power. Remember the story Vivi received right? Tragedy, trauma, betrayal to heartbreak are indeed able to thrill the hearts of everyone who plays this game.

2. Ignis – Final Fantasy XV

Ignis is an important character from Final Fantasy XV where he is the best member of Chocobro. His loyalty to Noctis also deserves a thumbs up. Just imagine the task of Ignis, he became a chef, driver, perfect service. The limit break that Ignis has is also very useful. Naturally, Ignis is included in the best partner list in video games.

3. Yusuke Kitagawa – Persona 5

One of the figures in Persona 5 with high body posture in the style of Joker is also one of the best partners. He may not be called the most popular character in this game, but his distinctive style of dress and mask will certainly make us always remember this one. He is also a smart person, although he is quiet, he is able to act funny at certain moments.

4. Dogmeat – Fallout 4

Remember this German Sherperd dog dong. His loyalty is unmatched. Here he continues to accompany your trip. He can also be dressed with various accessories that can help you to survive the post-apocalypse.

5. Pokemon Starter – Pokemon

In playing Pokemon games, whatever the series, Pokemon Starter is a Pokemon that helps us in completing the game. Just imagine if they were not there, how could we fight since the game first started? The last evolution of the Pokemon starter is also always overpowered making it easier for us to finish this game.