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Arsenal Dapatkan Nicolas Pepe Seharga 72 Juta Pounds

Klub asal London, Arsenal diberitakan sudah menyelesaikan kesepakatan mengenai transfer winger Lille Nicolas Pepe. Kabarnya biaya mencapai 72 juta poundsterling membuat klub asal Prancis itu setuju untuk melepas sang pemain.

Berhasilnya The Gunners menyelesaikan proses transfer Pepe membuat mereka mundur dari perburuan pemain Crystal Palace, Wilfried Zaha. Zaha sendiri memang santer dikabarkan akan segera bergabung dengan Arsenal. Namun hingga kini mantan pemain Manchester United itu belum bergabung dengan Meriam London. Kegagalan Arsenal mendapatkan Zaha dikarenakan Crystal Palace yang meminta dana tak kurang dari 100 juta poundsterling untuk pemain berusia 25 tahun. Mendengar harga yang di patok oleh Palace membuat kubu Arsenal langsung mundur dan mencari target yang lebih murah.

Kembali dengan Nicolas Pepe, Skysport memberitakan jika Pepe akan mendapatkan kontrak selama 5 musim  di Arsenal dengan bayaran 4,5 juta euro permusimnya. Lebih besar 1,5 juta euro yang sempat ditawarkan oleh klub asal Italia Napoli. Ya, klub SerieA  ini juga tertarik untuk mendatangkan pemain berusia 24 tahun ke Naples. Namun mereka hanya mampu menawarkan gaji sebesar 3,5 juta euro saja.

Beberapa waktu yang lalu Presiden Lille, Gerard Lopez mengungkapkan jika ada banyak klub yang ingin mendatangkan Pepe bahkan ia menceritakan klub asal mana saja yang tertarik untuk mendatangkan pemain Internasional Pantai Gading ini.

“Ada banyak tawaran kepada Nico (Nicolas Pepe). Beberapa diantaranya adalah Inggris,Spanyol dan Italia. Ada tiga klub Inggris sangat tertarik kepada Nico.” Ungkap Gerard Lopez.

“Dari semua klub yang tertarik dengannya (Nicolas Pepe) juga ada klub yang memiliki hubungan yang cukup baik dengan kami. Kami mencoba mencarikan klub yang tepat untuk Pepe. Akan tetapi masa depannya ada ditangannya sendiri dan menentukan klub yang ia nilai cocok.” Terang Lopez.

Nicolas Pepe sendiri masih menjalani liburan usai dirinya bermain di ajang Piala Afrika 2019 dan sang pemain akan kembali pada pekan besok untuk segera menentukan klub mana yang akan menjadi pilihannya.


Phantom Lancer The Master Of Illusion In Dota 2

Of course, you know about Naruto’s Kagebunshin ability right? In Dota 2 there is one hero who has abilities similar to Naruto, he is the Phantom Lancer. This hero is an agility hero who is very troublesome, not because of the great damage skills but because of the many shadows he can create.

Phantom Lancer is an agility hero who specializes in making illusions. He is also very good at escaping when chased by an opponent hero.

The first skill of the Phantom Lancer was Spirit Lance. Phantom Lancer will throw a spear that will give magic damage and a slow effect to the affected opponent. When this skill involves an opponent, Phantom Lancer will create an illusion that will hit the opponent.

To confuse your opponent, Phantom Lancer will use his Doppelganger skill. When this skill is used, the Phantom Lancer will disappear a moment ago splitting into 3. The shadow that he created through this skill has a different ability, where one shadow has the same hard HP as the original but will not cause damage when attacking, and the other has very weak resistance but can cause damage when attacking.

With the Phantom Rush skill, the Phantom Lancer can run very fast to catch up with the target. All illusions made by the Phantom Lancer can also use this ability. This ability is a passive skill that will appear every 4 seconds.

Juxtapose is a skill that makes him able to issue more illusions. With this skill, every shadow that the Lancer Phantom created is also able to make other shadows. The more shadows he has will certainly make the opponent hero more overwhelmed to find where the original hero is.

The Strongest Fire Elemen In Dota 2 – Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit is a Dota 2 hero included in The Three Virtue. Ember Spirit is one of three heroes that represent elements in Dota 2. Ember Spirit is a hero who symbolizes the element of fire, Storm Spirit symbolizes the element of lightning and Earth Spirit symbolizes the earth element.

Ember Spirit is an agility type hero, different from the other two elements that have the STR and INT types. The three elements in Three Virtue represent 3 different types of attributes.

As one of the agi-type heroes, Ember Spirit is equipped with four very deadly skills. Ember Spirit also includes hero ganker, nuker, carry and mid laner.

When Ember Spirit wants to kill the enemy hero, he will try to use the Searing Chain skill, which is a fire bond that will bind and damage the affected target.

After that Ember Spirit will use the Shield of Flame. When this skill is activated, Ember Spirit will get a fire shield that can absorb up to 600 damage magic. Not only that, for enemies within a radius close to Ember Spirit, they will be affected by the flames.

Ember Spirit also has the ability to slash all enemies with the Sleight of Fist skill. While cutting enemies, Ember Spirit will become immune to all attacks.

His ultimate skill is Fire Remnant. You can use three remnants when you use this skill, you can fly to the remnant you made earlier. If the enemy is around the remnant, then the enemy will be exposed to considerable damage magic.

Pro Dota 2 Players Who Start Losing Their Light

Until now, the Dota 2 game is still the MOBA genre game with the biggest prize in the world. Many pro players born from this game. They achieved a myriad of achievements with the team. Unfortunately, there are players whose losing their shine because they are unable to show stunning performance. Who are they?

Who doesn’t know Syed “Suma1L” Hassan. Storm Spirit is his best hero. In the 2015 International tournament with the Evil Geniuses team, they has shocked so many people because they can win The International 2015. Unfortunately, until now, he still can’t show good performance like in 2015. In fact, the EG team is currently ranked 9th and still trying to get the last ticket to play at The International this season.

God of Pudge may have been attached to Danil “Dendi” Ishutin. he is the only player who is very loyal to his team, Natus Vincere. In 2011, they won the international 2011. Still remember not the Pudgenya hook combo combined with Chen? Unfortunately, until now Natus Vincere’s achievements have gone down. Na`Vi’s worst record is when they failed to qualify for the International 2017 playoffs.

Wong “Chuan” Hock Chuan is one of the Dota 2 pro players born in Malaysia. Previously Chuan was known as a deadly player support. How not, the strategy that was played when filling role support was indeed able to bring their team Invictus Gaming to win the International 2012. Unfortunately, the current performance has fallen considerably. Now Chuan is joined by the Newbee team.


3 Best Item For Support Hero In DOTA 2

When playing DOTA 2 game, you need to know there is so many role you can choose. One of them is support. This role is very important, why ? Because support can provide so many thing for carry, like sentry ward, observer ward, jungle stacking, backuping and roaming. When playing support, there is the best item you can buy, with this item, you can do more in team.

First item is Euls Scepter. This item have a active skill named cyclone. When using cycole to enemy, the target unit will be airboned and can’t move for a period of time. This item also giving Mana regeneration and Mana pool to your hero. Almost forgot, this item also giving boost to your movement speed.

The second one is Mekanism. This item is an healing item. When buy this item, you can give HP regeneration aura to your teammates around you. If you actived the spell, you will heal yourself and your teammates for 250 HP. This item is really usefull and can be combine with Arcane boots.

Third one is Glimmer’s Cape. With this mantle, you can make yourself or your teammates become invicible for a period of time. When target under this item effect, they will gain 50% magic resistense. This item is so usefull against magic caster enemy.

Remember this words, behind every great carry, there is a great support !

All You Need To Know About Crystal Maiden A.K.A Rylai Crestfall

If you ask about who’s the best support in DOTA 2, maybe Crystal Maiden will be on your list. Why ? Because she have capability of becoming a full support. She have disable skill, AOE skill, Buff skill and her ultimate skill is devastating.

Rylai is a ranged hero with INT primary attribute. Her speciality is ice, she can control ice, that’s why all of her skill was made by ice. As a support, she also good at ganking with disable skill and debuff skill.

For harassing enemy, Crystal Maiden will use his first skill, Crystal Nova. With this skill, enemy inside the skill AOE will take magic damage and taking slow effect ( 50% movement speed slow ). This skill also give you 900 ground vision, so it’s good for opening map, specially FOG area.

Her frostbite skill can disable any enemy heroes movement for 3 second. If you using this skill to creeps or jungle monster, the duration will increase to 4.5 second. FYI, when frosbitted, enemy still can use item or skill as long is not a channeling skill.

As a support, she have Arcane Aura. It’s giving a mana regeneration to teammates hero. This skill is very usefull, specially for spamming skill hero.

The most devastating skill for Crystal Maiden is Freezing Field. Maiden will open a large area and calling the snow blast. Enemy hero who stand inside the area will take magic damage and slow effect. If you buy Aghanim Scepter, it will trigger Frostbite skill too.

BOOM.ID Wins 2nd Place Dota 2 2019 Asia Pacific Predator League

After undergoing a fierce competition for three days and witnessed by more than 10,000 visitors who attended watching the match in person, the second year of the Asia Pacific Predator League finally ended. The final round of PUBG and DOTA 2 at Nimibutr Stadium, Bangkok, has resulted in the winners namely AfreecaFreecs Fatal from the Republic of South Korea for PUBG, and TNC Predator from the Philippines for DOTA2. The BOOM.ID team from Indonesia is ranked second best in this tournament for the DOTA2 game.

“Acer hopes to provide a stage for young talents, not only through hardware devices but also through ecosystems and industries, especially in the Asia Pacific region,” said Andrew Hou, as President of Pan Asia Pacific Regional Operations, Acer Inc. “We hope the athletes of the 2019 Predator League can continue their hard work and success as part of the esports community. Congratulations to the winners and to meet the Predator League in 2020 in the Philippines ”

The Philippines will then host the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020. This decision was announced in the closing ceremony of the 2019 Asia Pacific Predator League tournament held in Bangkok on Sunday

“BOOM.ID has shown its best ability, we are proud because their success in the second position can be an inspiration for other teams in Indonesia and through the Predator League, Acer commits to encourage more young people in Indonesia to compete and be the best in international tournaments . Defeat is the beginning of a journey for success, and Acer will always try to give the best to always support all the success stories of esports players in Indonesia, “said Herbet Ang, Herbet Ang, President Director of Acer Indonesia. This year, Aerowolf.

TeamEight for PUBG and BOOM.ID for DOTA2 leave for Bangkok and become representatives of Indonesia in the 2019 Asia Pacific Predator League. BOOM.ID won second place in the DOTA 2 game and won money in the amount of USD $ 30,000 United States Dollars, equivalent to Rp. 423 Million Rupiah.

Bounty Hunter – Beware of the Ambush !

Bounty Hunter is a melee hero with agility primary attribute. He is very good at hunting, chasing and killing single enemy unit. He have a capability of being a good ganker and roamer. His specialization is tracking enemy hero and give extra gold to teammates with his ultimate skill.

His first skill is Shuriken Toss. Bounty Hunter will throw his giant shuriken to kill an enemy. Enemy who hitted by this shuriken will take magical damage. This skill causing a mini stun effect, so it can cancel the channeling skill and teleportation. This skill can be upgraded by Aghanim Scepter. The shuriken will bounce twice to each target when upgraded by Aghanim Scepter.

For ganking, Bounty Hunter will use Shadow Walk. When entering this mode, Bounty Hunter will going invisible. He can roam around and find enemy unit who farm at jungle or ganking mid lane.

His third skill is Jinada. With this skill, for every 6 second, Bounty Hunter will hit a critical strike. Not only critical, enemy unit will also take slow effect.

His ultimate is Track. With this skill, Bounty Hunter can track an enemy unit. So whenever he go, Bounty Hunter can see them, even when they using invisible skill ! When kill the enemy under Track effect, Bounty Hunter and team will take extra gold from the enemy.

Night Stalker: Fear Me ! Because Im The Prince Of The Night !

Night Stalker is a melee STR hero and he is a devastating ganker, specially at night. Unlike the others hero, Night Stalker only strong when dark come. In day time, his ability will be useless, but when night come, he will be a monster and ready to kill every enemy. In night time, his ability will have extra effect, that’s why Night Stalker is a killer Machine when night come.

His first skill Void will damaging one enemy unit. In the night time, this skill will inflict slow effect to enemy. This skill also inflict mini stun, so you can cancelling any channeling spell and TP. But in day time, the damage will be half from night time.

He aslo can horrifies enemy hero with Crippling Fear. This skill will silence any targeted unit. In night time, the silent duration is 8 second but in day time the duration reduced to 3 second.

His fearsome come from his third skill, Hunter in the Night. When night come, Night Stalker will gain 35% movement speed bonus and 90 point of attack speed.

Night Stalker can instantly change the time, from day to night with his ultimate skill, Darkness. Night Stalker will summon instant darkness to hunt his prey. When using this skill, Night Stalker will gain extra vision and reducing any vision from enemy including wards.

Tanker, Carry, Support In 1 Hero ? Why Not ?

Abbadon or Lord of Avernus is melee hero with STR primary attribute. This hero can be play as a carry, support, tanker and offlaner. Abaddon also known as the most versatile hero in Dota 2. His skill can be use with low mana dependence and have a short cooldown. With this thing, item build for Abaddon can be variatif, u also can combining a supprot item with damage item like Radience for mid game and tarasque for late game.

His first ability is Mist Coil. With this skill, Abaddon will sacrificing his HP to heal teammates hero, if using this skill to enemy, they will take magic damage from it. This skill have a short cooldown, but you need to remember, everytime you using this skill, your HP will be consumed.

His second ability is Aphotic Shield. When using this skill, Abaddon will give the target unit a shield. This shield will remove any debuffing effect like stun, disable, slow and many more. This shield also absorb 200 damage income.

His third ability is Curse of Avernus. With his sword, Abaddon will gain extra movement speed and attack speed everytime he using attack ( including tower ). This skill is a buff, so if teammates hero stand near him and hit the same target, they will recieve same amount of movement speed and attack speed.

His ultimate skill is Borrowed Time. In a period of time, Abaddon can’t be killed ( exclude Culling Blade ). Any damage taken will heal Abaddon HP.

Alchemist – God of Greed In Dota 2

Alchemist is the most powerfull melee farmre hero with STR primary attribute. His capability in farming is absolutely good. Alchemist is not a tanker hero, he is a fighter carry hero who need to farm well from the beginning.

His first skill is Acid Spray. Alchemist will launch an acid smoke which will damaging any enemy around the area. This smoke will causing phsycal damage and reducing target armor. This skill is damage per second type which causing damage every 1 second.

His second skill is Unstable Concoction. With this skill, Alchemist will throw a potion that causing stun if hitted. This skill is like double edge sword which mean it can causing damage to himself. If Alchemist not throwing the concotion till the times up, Alchemist will be stunned and taking damage.

His third skill is Greevil’s Greed. Every time Alchemist killing enemy unit, the gold income will become bigger and bigger. So this skill so good for killing stacked jungle monster. Usually Alchemist can buy a radience in min 10 or 11.

His ultimate is Chemical Rage. Alchemist will enter rage mode which is giving a maximum HP, HP regeneration, movement speed and attack speed. In this form, you become unbeattable. But you need to know, ice blast from Ancient Apparation will causing your regeneration stopped.

Best Item For Carry Hero

Dalam bermain game Dota 2, ada tiga tipe hero yang bisa dipilih, hero bertipe agility, strenght, dan intelegent. Biasanya hero bertipe agility akan mengisi role carry, sedangkan strength akan mengisi role tanker dan initiator serta hero intelegent akan mengisi role support.

Dari ketiga role yang tersedia, role yang paling digemari adalah role carry. Bagi kalian yang ingin memainkan role ini, kalian harus tahu item apa saja yang wajib dibeli oleh hero carry.

Saat early game, kalian bisa memfokuskan diri untuk membeli item murah terlebih dahulu seperti wraith band, ring of aquila, power treads, dan phase boots.

Setelah membeli item tersebut dan memasuki mid game, kalian sudah bisa membeli item survive terlebih dahulu, misalnya saja Shadow Blade. Untuk menambah HP sekalian status agility kalian, maka item yang paling tepat adalah Sange and Yasha.

Memasuki late game, kalian bisa fokus untuk membeli Butterfly. Item ini akan memberikan evasion yang sangat berguna bagi kalian. Selain itu item ini juga akan memberikan boosting agility yang sangat besar.

Selain itu item seperti Manta Style juga bisa kalian pilih untuk memperkuat hero kalian. Manta Style memberikan kalian kemampuan untuk menciptakan dua clone yang akan membantu kalian untuk menyerang lawan.

Item seperti Satanic juga bisa kalian pilih. Satanic dapat memberikan kemampuan lifesteal kepada pengguna sekaligus memberikan boosting HP yang sangat besar.