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Recognize Weapons Type SMG In PUBG Mobile Game

Recognize Weapons Type SMG In PUBG Mobile Game

Usually, people will choose to use assault rifle weapons when playing PUBG Mobile games. This is because the rifle assault has great damage and is suitable for paralyzing enemies at a distance. But what if the opponents we face are near us? The most appropriate weapon for such conditions is SMG.

SMG or Sub Machine Gun is the most powerful weapon to deal with opponents who are near us. With accuracy similar to a gun and as many bullets as an assault, this weapon is able to quickly knock down opponents. Not to mention the fast firing rate which is capable of removing a lot of bullets within 1 second making this weapon very effective for knock down the opponents.

The best SMG weapon you can choose is UMP9. This type of SMG has an effective firing range of 100 – 300 which has a firing rate of up to 400! For attachments that can be installed to reach 4, usually, players will use silencers, vectors, extra magazines and reloading speed so that these weapons become more deadly.

But you need to remember, this weapon is not suitable for long-distance combat, don’t use this weapon for long distances unless forced. If you want to carry this weapon, make it a secondary weapon so you can kill your opponent remotely by using assault and replace it with SMG when the enemy is near you.

Phantom Lancer The Master Of Illusion In Dota 2

Of course, you know about Naruto’s Kagebunshin ability right? In Dota 2 there is one hero who has abilities similar to Naruto, he is the Phantom Lancer. This hero is an agility hero who is very troublesome, not because of the great damage skills but because of the many shadows he can create.

Phantom Lancer is an agility hero who specializes in making illusions. He is also very good at escaping when chased by an opponent hero.

The first skill of the Phantom Lancer was Spirit Lance. Phantom Lancer will throw a spear that will give magic damage and a slow effect to the affected opponent. When this skill involves an opponent, Phantom Lancer will create an illusion that will hit the opponent.

To confuse your opponent, Phantom Lancer will use his Doppelganger skill. When this skill is used, the Phantom Lancer will disappear a moment ago splitting into 3. The shadow that he created through this skill has a different ability, where one shadow has the same hard HP as the original but will not cause damage when attacking, and the other has very weak resistance but can cause damage when attacking.

With the Phantom Rush skill, the Phantom Lancer can run very fast to catch up with the target. All illusions made by the Phantom Lancer can also use this ability. This ability is a passive skill that will appear every 4 seconds.

Juxtapose is a skill that makes him able to issue more illusions. With this skill, every shadow that the Lancer Phantom created is also able to make other shadows. The more shadows he has will certainly make the opponent hero more overwhelmed to find where the original hero is.

The Strongest Fire Elemen In Dota 2 – Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit is a Dota 2 hero included in The Three Virtue. Ember Spirit is one of three heroes that represent elements in Dota 2. Ember Spirit is a hero who symbolizes the element of fire, Storm Spirit symbolizes the element of lightning and Earth Spirit symbolizes the earth element.

Ember Spirit is an agility type hero, different from the other two elements that have the STR and INT types. The three elements in Three Virtue represent 3 different types of attributes.

As one of the agi-type heroes, Ember Spirit is equipped with four very deadly skills. Ember Spirit also includes hero ganker, nuker, carry and mid laner.

When Ember Spirit wants to kill the enemy hero, he will try to use the Searing Chain skill, which is a fire bond that will bind and damage the affected target.

After that Ember Spirit will use the Shield of Flame. When this skill is activated, Ember Spirit will get a fire shield that can absorb up to 600 damage magic. Not only that, for enemies within a radius close to Ember Spirit, they will be affected by the flames.

Ember Spirit also has the ability to slash all enemies with the Sleight of Fist skill. While cutting enemies, Ember Spirit will become immune to all attacks.

His ultimate skill is Fire Remnant. You can use three remnants when you use this skill, you can fly to the remnant you made earlier. If the enemy is around the remnant, then the enemy will be exposed to considerable damage magic.

Pro Dota 2 Players Who Start Losing Their Light

Until now, the Dota 2 game is still the MOBA genre game with the biggest prize in the world. Many pro players born from this game. They achieved a myriad of achievements with the team. Unfortunately, there are players whose losing their shine because they are unable to show stunning performance. Who are they?

Who doesn’t know Syed “Suma1L” Hassan. Storm Spirit is his best hero. In the 2015 International tournament with the Evil Geniuses team, they has shocked so many people because they can win The International 2015. Unfortunately, until now, he still can’t show good performance like in 2015. In fact, the EG team is currently ranked 9th and still trying to get the last ticket to play at The International this season.

God of Pudge may have been attached to Danil “Dendi” Ishutin. he is the only player who is very loyal to his team, Natus Vincere. In 2011, they won the international 2011. Still remember not the Pudgenya hook combo combined with Chen? Unfortunately, until now Natus Vincere’s achievements have gone down. Na`Vi’s worst record is when they failed to qualify for the International 2017 playoffs.

Wong “Chuan” Hock Chuan is one of the Dota 2 pro players born in Malaysia. Previously Chuan was known as a deadly player support. How not, the strategy that was played when filling role support was indeed able to bring their team Invictus Gaming to win the International 2012. Unfortunately, the current performance has fallen considerably. Now Chuan is joined by the Newbee team.


New Hero In Mobile Legends – X Borg !

X.Borg is the latest mobile legend hero that has 2 forms. The first form is when the armor (purple Health bar) is full and he can use armor especially the one named Firaga Armor to kill the enemy hero. When he uses his armor, all damage received by X.Borg will only affect his new health, so X.Borg will become a very thick hero. After that, if the Armor is destroyed, it will change to the second form, the Armorless form. Well, here are some skills from X.Borg itself:

Skill 1 – Fire Missiles: X.borg activates the flamethrower and fires fire in the specified direction. Damage continuously and increase the temperature of a hero. If the temperature reaches max, the damage will be true damage.

Skill 2 – Fire Stake: X.borg will fire 5 pegs towards the specified direction, a few seconds later, the peg will return to his body, and each stake will give damage to the enemy and attract them.

Ultimate Skill – Last Insanity: X.borg will spin and fire around it for a few seconds. Then he will blow up the armor he has and give true damage to the surrounding enemies. This skill can only be used when X.Borg has Firaga armor.

Passive – Firaga Armor: X.borg has a Firaga Armor that will give X.Borg an additional cellphone. All damage received by X.Borg will be given to the armor firaga first as long as Firaga armor is active until the cellphone from Firaga armor runs out.

After that X.Borg will roll towards the specified joystick, remove the armor and change its shape to an armorless form. He will collect the energy until the energy is full and call the armor fire back.

X.Borg is a fighter hero who will be a terrible addition. Worse yet, if used properly, the Health of X.Borg will not decrease at all. And any Hero Burst damage like Eudora, Aurora, Selena and others can’t kill him easily. He of course will be a terrible addition to the team in mobile legends.

Valve Launch CS:GO For Free, What’s The Different ?

Don’t have Counter Strike Global Offensive game ? But you want to try this popular FPS game ? Or you just want to watch how pro player play this game ? Don’t worry, Valve launch CS:GO for free, but what’s the different with the old one ?

As a FPS game, this game is legend since 1.6 version. There is so many gamer’s who want to be a professional gamer’s for this game. This game is not to expensive, you only need to pay around 10$ to play this game, but for some gamer’s, they don’t have enough money to buy this game but want to try this game. Because of this, Valve finally launched a free version of CSGO.

But different with normal version, in this version, only a few features which can be played by gamer’s. In this version, you can’t play with friends. You just can play BOT mode. But for newbie, this features maybe can be a good features to learn. Before buying this game, gamer’s can try and decide to buy or no.

But you also can watch some match from GOTV channel, with this features, you don’t need to stream via Youtube anymore ! Is that cool ? So for you who want to play this game for free, go install Steam and search for CSGO: Global Offensive Free Edition. Happy gaming !

Blade And Soul Mobile Version Released

It seems like 2018 is the year for fans of MMORPG game fans, the reason is that after the official version of Ragnarok and Perfect World Mobile was presented, this time it was the turn of Blade & Soul which was officially presented by Korean developer NetMarble. For those of you who want to play a game that has the official title Blade & Soul: Revolution, you can download it through the TapTap website.

Of course Blade & Soul: Revolution will get a significant upgrade to the graphics display because it will be supported with Unreal Engine 4. In the release later this game will present 4 playable races including Jin, Gon, Yun and Lyn, where each of you will be given each race the freedom to have 4 classes such as Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Destroyer, Machinist.

Interestingly, this game will present an interesting storyline that will be supported by 150 cinematic cut scenes. Like other MMORPG games this game itself will present their main elements, namely freedom of exploration, automation and grinding. Interestingly Blade & Soul: Revolution games will include an interesting feature, which allows you to play in 500 vs 500 modes in real-time through the clanwars feature.

Of course this is good news for MMORPG lovers, because you are again presented with a quality game on the screen of your smartphone. Unfortunately this one game is still available in Korean only, there is no clarity whether this one game will get the global version. But seeing the big name NetMarble, it is not impossible this game will soon have a global version. Let’s just wait.

Fun To Play ! Happy Glass Available For Android And iOS

For you who like to play puzzle game on Android or IOS device, maybe you not aware about this game. Yeah, this game released in January 2019. Happy Glass game step by step taking a fans and became the most popular game in IOS.

Happy Glass game is a simple puzzle game which is very addicted. Your job is to balancing the water to a glass form a bucket. You just need to swipe your finger for draw a line so the water can slide down to the glass.

Sound easy ? But the longer you play, your job is not only fill the glass with water, but you need to draw a line so the water will not drop outside the glass. But you just can draw one line in one finger slide. This is what make the game more harder.

The other mission is to gain three stars in every stage. If you can get three stars in every stage, you will get a bonus. If you can’t pass the level, you can use the hint features. But you must collect the point to use this features.

This game have a clean graphic, so you can play it more comfort. So you think you smart ? Try this game and see how smart you are.

The Division 2 Immediately Get World Tier 5 Equipment Updates

If you finish Operation Tidal Basin, the last Black Tusks defense base makes you think you will finish the Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 game, then wait until today’s update runs.

The update that will be held today at 2:30 p.m. will add one of the contents from “Invasion: Battle for D.C.” which is “Tidal Basin”. He will give you two new exotic weapons namely Nemesis (Sniper) and Pestilence (Light Machine Gun), three gear sets namely Hard Wire, Ongoing Directive, and True Patriot. This update also introduces a new level of difficulty that is “Heroic” which is harder than hard, but with a promising gift if you successfully complete it.

Completing endgame content after the update is not the end of everything, because you will soon reach World Tier 5 containing weapons with a 450-500 gear score. The presence of World Tier 5 at the same time gave a weekly invasion of the Black Tusks to be more intense. The strongest fraction of your enemy will again seize some of the main missions that you have completed which will certainly be more difficult than usual.

A PvP map named Fort McNair was also introduced to fill all the gaps in terms of PvP as we mentioned in our previous review.

In addition to the update above, Ubisoft is also preparing for Operation Dark Hours this month which will present the first 8-player raid in the Division series and a new specialization that seems to be using mini-gun as its weapon.

Tom Clancy’s Division 2 can now be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You who are curious about the game can read our review and follow the latest news.

Tutorial: How To Play Minotaur In Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, Minotaur popularity now going down. But after the patch, his popularity increasing significally. But there is so many players who is confused how to play the new type of Minotaur.

To play Minotaur is a little bit hard. But for players who is usually playing tank type, you just need a little time to adapt with Minotaur. This hero is support tank type hero. He not only tanky, but he can heal his teammates.

For playing this hero, you need to know the role first. As we said, he is support tanky hero. So you need to know this thing first, so you can choose which gameplay is the best for yourself.

As a support, it’s not mean he is easy to kill, you are totally wrong ! But you need one condition to make him hard to kill, yup, rage mode !

Minotaur have a two layer of skills, for the first, the skills who can be use when Minotaur in normal mode. In this mode, Minotaur skill damage and heal is quite low.

The second is when Minotaur in rage mode. When in this mode, Minotaur will have larger AoE skill and higher heal points. His ultimate can be used when he is rage mode, when using the ultimate skill, Minotaur will make earthquake around himself, damaging all nearby unit and make them airboned 3 times.

You also need to buy a good equipment, so it can help you to survive the enemy attack. When hitted by enemy, your rage point also growing up, after being rage, ITS TIME TO KILL !

Gamebrott Prepare the E-Sport Team Named “GEMES”

The number of non-gamers who began to plunge into the world of E-Sport on the basis of adjustments to the millennial generation proves that acceptance of the screen of gaming sports and gamers athletes is brighter in their future. It also motivates Gamebrott to release their own E-Sport Team, with line up players who have promising backgrounds and skills.

The selection of a serious and full consideration initially made the team a little uncertain about what games to play. One player is gifted and has daily life playing AOV, Mobile Legend, PUBG Mobile, and even one of them is an expert in Apex Legends Tinder, but assessing the future prospect of Hago’s choice is the most important.

The choice of the name “GEMES” or Gamebrott Esport itself is based on the philosophy of each player who is tenacious, hard-working, and adorable. In the beginning, we actually planned to name it “NAG Gemes” or Naga Gamebrott Esport, but because it was too weird and difficult to remember and not suitable to be a brand, finally we chose GEMES.

Because of the limitations of the existing Roster, we ourselves plan to do mass recruitment to capture the talents of young E-Sport players (skip if aging) who have bright prospects and future. The first requirement is certainly must be at least 5 years old (below that can not be invited to chat) and a maximum of 27, the second requirement is certainly required to have a busy life outside this team.

The future target of “GEMES” itself will soon be fighting and winning local tournaments first and looking for sponsors who can provide support in any form. Go International (HAGO World Championship) itself is the final target of GEMES in the future so that it can raise the name of the nation and the country.