Best Deadly Weapon In PUBG

Best Deadly Weapon In PUBG

Not only can you make your character die quickly without having the chance to turn around, but also can make you scream in surprise to swear because it’s so talkative. That can happen if you have been hit by a shot from the PUBG Mobile super weapon!

The effect of this PUBG Mobile super weapon also makes you emotional and can make your mood uncomfortable all day until you get a Chicken Dinner as a pain medication.

The first PUBG Mobile super weapon is Kar98K, or the full name is Karabiner 98 Kurz. You can find this Sniper Rifle easily without having to wait for the supply drop to come.

If you can find this weapon at the start of booting, you better save it first until you get a long range scope and various other components such as Supplements and Stock.

This weapon has many fans among the PUBG Mobile Sniper, as KAR98K has a fairly high accuracy and damage and can make the opponent immediately take down in a single shot in the head.

The next PUBG Mobile super weapon is definitely AWM or Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum. AWM is a Sniper Rifle that is designed to shoot from even the most extreme distances.

This weapon is a Sniper Rifle that can produce enormous damage from all weapons in PUBG Mobile. There are only two weapons that can directly kill your opponent without taking down in one shot in the head, namely Crossbow and AWM.

It’s just that AWM is much stronger, and can penetrate the opponent’s head using Spetsnaz Helmet. Not to mention AWM has its own special bullet and you can only find it from the results of the loot supply drop.

The super PUBG Mobile weapon that can rival the AWM is Mk14. This is PUBG Mobile’s strongest DMR type weapon that you can only get from the supply drop.

This Mk14 weapon is arguably the big version of the SKS weapon that produces more damage and certainly produces a terrifying gunshot!

Moreover, you can convert MK14 to automatic fire mode, making you become a Rambo if the situation urges you to shoot at close range.