Call Of Duty By Tencent Finally Released

Call Of Duty By Tencent Finally Released

After it was first announced a few months ago and made a scene, because this game is a joint project between Tencent and Activision. Finally, you can enjoy the game that has the official title of Call of Duty Legends of War. Even though this game is still unreleased and still in the Alpha Test stage you can still play this one game by downloading it via the ApkPure website.

In this Alpha Test period you will be presented with two modes that you can play including Multiplayer Mode and Zombies Mode. In multiplayer mode you will play in teams and will face other players, in this mode there are five types of games that you can try in frontline, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, and Free for All.

Interesting in Zombie Mode the game Call of Duty Legends of itself will have a story mode that is quite exciting to follow. For the appearance of this game itself will have stunning graphics and will use a virtual joystick to play it.

Seen from the virtual joystick, it seems that for those of you who often play PUBG Mobile games will not have difficulty playing this game, considering that the Mobile version of Call of Duty was also developed by the studio behind the successful battle royale, TiMi Studio.

The main difference between this game and others is the system auto attack which might make some players feel uncomfortable. But considering this game itself is still in the Alpha Test stage, it is likely that Tencent will eliminate the auto attack feature.

Of course this one game is worth your try, considering it’s still in the alpha test stage. Besides this game itself can be an increasingly clear sign that the migration of games previously released on the console and PC will be coming soon on the Mobile poker platform.