Deep Sea Monster – Tidehunter

Tidehunter is a STR type hero in DOTA. He is a demon who controls the deepest ocean. Tidehunter is usually played as an offlaner. He has the capacity to become a true tanker and a true initiator of war. This is because the skills possessed by Tidehunter are very effective to make him a tanker and initiator.

The gush skill that he has can give magic damage to the affected opponent. When this skill is used, Tidehunter will spit a small wave of water from his mouth. In addition to receiving magic damage, the opponent will also experience a reduction in motion speed. This skill can be upgraded using Aghanim Scepter, later this skill will become an AOE skill with a large and far range.

The Kraken Shell skill that he had was also very overpowered at the beginning of the game. How not, this skill makes Tidehunter able to block the damage he receives. Not only that, for the opponent’s debuff skill given to him will also experience a reduction in duration. This skill can help Tidehunter to survive during the early game and late game.

The Anchor Smash skill that he has can also block opponents who are trying to farm. This skill has a physical effect so the immune magic item will not affect. When exposed to this skill, your opponent will lose 40% of their attack points.

To initiate, Tidehunter will use Ravage skill where he will summon Kraken’s tentacles and hit anyone in the skill area. Opponents affected by this skill will be thrown up and receive a stun effect.