Denies Censorship, Director Dead or Alive 6 Give Clarification

Denies Censorship, Director Dead or Alive 6 Give Clarification

Present with a different concept by minimizing the “fanservice”, there are many rumors which include sensual fighting game Dead or Alive 6. Especially after interviewing the game Director and Producer, Yohei Shimbori with GNN. The GNN translation error shocked all of his fans, so Shimbori had to clarify the interview.

Previously it was reported that Dead or Alive 6 would reduce the effect of torn clothes in order to attract a female audience complete with differences in content on each platform. This was denied by Shimbori when it was confirmed again by Twinfinite. Shimbori said that there were translational errors and citations to previous interviews, he continued that the game content would remain the same on all platforms.

When asked whether costumes and animations including “shock” animations will remain the same on all platforms, Shimbori replies that all platforms will have the same but different special animation content for costume issues. This is because there is costume exclusivity on each platform.

Shimbori stressed that there was nothing they did to attract a female audience, because he believed that most female players he knew would use sensual characters rather than ordinary ones. He also clarified that Sony’s censorship was not true.

At the end of the interview, Shimbori acknowledged that her team had reduced the features of the torn clothes in the game. They did so that the game could be sold on various platforms. But he stressed that the possibility of this being changed was also very large.

When it was confirmed that the possibility of the feature could be set to be more “prominent” after the game was released, Shimbori guaranteed it.