NetEase Released Marvel Superhero Moba Game

NetEase Released Marvel Superhero Moba Game

What would happen if the Marvel Superheroes were presented in a MOBA genre game? Of course you don’t need to dream anymore, because NetEase and Marvel Entertainment have made your dreams come true.

The Bamboo Curtain country developer officially presents his newest game, the MOBA genre with the theme Super Hero Marvel. The game that has the official title of Marvel Super War itself has entered the closed beta period and you can play it by downloading via the Google Play Store and AppStore Indonesia.

The gameplay of this game is arguably has no significant difference in the general MOBA Mobile game, where you will be taken into a 5vs5 battle, where there will be two forests available.

But the main value of this game, in addition to presenting characters from Marevl Comics such as Avanger, X-Men, and Guardians of Galaxy, Marvel Super Wars has a beautiful battlefield appearance, as well as world designs that are supported with stunning effects during combat. During the closed beta period there were a total of 25 available heroes, consisting of Thor, Black Panther, Magneto, and Deadpool.

Of course this is an amazing news, because the collaboration between NetEase and Marevl Entertainment truly combines the biggest franchise today with the genre that is indeed loved by mobile gamers in Indonesia.