Newest Racing Game From Garena - Speed Drifter

Newest Racing Game From Garena – Speed Drifter

Speed ​​Drifter is an newest game from Garena. Not only in Indonesia, but this game also exists in several Asian countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Japan and others. This game is available for Android and Ios.

Not just ordinary races because in this game, we can dress our characters, because there are cool outfit that we can use, from clothes, pants, shoes, hairstyles to accessories such as wings, sticks, crowns. In the game there are also features to walk in the city. We can chat with our friends and people who play from abroad.

The cars provided are also various kinds and different classes. Starting from class C to S class, it is certainly not easy to get a class A or S car, because you have to spend a lot of money to get the top class car. We can also modify the car that we have or we upgrade the car. Parts that can be upgraded include machines, tires, turbines, Nos. Upgrades must be done because to increase the speed of the car in the race.

In this game, there is also the Couple feature, so you can make love with other people in the game. Quite unique. Speed ​​Drifter is not paid, which means we can play for free.