Night Stalker: Fear Me ! Because Im The Prince Of The Night !

Night Stalker: Fear Me ! Because Im The Prince Of The Night !

Night Stalker is a melee STR hero and he is a devastating ganker, specially at night. Unlike the others hero, Night Stalker only strong when dark come. In day time, his ability will be useless, but when night come, he will be a monster and ready to kill every enemy. In night time, his ability will have extra effect, that’s why Night Stalker is a killer Machine when night come.

His first skill Void will damaging one enemy unit. In the night time, this skill will inflict slow effect to enemy. This skill also inflict mini stun, so you can cancelling any channeling spell and TP. But in day time, the damage will be half from night time.

He aslo can horrifies enemy hero with Crippling Fear. This skill will silence any targeted unit. In night time, the silent duration is 8 second but in day time the duration reduced to 3 second.

His fearsome come from his third skill, Hunter in the Night. When night come, Night Stalker will gain 35% movement speed bonus and 90 point of attack speed.

Night Stalker can instantly change the time, from day to night with his ultimate skill, Darkness. Night Stalker will summon instant darkness to hunt his prey. When using this skill, Night Stalker will gain extra vision and reducing any vision from enemy including wards.