Should You Achieve Chicken Dinner To Increase Your PUBG Rank?

Should You Achieve Chicken Dinner To Increase Your PUBG Rank?

In playing PUBG Mobile games, there are rank levels that you can achieve. To increase rank, you need to get points by playing. But many are mistaken about the points obtained to increase rank

Usually, new players or newbies will assume that the way to increase rank points is to win the match. It’s not wrong, but to get points, you don’t have to win first. If you lose, you will still get points.

You only need to survive until reaching the top 20, indeed the points obtained are not large, but this method is very effective to increase your rank.

To reach rank 20, there are some tips that you can apply. The first tip is not too greedy to kill your opponent. Indeed killing an opponent will increase the points earned later. But you need to remember, if you are too focused on killing other players, you might be killed.

The second tip, always at the outer circle of the safe zone. As explained in the first point, you only need to buy time until entering the top 20. Let other players kill each other first and your job is to go to war when there are few survivors.

The third tip, you can play with your squad. Why? By playing with the squad, that means your rivals to enter the top 20 are reduced by 3 people. The 3 people are people who are on the team. In this way, you can get points to increase rank on Mobile PUBG.