Spidey In Action ! Spider-Man Ps4 Trailer Leaked !

Spidey In Action ! Spider-Man Ps4 Trailer Leaked !

After being show in E3  2018, Spiderman came back through the new video trailer. That video being released through an official account of Sony Playstation. Spiderman will accompany you through this season !

From all of Marvel superhero, which one is the best ? If your answer is Spiderman, than this will be a very good news, right ? In the trailer video, Spiderman fought with some enemy using his webs !

If we talk about the graphic, there is no doubt about it ! Sony doing a great job with this game, seriously. The movement is very good and smooth !

FYI, this game will not adapt the last series of Spiderman. You will play as Peter Parker with new story and new characters. You will meet the bad guys like Rhino, Kingpin and many more.

In some mission, you will able to play as Mary Jane too ! We all know that Mary Jane can’t fight, so when we controlling her, we will try to solve puzzle and stealth ! Mary Jane mission is to take picture in a crime scene as a journalist.

This game will release in 7 September 2018. For PS4 Pro Edition, this game will cost aroung 400$. Will you buy and play it with your friend or you will skip this game ?