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Bounty Hunter – Beware of the Ambush !

Bounty Hunter is a melee hero with agility primary attribute. He is very good at hunting, chasing and killing single enemy unit. He have a capability of being a good ganker and roamer. His specialization is tracking enemy hero and give extra gold to teammates with his ultimate skill.

His first skill is Shuriken Toss. Bounty Hunter will throw his giant shuriken to kill an enemy. Enemy who hitted by this shuriken will take magical damage. This skill causing a mini stun effect, so it can cancel the channeling skill and teleportation. This skill can be upgraded by Aghanim Scepter. The shuriken will bounce twice to each target when upgraded by Aghanim Scepter.

For ganking, Bounty Hunter will use Shadow Walk. When entering this mode, Bounty Hunter will going invisible. He can roam around and find enemy unit who farm at jungle or ganking mid lane.

His third skill is Jinada. With this skill, for every 6 second, Bounty Hunter will hit a critical strike. Not only critical, enemy unit will also take slow effect.

His ultimate is Track. With this skill, Bounty Hunter can track an enemy unit. So whenever he go, Bounty Hunter can see them, even when they using invisible skill ! When kill the enemy under Track effect, Bounty Hunter and team will take extra gold from the enemy.