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Crackdown 3 Release Date Announced ?

Crackdown 3 Release Date Announced ?

Waiting to long for Crackdown 3 ? Calm, not only you who waiting the release date of this game. But there is a good news, Sumo Digital finally announced when this game will release.

The main character of this game is Terry Crews, who dont know Terry Crews ? Almost all people know him ! He is the cast of Old Spice advertising.  In Crackdown 3, Terry Crews  will be a main character.

Back in time, this game first time announced in 2013 at Electronic Entertainment Expo. Many people asking about when this game is officially released. It’s been five years since first time announced and the release date still uknown.

But Sumo Digital as a developer finally give a little information about this game. Till now, this game is still under development stage for maximizing the game features. The Sumo Digital expected this game will be release in February 2019.

When GamesIndustry interviewing Sumo Digital, they said that they must do a long research before release the game. They learn from mistake when release the Crackdown 2 back in time. Crackdown 2 was a big failure and they don’t want it happen again with Crackdown 3.

This game will be availabe for PC and XBOX One. Could it be a delayed again ? Hopefully no !