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Valve Launch CS:GO For Free, What's The Different ?

Valve Launch CS:GO For Free, What’s The Different ?

Don’t have Counter Strike Global Offensive game ? But you want to try this popular FPS game ? Or you just want to watch how pro player play this game ? Don’t worry, Valve launch CS:GO for free, but what’s the different with the old one ?

As a FPS game, this game is legend since 1.6 version. There is so many gamer’s who want to be a professional gamer’s for this game. This game is not to expensive, you only need to pay around 10$ to play this game, but for some gamer’s, they don’t have enough money to buy this game but want to try this game. Because of this, Valve finally launched a free version of CSGO.

But different with normal version, in this version, only a few features which can be played by gamer’s. In this version, you can’t play with friends. You just can play BOT mode. But for newbie, this features maybe can be a good features to learn. Before buying this game, gamer’s can try and decide to buy or no.

But you also can watch some match from GOTV channel, with this features, you don’t need to stream via Youtube anymore ! Is that cool ? So for you who want to play this game for free, go install Steam and search for CSGO: Global Offensive Free Edition. Happy gaming !