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Character In Crash Team Racing Game, Lets Nostalgic With This Game !

Character In Crash Team Racing Game, Lets Nostalgic With This Game !

For those of you who used to feel playing on the Playstation 1 console, still remember or not about the Crash Team Racing game or commonly called CTR? This game is a racing game that is very legendary and favored by children of old age. Want to know what characters are in this game?

The first character is of course Crash Bandicoot. Crash is the main character and becomes the first character you will use.

The second character is Coco Bandicoot. Coco is Crash Bandicoot’s younger sister, she has two very cute pets in the form of tiger children and polar bear children.

The third character is Dr. Neo Cortex. This character is a very evil antagonist character. He is a psychopathic scientist who is very happy with nuclear. He has ambitions to rule the world.

The fourth character is Tiny Tiger. It’s the same as Dr. Neo Cortex, he is a very evil antagonist in the Crash Team Racing game. He has a very terrible speed in this game but the handling is quite bad.

The fifth character is N. Gin. If asked who is the enemy of Coco Bandicoot, then the answer is N. Gin. In addition to the sequel to Crash Team Racing, he also became a mortal enemy in the 1.2 Crash Bandicoot game and also 3.

The sixth character is Dingodile. The shape is similar to a crocodile with sharp teeth coming out. The advantages are similar to Tiny Tiger, it’s just that the car is green.

The seventh character is Polar. Polar is a very cute character in the Crash Team Racing game. He is a Coco Bandicoot pet.

The eighth character is Pura. As with Polar, he is a pet of Coco Bandicoot.