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Cyber Hunter Battle Royale has been officially released in the Google Play Store!

Cyber Hunter Battle Royale has been officially released in the Google Play Store!

Finally on January 11, 2019 the developer of the bamboo curtain country, NetEase, gave good news that their latest battle royale game, Cyber ​​Hunter, had officially entered the soft-launch period.

Previously the game that had gameplay similar to the game made by Epic Games, Fortnite, had succeeded in attracting attention in the open-beta period in October 2018. For those of you who want to play this one game you can download it through the Google Play Store Indonesia.

It seems that you need to thank NetEase because they seem to pay for your disappointment that you can’t play Fortnite by releasing Cyber ​​Hunter. This is because this one game is very friendly for your smartphone potato.

Like other battle royale games, you will be brought into an area measuring 6 × 6 where you have to compete with 99 other players to survive. Like Fortnite, Cyber ​​Hunter will offer a battle royale game that will combine elements, survival, shooting, exploration, and buliding, which are wrapped in a cyber world. Interestingly, you don’t need to worry about tall buildings anymore, because the characters in this game are equipped with a unique ability to climb walls.

In addition, this game also has several unique vehicles, such as ships and airplanes. For its own weapons Cyber ​​Hunter will have weapons such as regular SMG, AR, SR, Handcannons, heavy weapons, grandes, and some weapons that have special attacks.

Of course, with the release of the Cyber ​​Hunter game, it will enliven the competition of existing battle royale games. Let’s see if NetEase with Cyber ​​Hunter can shift the dominance of other battle royale games like PUBG Mobile or Garena Free Fire.