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Nomuro : Final Fantasy VII Remake Still Going

Nomuro : Final Fantasy VII Remake Still Going

After the tragic event that hit the latest DLC features planned for Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix is ​​still continuing the Final Fantasy VII Remake project! In fact, they will also be a big priority in the future!

Reporting from Famitsu, in an interview with Tetsuya Nomura with on Friday (11-16-2018), the director of Final Fantasy VII, who had handled the title from the start, confirmed that the Final Fantasy VII remake version would be the main focus in PR efforts ( Public Relations ) for the next Square Enix.

The action will be carried out of course after the Kingdom Hearts III game was released in January 2019. Nomura also provided clarification about the misinformation circulating from his comments at an event at the Artnia Cafe in Tokyo last November.

For more details, the misinformation circulating on the internet is a rumor that the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake has not yet begun or has not developed at all. Nomura denied the clarification, as he revealed at the E3 event, that the Final Fantasy VII Remake project was going well.

Final Fantasy VII itself is a Square Enix project that revives one of their best games in the PS1 era with a new game mechanism and a reorganization of the graphics of the game with their best quality at the moment.