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Final Fantasy VII Suddenly Appears on the Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy VII Suddenly Appears on the Nintendo Switch

Of the dozens of the main Final Fantasy series that have aired on the surface, Final Fantasy VII is probably one of the most considered special by fans. Through settings and an atmosphere that is not as transparent as usual, the stories presented are actually able to make a lot of people drunk, aka stunned by the powerful narration that has been very beautifully executed.

The grandeur of the game that had dominated the PS1 console in 1997 seemed to have created a magical power that was able to make many fans ring up until now. The form of appeals to remake Final Fantasy VII has finally become a challenge that is inevitable in the presence of Square Enix officials.

Based on the certainty of a trailer accompanied by promises that a remake version of Final Fantasy VII will definitely exist even though they don’t know when, Square Enix is ​​currently apparently trying to improvise in refreshing the hearts of fans who can’t wait. Through the help of the Nintendo Switch console, they have just offered a form of transfer that concerns the continuity of the Final Fantasy VII series in the millennial era now.

Yes, it has been ascertained that Final Fantasy VII will also be visiting the Switch world soon, but not in the remake version you have been hoping for. In the trailer ad titled “My Way”, Final Fantasy VII is uniquely created in conjunction with the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game, which has been released since 2017. Unfortunately, Nintendo itself does not provide certainty about when you can enjoy the JRPG genre game on the Switch console.