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Best Partner In Video Games

Best Partner In Video Games

In playing games, we will usually find a loyal partner following us until the end of the game. Sometimes partners who accompany us are very useful. These are the five most memorable partners in video games.

1. Vivi – Final Fantasy IX

For lovers of the Final Fantasy series, it is certainly familiar to the witch character with this black face and cone hat. Vivi’s character is indeed a perfect partner. He has a character that is too good and also has powerful magic power. Remember the story Vivi received right? Tragedy, trauma, betrayal to heartbreak are indeed able to thrill the hearts of everyone who plays this game.

2. Ignis – Final Fantasy XV

Ignis is an important character from Final Fantasy XV where he is the best member of Chocobro. His loyalty to Noctis also deserves a thumbs up. Just imagine the task of Ignis, he became a chef, driver, perfect service. The limit break that Ignis has is also very useful. Naturally, Ignis is included in the best partner list in video games.

3. Yusuke Kitagawa – Persona 5

One of the figures in Persona 5 with high body posture in the style of Joker is also one of the best partners. He may not be called the most popular character in this game, but his distinctive style of dress and mask will certainly make us always remember this one. He is also a smart person, although he is quiet, he is able to act funny at certain moments.

4. Dogmeat – Fallout 4

Remember this German Sherperd dog dong. His loyalty is unmatched. Here he continues to accompany your trip. He can also be dressed with various accessories that can help you to survive the post-apocalypse.

5. Pokemon Starter – Pokemon

In playing Pokemon games, whatever the series, Pokemon Starter is a Pokemon that helps us in completing the game. Just imagine if they were not there, how could we fight since the game first started? The last evolution of the Pokemon starter is also always overpowered making it easier for us to finish this game.