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Fun To Play ! Happy Glass Available For Android And iOS

Fun To Play ! Happy Glass Available For Android And iOS

For you who like to play puzzle game on Android or IOS device, maybe you not aware about this game. Yeah, this game released in January 2019. Happy Glass game step by step taking a fans and became the most popular game in IOS.

Happy Glass game is a simple puzzle game which is very addicted. Your job is to balancing the water to a glass form a bucket. You just need to swipe your finger for draw a line so the water can slide down to the glass.

Sound easy ? But the longer you play, your job is not only fill the glass with water, but you need to draw a line so the water will not drop outside the glass. But you just can draw one line in one finger slide. This is what make the game more harder.

The other mission is to gain three stars in every stage. If you can get three stars in every stage, you will get a bonus. If you can’t pass the level, you can use the hint features. But you must collect the point to use this features.

This game have a clean graphic, so you can play it more comfort. So you think you smart ? Try this game and see how smart you are.