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LEGO: Lord of the Ring Can Be Play For Free

LEGO: Lord of the Ring Can Be Play For Free

Of the many LEGO series games, Lord of the Rings is certainly one of the film adaptation games that is not only hilarious, but full of stories that are exactly the same as the film trilogy. You who have played open-world games, of course, remember how it feels to jump from one story to another using Palantir’s power. Luckily, you who have never played it can now try it without being charged a penny.

Welcoming winter, Humble Bundle free LEGO Lord of the Rings permanently for a limited time. All you need to do is visit the following link, click “get the game”, then click “open your e-mail” when faced with two choices with the option “continue shopping” in the second option, then you can claim the code directly on Steam. Keep in mind, this event is only valid for two days starting today, so it would be nice if you claim it right now.

LEGO Lord of the Rings presents the world of open world with stories adapted directly from its film trilogy. You will be able to explore the Middle-Earth world and interact with several NPCs in it.

Not long ago, the LEGO The Hobbit game was also made free by Humble Bundle. The presence of Lord of the Rings seems to aim so that you can enjoy the game not halfway, considering that both of them are set in the same world.