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Lokapala, MOBA Game from Indonesia

Lokapala, MOBA Game from Indonesia

Whose said Indonesia is the worst game industry and still losing from abroad? In the game world, we know that Indonesia is starting to rise and show its fangs, one of which is the Anantarupa game studio.

Recently, it was reported that the game studio will explore the genre of games that are currently being played, namely MOBA, and the game will be titled Lokapala: Saga of The Six Realms.

It is interesting if discussing the MOBA game indeed, you know for yourself that Indonesia is still the “market” for this type of game, while the developers are dominated by games made in Korea, China, America and Japan.

Even so, Diana as COO of Anantarupa studio said that Indonesia is currently showing itself that not only can it become a market, but also makers of MOBA games that can be famous throughout the world, with Lokapala: Saga of The Six Realms.

It is also said that the Hero characters in the game will later be inspired by puppet stories, as well as history in Indonesia.

If you discuss puppets, there must be some that appear in your memory, right? Like Gatotkaca, Bima, Hanoman, Arjuna, and so on.

Well, later the names of popular figures will get a form development which will certainly be more interesting in the Lokapala game: Saga of The Six Realms.