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Metro Exodus Totally Awesome !

Metro Exodus Totally Awesome !

Such a sense of optimism is certainly felt by gamers when they welcome this ambitious concoction game 4A Games – Metro Exodus. Coming up with a more complex & realistic overhaul of the gameplay, and wrapped in visual quality that is far more stunning than the previous series, of course Artyom’s latest adventure series was not built in just one night. There is incredible hard work from reliable talents of 4A Games, with a development period of 5 years, they finally officially launched the work.

Even though it had been colored by controversy because Deep Silver didn’t release this game to Steam and moved it to Epic Game Store, still this is a work that is still anticipated. And sure enough, 4A Games managed to present the best they could offer, which was to present a massive positive overhaul in the Metro’s third series.

Beautiful and tense, that’s our first impression when tasting Metro Exodus for about the first 6 hours of the game. The massive overhaul presented by 4A Games this time really feels commensurate, behind the appearance of the world that is getting more and more beautiful, the gameplay mechanism that is presented feels increasingly complex & challenging. Not faced with a super linear world, now Exodus Metro feels more open with its semi-open world system.

Surely the world offered is far more beautiful than its previous series, from snowy areas, swamps, to Mad Max’s barren lands, all of which are beautiful. Together with the increasingly developed 4A Engine, the visual quality presented really looks amazing and is able to build the atmosphere of the game that feels very immersive. Starting from the texture, lighting system, reflection, a variety of small details of the environment that is present can be presented with a very amazing.