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Offlane Role In Moba Game

Offlane Role In Moba Game

When you play a game with the MOBA genre, you will find one path called OFFLANE. This path is the most difficult path to play in the MOBA genre game. Usually, the hero played in this lane is a hero who has the highest survival or survival rate, if, in a DOTA 2 game, the hero played is usually a STR hero who has a large HP.

This lane is said to be difficult not without reason, in addition to lacking a gap to escape, if you fill this lane, you will usually be faced with three opponent heroes which will certainly put pressure on you. Usually, there will be two heroes supporting opponents who will keep you from farming and leveling well.

In addition, to get the exp in this lane is also quite difficult, this is because you cannot progress recklessly. If you can’t read the situation, you can die when you want to take the exp from creeps.

This lane is the lane that is best filled by people who are patient but able to see opportunities. For players who usually fill role carry or midlane it is not recommended to fill this role because the style of play is very different.

But if you can master this lane well or can put pressure on your opponent’s hero when playing this game, your team’s victory can also be higher.