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Monster Hunter Wholesale Reach 11 Million Units Worldwide

Monster Hunter Wholesale Reach 11 Million Units Worldwide

A year has passed, Capcom seems to have really succeeded in presenting the game Monster Hunter: World which is loved by many fans. This is evidenced by the total sales of the game which reached 11 million units worldwide.

This was reported directly by Capcom (via Niche Gamer), where they also explained that the sale had increased rapidly since its release on PC in August last year. And this number seems to still continue to grow, considering the newest Expansion Pack entitled Iceborne will be available at the end of 2019.

This year seems to be a pretty good year for Capcom, because besides Monster Hunter: World, Resident Evil 2 Remake, which was also released less than two weeks ago, also managed to get very positive feedback from its fans.

This is coupled with Devil May Cry 5 which is also one of the many awaited games this year. And Capcom seems ready to work harder to present the best and delight the loyal fans.

For your information, Monster Hunter World is the latest version of Monster Hunter Series. This game can be played in PS4 and PC. This game bring many experience for gamer, such as crafting equipment, slaying big boss, collecting material and hunt down boss with party.