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Persona Q2 Release Date Already Anounced

Persona Q2 Release Date Already Anounced

How if Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 5 character merged in one game for 3DS console ? Can you imagine that ? Its not a hoax anymore, because you can meet all of the Persona 3 to 5 character in Persona Q2. Back in time, after success with Persona Q sequel, Atlus now back with new sequel: New Cinema Labyrinth.

4 years after being released, Atlus will come back again to enliven Nintendo 3DS console with new games, start with classic dungeon Etrian Odyssey till new sequel of Persona Q.

Still confuse or dont know about Persona Q story ? Ok, make it short, Persona Q series its a RPG game with dungeon crawler and turn based system. You will walk inside the labyrinth or dungeon, when walking and exploring the labyrinth, you will face some monster. The Battle System using turn based system, so you will need to arrange your turn to win battle against monster.

One thing that make this game so catchy is the chibi character, yeah we know that Nintendo 3DS focused on cute character so at this point, decision of making this game with cute character is a good decision.

This game will be release in 29 November 2018. Till now, there is no information about english version for this game. But, some say the English version will be availabe on next year.