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Resident Evil 2 Remake: Ada Wong Look More Seductive !

Resident Evil 2 Remake: Ada Wong Look More Seductive !

Present as an ambitious remake project, Capcom tries to bring a variety of new & interesting things into Resident Evil 2 Remake. Even so, Capcom promised to make the remake project still give a nostalgic feel, of course it was very much awaited by the fans.

As we know, Resident Evil is the most popular game from Capcom. This game is survival game with horror genre. Back in time, this game break the top chart of popular game in Playstation 1. Resident Evil have many sequel which can be played through all gaming console.

After Claire & Leon are certain to have a line of costumes that can be chosen according to their wishes, now it is Ada Wong’s turn to be shown using new costumes. Through some screenshots that have been leaked in cyberspace, you can see Ada Wong who has a more feminine appearance in her red dress.

The leakage of this screenshot was responded well by the fans, many fans cheered because they could see the figure of Ada Wong who was more attractive and at the same time “tempting” compared to the initial appearance of using a coat & sunglasses.

Resident Evil 2 Remake itself is scheduled to be released on January 25, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & PC.