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Will Saints Row Get Their 5th Squel ?

Will Saints Row Get Their 5th Squel ?

Games with open world elements always seem to be glimpsed by gamers, including this one. None other than Saints Row. The latest news comes from one of the typical “open world” open world games offered.

Released under the flag of Deep Silver, it was recently discovered that it would continue its “riot” series in its 5th sequel.

Reporting from Gamesradar, Deep Silver looks to tempt its fans with several things regarding the continuation of this phenomenal. Saints Row The Third has just landed on the Nintendo Switch, both the publisher and the Volition developer are actively promoting this one game. Then does it have anything to do with the continuation of Saints Row stepping on the 5th series?

Even more interesting news is that Saints Row 5 will land on a next-gen console such as PS 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett, unfortunately this is still being debated by Deep Silver.

The only biggest possibility is where the developer behind the previous series of Volition is opening job openings with specifications that are experienced with AAA third-person shooter games for the next open world game to be worked on.

The points above certainly open the chance that the phenomenal series with this typical riot will continue. However, this has not been confirmed by parties related to either Deep Silver or Volition.

There are two possibilities that they will continue Saints Row or other titles such as Agents of Mayhem. What do you think is brott? Do you want to continue the Saints Row or Agents of Mayhem series?