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Main Hero In Closer Online Game - Seha !

Main Hero In Closer Online Game – Seha !

Seha is an 18 year old child. He is the son of Seo Jisuu, the hero of Dimensional War I, who was called the Alpha Queen. Naturally, Seha has incredible Phase Power. Seha has a hobby of playing games.

Because of the strength that Seha has, many people have great hopes for Seha to help in facing dimensional monsters. At first Seha was not at all interested in joining in fighting dimensional monsters, but because of her mother’s compulsion, Seha finally decided to join Black Lambs, one of Closers’ teams.

Seha uses a weapon called Gun Blade, with this sword Seha can cut enemies and fire from his Blade Gun. The uniqueness of Seha is a True Damage attack where attacks that do not care about enemy DEF, and this attack can be very deadly.

Seha’s appearance also looks simple. He only wore a jacket with the Black Lambs logo on the sleeves and fur on the collar, black trousers, and regular shoes. Of course with his unique weapon, Gun Blade.

In this game, each character can also change their job. Like the Junior Agent, Official Agent, Special Agent and Task Force. Each of these jobs has different strengths, the higher the job that can be achieved, the greater the strength that will be obtained.