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Beautiful DJin, Shantae is Ready to Come Back in the Newest Series

Beautiful DJin, Shantae is Ready to Come Back in the Newest Series

First appeared on the Gameboy platform in 2002, this game might be included as one of the most foreign franchises in your ears. Even though it is only a 2D platformer style in the style of Megaman or maybe Castlevania, the game by the name of Shantae has actually managed to bring a theme or concept that is quite unique to listen to.

If you are familiar with the popularity of supernatural creatures that come from magic lights or perhaps pearl shells, this is what makes Shantae’s game franchise seem special. The last game series which was released in 2016 under the name Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on many platforms such as PC, PS4, PS Vita Xbox One, Wii U, and Switch also still will not end the jin kawai’s adventure in counteracting unrighteousness.

Through information that was recently reported by WayForward as the developer, Shantae’s adventures are still going to continue in the fifth series. Directly with the title Shantae 5, they reportedly will soon release the new 2D platformer game in around 2019.

In addition to being released multiplatform on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, WayForward also surprises that this game will also be present in a platform platfform playing a new game scheduled to be ready for release in the autumn of 2019 later with the name Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade itself is a service to play new Apple video games where you will be able to play hundreds of free games on TV, Desktop, and all your smartphones based on iOS or Apple. Because of its premium, you are required to pay a subscription fee each month.