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Valve Will Ban Developer Who Using Loli In 18+Rate Games

Valve Will Ban Developer Who Using Loli In 18+Rate Games

As one of the biggest markets for selling digital games today, Steam does try to facilitate the wishes of many fans with varied game preferences. One of course is adult games with various packaging. Although selling adult games, Steam certainly has a variety of supporting rules so that the incoming games remain in accordance with the standards desired by Steam. And the new rules imposed by Valve are prohibiting these adult games from using the character Loli aka characters who look like children.

This was raised by the Kotaku media, where it was said that Valve was hunting down developers who “exploited children” in the game. Some developers also found an email from Steam that their games cannot be marketed on Steam, one of which is Top Hat Studio, which considers that the characters in the game they make are over 18 years old.

After reviewing, the majority of games that received letter kites similar to Top Hat Studios are games that use school life backgrounds and are centered on characters who have an art style anime where the characters in them are displayed younger than their age. which should. These developers also protested to Steam and assumed that they did not use underage characters, even one of the developers of Yume Creations explained that the characters they took were indeed school children, but they were teenagers and not children like Steam had forbidden before.

However, this prohibition itself creates its own polemic on Steam. Because when they forbid games with these themes can be entered into Steam, similar games or at least have aspects similar to the points of the children that have been released are still marketed such as Extra Nekopara, Sakura Sakura, A Piece Of Wish Upon The Stars, etc. This in itself is considered unfair by new developers where the games they have made cannot be marketed. Steam itself still does not provide clarity and more information about this problem. And some studios choose to budge and will release their adult games through other ways such as marketing them through the adult website of my Fak.