Updates That Are Present at AOV Update January 2019

Updates That Are Present at AOV Update January 2019

Arena of Valor will soon get an update on Patch January in the near future. In the Garena AOV Indonesia Official post, Garena himself gave a lot of grids in the form of Sneak Peek which we can see like the pictures below.

The things below are just an overview of changes and updates in the outline, while for the clarity and details of the January update we will probably give details after we have managed to collect the data, so you must be patient. What updates will be available at the January Update? This is it!

Maybe most of the Challangers already know, that there will be a display rework for a number of heroes in AOV after the January patch, one of them is Lord Yorn as shown above.

In this case, it seems clear that Tencent and Garena are always doing Graphic overhaul every time there is a big update on the AOV, after August which provides a major overhaul, it looks like this January will also be the initial stage of the development of the display quality of Arena of Valor in 2019

In the Kings of Glory Game in China, we also know that the predecessor game from AOV was both under the auspices of Tencent, experiencing a major overhaul in terms of graphics. It’s no secret that AOV always applies updates taken from the KOG game. We see the latest KOG Gameplay footage from Kepo gaming below.

Florentino, Veres, and Chapeny appear in the poster above, this has become a leak that the above 3 heroes will be released soon, of the 3 heroes above, not all the heroes will be released this year, there are still heroes like D, arcy, Errol, Hayate etc.

And the most uproar rumors circulated that Aquaman will be released as the newest DC Universe hero. Besides that, Kirito from SAO will also come after the grid that was released by Garena AOV Taiwan appeared some time ago.

A new look at the UI or User Interface is also available in this update, which adds to the impression of HD on AOV in this update.

In addition, we also have a feature where you can see Winrate from a team mate while ranking Match, the appearance of Avatar and hero photos depending on the skin used will also be there. So you can show off the skin you have while the draft pick hero.