DreadOut2 Claimed To Be More Scary Than The First One

DreadOut2 Claimed To Be More Scary Than The First One

In a way, DreadOut is one of the pioneers of Indonesian PC games that went to Steam. This game is also a pioneer of the crowdfunding movement in Indonesia, after successfully penetrating the funding target through the IndieGogo website. Well, four years later after its release, Digital Happiness from Bandung has prepared its sequel, DreadOut 2!

This news was initially confirmed through the official DreadOut fanpage, and finally last night Digital Happiness began opening the Steam page for this sequel. Through this Steam page, we can see the trailer and also the first screenshot of DreadOut 2, which is still not getting an official release schedule.

From the description shown, DreadOut 2 will still maintain the hallmark of ghost hunting gameplay using a smartphone. But the difference is, this time you will explore a city either at day or night. The city is haunted by a mystical legend. So it’s your job to solve the puzzle that happened behind the legend.

Digital Happiness also revealed a little gameplay from DreadOut 2. Besides using a smartphone to hunt ghosts, later you will also fight against the ghosts. From the trailer we can see one of them, where you can fight ghosts (using a sword?) At close range.

In addition, Digital Happiness also stated that the story in this game will run non-linearly. Many NPCs will give you sidequests and the opportunity to explore the small town to break the mystery.

There is no release schedule from DreadOut 2. But for those of you who are curious about the world of DreadOut, you can visit them at PopCon Asia 2018 which is held today and tomorrow. There you can directly meet the developers, while knowing how the latest updates from the DreadOut movie are reported to have finished the shooting process.