New Project From Square Enix With Tales Producer

New Project From Square Enix With Tales Producer

Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Tales series have their own huge fan base. But through the latest collaboration between Square Enix and also the producer of the Tales series, Hideo Baba will probably “unite” them. Yep, Square Enix and Hideo Baba have confirmed their collaboration which is currently still given the Prelude Rune Project code!

This news itself first appeared at the beginning of 2017. At that time, Square Enix confirmed that they established a new studio called Studio Istolia. Interestingly, Square Enix then appointed Hideo Baba as the head of the studio, and finally built a new team to develop this Prelude Rune Project.

Hideo Baba himself claimed that his choice to leave the Tales series and develop the Prelude Rune Project was to get new challenges, while building a new IP to be as famous as Tales. And a few days ahead of the 2018 Tokyo Game Show (TGS) which will be held starting tomorrow, September 20, Square Enix also released the first teaser of this game.

From the teaser shown, it appears that this game is still at a very early stage. But we can see how the graphic style of this game combines the graphic style of Tales with Dragon Quest. With TGS 2018 in sight, it looks like we can expect more details to be confirmed for this title.

This teaser appears to complement the concept image released earlier, which features a princess who nurtures dragons. Even though neither the princess nor the dragon appears on this teaser, it could be that these two elements will be the main focus in Prelude Rune’s Project later.