Rage in Peace PC Game Released

Rage in Peace PC Game Released

Indeed, every time we play a game we always meet when we are game over, aka the game stops. Either because the main character is killed, time is up, or has completed one level. But the Rage in Peace PC game is quite different. You won’t find the word game over at all in this Rolling Glory Jam game from Bandung!

Yep, Rolling Glory Jam working with Toge Productions as a publisher has just released Rage in Peace on PC via Steam and also on the Nintendo Switch. Besides not knowing the word game over, this game is also ready to give a lot of surprises to players who will keep you curious and not stop playing it.

This game tells about Timmy Malinu, an ordinary employee who dreams of dying peacefully in his bed. Of course it’s everyone’s hope too right? Well, what happens is suddenly the death angel approaches Timmy, and gives a pretty terrible news: Timmy will die today with a split head.

Unfortunately, the death angel does not provide specific information about when, where and what will make Timmy get killed. Timmy only had one last chance to fulfill his noble dream to die peacefully.

However, there would be a lot of strange things that greeted Timmy as long as he was on his way back to his home, starting from bamboo that appeared from the floor to the sharks that emerged from the puddles. So your job is to help Timmy avoid these strange things so he can go home safely. Can you help Timmy?