Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Mercenary Cat

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Mercenary Cat

Adorable as well as handful? Yes mercenary cat. There are no parties but need hunting friends? Mercenary cat can be your hunting friend.

There are 4 mercenaries available today, each mercenary cat has a different function. You can rent them by paying 10,000 zeny per day (24 hours), and 60,000 zeny for 7 days.



In Episode 5.0 server China, the location of the Mercenary is moved all at Prontera.
Before you can rent them, you must complete the quest for each Mercenary.
The Mercenary Cat level follows the level of the Base Character that is renting.


This Mercenary Cat is the mercenary cat that you might first meet. The location of the Mercenary Cat is in Prontera. Paul focuses on Offensive and the damage given is Physical Attack.


This one Mercenary Cat is most often used by players. Because the role of Mercenary cat this one is as a healer. Although the number of heals is not too large, it is very useful when hunting. The location of this one Mercenary cat is in Izlude.


This Mercenary Cat with a geisha model is really charming, she plays an offensive role like Paul. But he attacked the enemy using Magic. The location of the origin of this one Mercenary Cat is in Geffen.


This one Mercenary Cat is very unique. If you know the skill of the Crusader class “Devotion” you will immediately know the role of this one Mercenary Cat. The role of Mercenary Cat this one is as a Tanker, yes all the damage you receive will be received by Wasabi. The location of the origin of Cat Mercenary is in Geffen.

Pro Tips: Recover Mercenary Cat HP

Every time Mercenary Cat dies, you have to wait 2 minutes before the Mercenary Cat comes back to life. To prevent the Mercenary Cat from dying, you can recover Mercenary Cat’s HP just by using Pose or Motion sitting, so Mercenary Cat will do recovery.

Pro Tips: Rent more than one Mercenary Cat

You can buy Adventure Skill to rent more than one Mercenary Cat at a time. In Episode 5.0, there was a very significant change to the Mercenary Cat system. The limit for renting Mercenary Cat is supposed to be one without Adventure Skill, in Episode 5.0 it will be changed to as many as two Mercenary Cat. And if you buy an Adventure Skill, you can rent up to 4 Mercenary Cat at a time, which previously only limited to two Mercenary Cat.