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Supreme League, First Apex Legend Tournament In Indonesia

Supreme League, First Apex Legend Tournament In Indonesia

The popularity of the battle royale game from EA Apex Legends is now starting to spread to the Southeast Asia region, including Indonesia. Video Games that topped the audience list were twitched and played by many of the pro players who are likely to be booming like Fortnite and PUBG. Many players in Indonesia love the gameplay of Apex Legends because it is different from the others.

With the many players from Indonesia, event organizers in Indonesia are now also starting to look at the Apex Legends market. One of them is the Supreme League. The Supreme League will hold the first Apex Legends tournament in Indonesia with a total prize of 25 million rupiah.

The Apex Legends exhibition will only accommodate 200 teams with free registration fees, or free of charge. The registration phase itself was opened from February 20 to February 24 tomorrow. registration will be closed if the participants have reached the maximum limit later. The Apex Legends Supreme League tournament itself will be held on February 25 to March 9.

Because Apex Legends does not have a lobby feature, the tournament rules will be similar to the Apex Legends Twitch Rivals Challenge yesterday. Participants must have a YouTube channel and stream during the tournament. Participants with the highest points will drive to the main event and fight for a total prize of 25 million rupiah.

Review: APEX Legends !

Surprising, of course, the right sentence to describe the lunge of Respawn in presenting APEX Legends. Being anticipated as the newest Titanfall series, it turns out that APEX Legends is an unusual battle royale game. The best thing? This cool game comes in free to play, unique, interesting, and addictive, three things that we clearly feel when trying APEX Legends. Making PUBG elements with Titanfall without Titan (giant mecha), APEX Legends feels like a breath of fresh air in a genre of battle royals.

Will not be faced with playing solo or squad with 4-5 players, APEX Legends gives a battle of 3 royale squad battles filled by 20 Squads in each match. APEX Legends really prioritizes team cohesiveness in the field, there are 6 characters that you can play, all of which have different abilities to complement each other. From leaning to defensive abilities, attacker types, to tracker types, all of them feel interesting to play & try one by one.

Because using this class system, of course APEX Legends does not present a variety of customization features in the style of most battle royale games. But instead, there are cosmetic features in the form of skins that you can use to display characters and beautify the appearance of weapons. As a free game to play, of course APEX Legends embeds microtransaction in it, you can get various cosmetic skins through the Gacha system, every time you level up or pour real money.

Formulated with Source Engine just like Titanfall 2, the visual quality display presented by APEX Legends certainly looks very charming. Starting from lighting, texture, reflection, shadow, so that the environment really looks very neat, we are even sure that APEX Legends is one of the best graphic royale games at the moment.