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Supreme League, First Apex Legend Tournament In Indonesia

Supreme League, First Apex Legend Tournament In Indonesia

The popularity of the battle royale game from EA Apex Legends is now starting to spread to the Southeast Asia region, including Indonesia. Video Games that topped the audience list were twitched and played by many of the pro players who are likely to be booming like Fortnite and PUBG. Many players in Indonesia love the gameplay of Apex Legends because it is different from the others.

With the many players from Indonesia, event organizers in Indonesia are now also starting to look at the Apex Legends market. One of them is the Supreme League. The Supreme League will hold the first Apex Legends tournament in Indonesia with a total prize of 25 million rupiah.

The Apex Legends exhibition will only accommodate 200 teams with free registration fees, or free of charge. The registration phase itself was opened from February 20 to February 24 tomorrow. registration will be closed if the participants have reached the maximum limit later. The Apex Legends Supreme League tournament itself will be held on February 25 to March 9.

Because Apex Legends does not have a lobby feature, the tournament rules will be similar to the Apex Legends Twitch Rivals Challenge yesterday. Participants must have a YouTube channel and stream during the tournament. Participants with the highest points will drive to the main event and fight for a total prize of 25 million rupiah.