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Tembak-Tembakan Sambil Bertahan Hidup, PUBG Jawabannya !

Tembak-Tembakan Sambil Bertahan Hidup, PUBG Jawabannya !

Apakah kalian senang dengan game bertemakan survival ? Apakah kalian juga lihai dalam permainan tembak menembak atau FPS ? Jika ya, maka kalian harus melihat review dari salah satu game bertemakan survival yang tengah booming di tahun 2020 ini.

Kali ini saya akan memberikan artikel tentang game yang ter-inspirasi dari film Hunger Games dimana seoirang player akan turun di sebuah pulau yang tak berpengjhuni dan diberikan senjata untuk berperang 1 sama lain sampai menjadi orang yang terakhir yang hidup. Game ini menjadi salah yang membuat para Gamer menjadi terobsesi dalam memenangkan permainan tersebut.

Kenapa engga ? karena disaat menjadi oreang terakhir di Game tersebut memberikan rasa kepuasan yang klimaks jika memenangkan game tersebut. Game ini juga menjadi Viral dikarenakan ternyata banyak Gamer yang menyukai tipe game yang seperti ini. Senjata yang diberikan game ini terdiri dari Pistol, Assault Rifle (AR), Sniper, dan juga ada berbagai macam bom.

Tiap strategi yang dilakukan bermacam-macam tiap player, ada yang memetingkan untuk mengambil high ground, ada juga yang menunggu di sebuah rumah, bahkan ada juga yang menggunakan Teknik tiarap. Kemampuan tiap player memiliki karakter yang berbeda untuk mengeksekusi strategi tersebut.

Keunikan dari game ini yang membuat game Pubg terkenal di bidang battle royale sampai sekarang ini. Semenjak terkenalnya Game ini, Game ini dibuat turnamen untuk memenangkan uang yang sangat besar untuk sampai bisa jalan-jalan keluar negeri gaiss.

Nah gimana ? tertarik kan gaiss dengan game yang 1 ini, gausa lama-lama lagi gaiss langsung aja di download eitss tapi tunggu dulu game ini berbayar ya gaiss. Dengan kata lain game yang berbayar biasanya akan menurunkan pengguna cheater yang ada, kalian tau sendiri jika main game First Person Shooter ada yang menggunakan cheat pasti ga enak kan? Game ini bisa dibeli di steam dengan harga yang terjangakau gaiss, nah langsung saja sikat gamenya gaiss. Sekian dan terima kasih.

Best Weapon In PUBG Game ( Mobile And PC )

When playing PUBG games (Player Unknown’s BattleGround’s) you can find many types of weapons. But, not all high-tier weapons can be found easily in this game.

Weapons that have damage and complete attachments are indeed worthy of the target and desire of all PUBG Mobile players. Like Sniper Riffle weapons that can be combined with Scoope 8x. these two combinations will be very terrible especially falling in the hands of the right player.

Some weapons that have high tier are not easy to get. However, there are some rare weapons that can be obtained from Airdrop. Here are rare weapons that can only be obtained from Airdrop.

M24 (Sniper Riffle)

Weapons with Sniper Riffle types are quite easy to get in Airdrop when compared to other weapons. Ammunition for this weapon is very easy to obtain. But this weapon has a very loud gunshot that can make the enemy know your location easily.

AWM (Sniper Riffle)

Still with a Sniper Riffle type weapon. AWM is one of the Snipers that players really crave, because this weapon has tremendous damage. With just one shot, it can instantly kill other enemies especially when combined with Scoope 8x items that allow you to shoot enemies clearly in the distance. But the ammunition of this weapon is very difficult to obtain because there are only 20 ammunition available which can accommodate this weapon in Airdrop.

GROZA (Assault Riffle)

Weapons with this type of Assault Riffle are indeed the weapons most sought after by players. Because it is known as a high fire speed and has great damage and lots of ammunition. You can kill enemies quickly using this weapon from far or near.

M249 (Machine Gun)

Weapons with Machine Gun types that are notoriously brutal because of their incredible fire speed. Even though the damage is not so big but this weapon can store a lot of ammunition and is very suitable for shooting blindly.

MK14 EBR (Sniper & Assault Riffle)

Weapons that have 2 modes (Auto and Semi auto) are outside weapons that are quite unique. Because you can use MK14 EBR like the type of Sniper Riffle or Assault Riffle. Unfortunately this weapon that has very large damage can only accommodate as many as 10 items of ammunition.

Those are some types of rare weapons that can only be obtained from Airdrop only. To take it must also require a heavy and long struggle. But after getting the weapon you will get a high sense of confidence.

Recognize Weapons Type SMG In PUBG Mobile Game

Usually, people will choose to use assault rifle weapons when playing PUBG Mobile games. This is because the rifle assault has great damage and is suitable for paralyzing enemies at a distance. But what if the opponents we face are near us? The most appropriate weapon for such conditions is SMG.

SMG or Sub Machine Gun is the most powerful weapon to deal with opponents who are near us. With accuracy similar to a gun and as many bullets as an assault, this weapon is able to quickly knock down opponents. Not to mention the fast firing rate which is capable of removing a lot of bullets within 1 second making this weapon very effective for knock down the opponents.

The best SMG weapon you can choose is UMP9. This type of SMG has an effective firing range of 100 – 300 which has a firing rate of up to 400! For attachments that can be installed to reach 4, usually, players will use silencers, vectors, extra magazines and reloading speed so that these weapons become more deadly.

But you need to remember, this weapon is not suitable for long-distance combat, don’t use this weapon for long distances unless forced. If you want to carry this weapon, make it a secondary weapon so you can kill your opponent remotely by using assault and replace it with SMG when the enemy is near you.

PUBG Finally Released Zombie Mode, Collaborating With Resident Evil

You must be impatient after waiting so long for the clarity of the date of the release of zombies right? Tencent finally announced the date and time of PUBG Mobile’s new content, named Update 0.11.0.

Maintenance will start at 5:30 am to 1:30 pm IST (7:00 to 15:00 WIB) and you can only try it the next day.

As an additional note, the update can be completed sooner or later than the scheduled time. New and updated versions will come to Google Play and the App Store starting February 19. This information was previously announced through the official PUBG Mobile discord on Saturday.

What’s new? Let’s check this out:

1.  Zombie Mode: Survive Till Dawn, a new time-limited event mode when players fight zombies and bosses from Resident Evil 2.

2. Weather: Moonlight to Vikendi (Night Mode).
3. Adding Space Player: player information will be available such as connectivity and you can choose one friend 4. from Synergy who has equal points or above 400 points as a Partner to accompany you in that space.
5. Add a theme to play menu and music Resident evil 2.
6. Sanhok is now available in Arcade Mode.

Bug Fixed:

1. Shadows can now be disabled in settings.
2. Past and present results can be saved for only 1 month.
3. Fixed terrain bugs on budget devices.

Don’t Panic, This Is How To Beat Enemy 1 on 1 in PUBG Mobile

How if you fight 1 on 1 in PUBG Mobile, what will you do in this situation ? If you don’t know what should you do, you can read this article till the end. But you need to remember, when you meet this kind of situation, don’t panic ! If you panic, you end !

If you familiar with FPS game, you can change to FPS mode. With this mode, you can aim the enemy more accurate. But you need to learn about this mode first because it’s not easy in the beginning. But when you mastered it, you will easily knockdown the enemy.

The second thing you should do is hide. Don’t shoot till the situation is good for killing them in one shot. You can use couch mode so enemy will hard to see you. When enemy come near you, switch your weapon to burst mode and then shot them in one shoot.

After that, you should stand in the white area. If can, just stand in the outside zone. In this zone, you can see more clearly.

When you play PUBG Mobile, always bring SMG for your secondary weapon. SMG is the best weapon for close combat fight, the firespeed is devastating and the recoil is high so you can burst down enemy easily if you fight in close range combat.