Best Weapon In PUBG Game ( Mobile And PC )

Best Weapon In PUBG Game ( Mobile And PC )

When playing PUBG games (Player Unknown’s BattleGround’s) you can find many types of weapons. But, not all high-tier weapons can be found easily in this game.

Weapons that have damage and complete attachments are indeed worthy of the target and desire of all PUBG Mobile players. Like Sniper Riffle weapons that can be combined with Scoope 8x. these two combinations will be very terrible especially falling in the hands of the right player.

Some weapons that have high tier are not easy to get. However, there are some rare weapons that can be obtained from Airdrop. Here are rare weapons that can only be obtained from Airdrop.

M24 (Sniper Riffle)

Weapons with Sniper Riffle types are quite easy to get in Airdrop when compared to other weapons. Ammunition for this weapon is very easy to obtain. But this weapon has a very loud gunshot that can make the enemy know your location easily.

AWM (Sniper Riffle)

Still with a Sniper Riffle type weapon. AWM is one of the Snipers that players really crave, because this weapon has tremendous damage. With just one shot, it can instantly kill other enemies especially when combined with Scoope 8x items that allow you to shoot enemies clearly in the distance. But the ammunition of this weapon is very difficult to obtain because there are only 20 ammunition available which can accommodate this weapon in Airdrop.

GROZA (Assault Riffle)

Weapons with this type of Assault Riffle are indeed the weapons most sought after by players. Because it is known as a high fire speed and has great damage and lots of ammunition. You can kill enemies quickly using this weapon from far or near.

M249 (Machine Gun)

Weapons with Machine Gun types that are notoriously brutal because of their incredible fire speed. Even though the damage is not so big but this weapon can store a lot of ammunition and is very suitable for shooting blindly.

MK14 EBR (Sniper & Assault Riffle)

Weapons that have 2 modes (Auto and Semi auto) are outside weapons that are quite unique. Because you can use MK14 EBR like the type of Sniper Riffle or Assault Riffle. Unfortunately this weapon that has very large damage can only accommodate as many as 10 items of ammunition.

Those are some types of rare weapons that can only be obtained from Airdrop only. To take it must also require a heavy and long struggle. But after getting the weapon you will get a high sense of confidence.