Tutorial: How To Play Minotaur In Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, Minotaur popularity now going down. But after the patch, his popularity increasing significally. But there is so many players who is confused how to play the new type of Minotaur.

To play Minotaur is a little bit hard. But for players who is usually playing tank type, you just need a little time to adapt with Minotaur. This hero is support tank type hero. He not only tanky, but he can heal his teammates.

For playing this hero, you need to know the role first. As we said, he is support tanky hero. So you need to know this thing first, so you can choose which gameplay is the best for yourself.

As a support, it’s not mean he is easy to kill, you are totally wrong ! But you need one condition to make him hard to kill, yup, rage mode !

Minotaur have a two layer of skills, for the first, the skills who can be use when Minotaur in normal mode. In this mode, Minotaur skill damage and heal is quite low.

The second is when Minotaur in rage mode. When in this mode, Minotaur will have larger AoE skill and higher heal points. His ultimate can be used when he is rage mode, when using the ultimate skill, Minotaur will make earthquake around himself, damaging all nearby unit and make them airboned 3 times.

You also need to buy a good equipment, so it can help you to survive the enemy attack. When hitted by enemy, your rage point also growing up, after being rage, ITS TIME TO KILL !